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    I have a half day tomorrow, and then a four day weekend. I'm so happy!
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    Woop Woop! Today's my birthday!
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    Three more reputation until 700! Woo! I'm also at 1,107 posts. I post a lot, haha.
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    Congrats to all new Trainees!!
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    It's officially October! Time to bring out the sweaters, warm drinks and scary movies! And by scary movies, I mean I'm mostly going to be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus.
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    Reached 1,200 posts! That's a lot, haha.
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    EE for 10 honor to be honest, like to agree. 10/10
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    Good morning everyone!!
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    Congrats to my friends @CowDestroyer1313 and @SmileyGamerGirl on becoming trainees! I'm so happy for you guys!
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    I'm gonna be honest, I'm already counting down the days until Christmas. And I may already be playing Christmas music as well. But you know what? No regrets whatsoever.
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    all hail the yeti king @TheRandomPerson2!
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    So, I apologize I haven't been active on here as much as I should. I've been busy with things, and I'm also still feeling sick. But hey, I'm back and I'll try to start posting stuff more, unless there's a day where I am just feeling that terrible.
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    Hey Palace, Chances are you’ve seen my name around a little, and I probably know you. But I just wanted to thank everyone on Palace. Being a part of this server has overall made me a better person with the great community. With all the crazy stuff in my life right now, this is the place I can come and know that people will support me and always be kind. I’m not saying thank you to any one person, but to everyone. Thank you. •@CowDestroyer1313#0001•
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    Who here agrees with me that Palace has the best staff in all of the Minecraft world? Seriously i love and appreciate all that you do, love you all! I know that a lot of you have been getting backlash about MCA but i just wanted to take 5 minutes of my time to say something nice about all of the hours you guys put into MCA and all of your servers! I know MCA is going to be better than ever with what all Palace can bring!
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    Congrats to @Sock_Sowachowski on Senior Mod!
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    Wow 2,000 views, thats is amazing.
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    Hello @JasperTheSpirit and @DLP1992! We only run 1.8 - 1.12. In the future we will go to 1.13. Also, thank you for sharing how to get it to 1.12!
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    HHN was a great success last night! Can't wait for nights just like that one!
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    Happy Birthday @WilliamVsGaming !!
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    When I go to school I always have to go by train, usually this isn’t fun because my train is always the most crowded, but now that winter is comming close and it’s getting colder I get nice views from the train. Like the view I have right now. I find this view nice because it’s still a bit dark because the sun is rising. This is not something I get in the summer time.
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    the vip hhn was so much fun!!
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    Congrats to Sock on becoming a Sr Mod you deserve it! <3
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    I have decided that, since so many people want me back, if I get 10 comments saying people want me to come back to Palace, I will come back.

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