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  3. play.palace.network

    Also, excuse my pfp lol 


  4. I’m obsessed watching these things. The backyardigans.. save me xD




    1. SuperPotatqx


      i mean, i watched peppa pig for a bit. don't worry, you're not weird =) 

  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks for 400 rep!

  7. I uhh think I may have accidentally kinda uhh broke my hand at a volleyball game... it hurts to even move my wrist. 

    1. JordynDaSpahget


      Oh no! Hope you get better D:

    2. Aquaticalo


      That's not good, how are you going to hold your record on SDD! Hope you feel better soon! 

    3. egamer25


      Oh no hope you get better soon.


  8. Thanks for 250 rep everyone! :rose:

    1. Aquaticalo


      Thank you for being a active part of the palace community!

  9. I have so many King Kong ,the lion king, Tarzan ,Frozen, Shrek , Aladdin Newies , The Little Mearmid Wicked and much more
  10. Happy to have sponsored Fantasmic & very excited for this Saturday's show. Hope to see everyone there :) The magic journey begins on 4/27 @ 4 pm EST. 

    1. Aquaticalo


      Will be there, wouldn't miss it! Glad to see someone is sponsoring it! 😁

  11. /ban cjh66 correcting my previous ban as it didnt show yours for wearing a bandanna
  12. @Vidsify Could you maybe delete my club? It's called Traveling Club. 


    1. Vidsify


      This one?


  13. As you all know, we lost 9 staff members yesterday and in order to remember their amazing work as staff! So I’ll be having a memorial to share all of our amazing memories with staff. It will be at my plot on creative on Saturday (4/27) 12:00 PM EST (9 AM PST) just do ./tpa PorkyPenguin at the time of the event or earlier! Have a big beautiful tommorow 

  14. /ban superpotatqx using the same ban as last time
  15. /ban SuperPotatqx you don't look like a Super Potato
  16. /ban techwolves you don’t look like a tech wolf
  17. stop all other projects to help build dumbo



  18. This is going to actually be my first time seeing Fantasmic on Palace! #Excited Reeeeeee!1.png.1a9dd42cab137dda6b3452845456e2f5.png

    1. Batman4Life33


      Yay! I'm disappointed to miss it. Enjoy earning that achievement!

  19. I would love to join the Squad, but since I live in the UK, I can't get the US version of The Office on Netflix so I can't watch it!
  20. Nice introduction! Love seeing you moderating the server~
  21. Super excited to finally see Fantasmic on the server! Can't wait for the weekend now!

    1. Batman4Life33


      Wahoo! And rumor has it you'll earn an achievement too. :wink:

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      @Batman4Life33 who doesn't :ba: an achievement!!

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