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  2. Username: WILLINGWINGS81 Discord Username (Put N/A if you don't have Discord): WILLINGWINGS81 Position you are applying for: Trainer and Builder (If I cant have both ill have trainer please) When did you discover SeaWorld Palace Entertainment? Last December What do you know about SeaWorld in-real life? That seaworld has many shows and animals and also lots of cool attractions (rides) When was the last time you went to SeaWorld in-real life? 2017 How do you feel about animals in captivity? I am completely fine with it because the animals are safer as they are then they would be in the ocean SCENARIO: A player is on the plot, they are flying in restricted areas and entering the pool during One Ocean, what would you do? I would politely ask the person to leave the restricted area and if they don't leave I would get a higher rank that could deal with it or denied them from the plot while the show is happening Why did you choose SeaWorld Palace to apply to? I have been staff here before and I find the community safe and happy and I love to work as a team and with animals Anything else? Nope You will receive a response for your application in the next 3 days! Good luck! ThePilotGamer, Head Of Staff, Owner of SeaWorld Palace.
  3. /ban whitbit0219 spirits come on curtain time bc the ghost busters are sleeping
  4. /ban techwolves for giving spirits a certain time to be on the forums
  5. Not to mention it's gets you temp-banned from Palace! Enjoy the movie!
  6. What version did you try connecting with?
  7. I accidentally changed one of my keyboards to Japanese... (>_<)

  8. As a human being, one of my most treasured beliefs is to always celebrate every achievement - no matter how small. I'm so happy to have won the most reputation points on April 24th! I've also reached over 2,500 profile views which is crazy to me - so thank you all for liking my content! :ba:

    Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 10.02.04.png

    Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 10.01.40.png

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    2. Batman4Life33


      Wow! That's wonderful! I would be lying if I said I wasn't insanely jealous. I've always wanted to win a day!

      sad batman GIF

    3. Pink_RoseBud


      @Batman4Life33 we'll get you there don't worry! 

    4. JordynDaSpahget


      Nice! Congrats~

  9. i am unstable

    be afraid

    1. CamShea


      I don't speak duck.

    2. JishE
  10. /ban ghoste the dead arent allowed to be on the forums untill 1 am
  11. /ban techwolves but being evil is good at times tbh
  12. Well I don't really have anything else to say, Good Night! 🌑

  13. Why Evan_McClan will never be an English professor: I hate typing 1,350 words. I hate reading 1,350. My grammar functions are as good as a well-lubricated tornado of disaster.

    Why Art is way better: You don't need to be able to read in order to paint :ap:

    That's my tidbit of today. Enjoy your evening :ba:

  14. Hello @CreeperKG! Amazing introduction! Epcot is my favorite park as well! See you in the parks!
  15. (I’m seeing both lots of new re-intro’s but also lots of new people and potential friends as well so... yeah! Here we go..) Story I am CreeperKG, an honorable on the Palace Network and as of today - a 6-year veteran in Minecraft! I originally found this server by searching around the web in summer 2015. Unlike the majority of the community, rather than the Disney magic and excitement, I had an interest for the blocks — I wanted to see how everything was built on the server. It was a brief visit, and I would return in summer 2016 to play for about a week or two. Summer 2017 is when I started to visit more regularly. Creative was now my go-to server and I started to open up more to the server, making some friends. I started on my plot quite possibly one of the best projects I have ever started, and like the other projects, all built alone and by hand. I liked it here so much that I bought dweller! 2018 I would continue this plot and make even more friends than before, while not playing exclusively during the summer. 2019 Still active as you can see! 😂 Interests Mainly video games and some drawing. I enjoy Pokémon, particularly the main series games (RPGs). My favorite Pokémon is Seismitoad. I casually play Overwatch and I like Torbjorn and Baptiste. I play Super Smash Bros and my main is Incineroar. Disney-related stuff -My favorite movie is Cars. I have enjoyed it since I was very young. -My favorite park is Epcot. I really liked the small fish and chips shop there when I went to WDW years ago. -My favorite WDW ride is the TTC! -I like the Contemporary Resort the best out of all of the resorts. I hope to meet some new people this year, and hopefully see some old friends too here on the server. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!
  16. Remember... #Don'tSpoilEndgame !

  17. @Legobuilder0813 @Musician101
  18. Yesterday
  19. Thanks so much for your compliment! It's great to help guests explore the parks, and learn about their origins, as well as the future for Palace. Hope you have a great evening!
  20. It's awesome living here! I hope I can be up on a stage to one day, haha.
  21. Hello @Globby! Love the introduction! Goofy is an amazing character! See you in the parks!
  22. Awesome photos! Hope to see you around the parks.
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