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    Palace Network will be presenting a month-long of activities celebrating Pride Month! Stay tuned for more information.
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    I like working on new things
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    Hello everyone! On Discord I sent out a survey about the characters on the server, if you haven't seen it or not on our Discord I will be attaching the survey URL here. Please fill this out once you have time. Thank you! Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/aN0DCvlOV1e2bV432. Thank you everyone!
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    I love that my profile has 1k views - does this mean i'm popular? :O Hope you guys like my profile lOL ALSO I get a lot of questions about my Profile picture and my banner - so my Profile picture was made by me using Blender. As for my Banner, that was made by @JustPlatinum If you want something like that I suggest you PM him on discord as his renders are very good and reasonably priced.
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    I apologize for being so absent on Palace Forums, I've been prepping for senior dinners, prom, baccalaureate and commencement (graduation) along with pride month. Hope is all going well! I have a new game up my sleeve so make sure you look out for that coming soon!
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    Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Thankyou for all the kind messages since I’ve got trainee it really means a lot
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    Happy Pride Month!!!!
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    Happy Pride Month everyone!
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    Hi all! It's finally summer! <33
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    Just went to go see the new Star Wars movie SOLO loved it would recommend to any one who has not seen it yet!
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    Has anyone heard of this amazing server called "Palace Network"? I haven't.
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    I'm proud to announce Adventure Studios! Coming soon to the Palace Creative server!
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    Happy Pride Month y'all! Just be yourself and shine! <3
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    School is finally out! Last finals were today! Time for summer!
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    I just joined today and I had Majestic! :O Someone bought me a rank!
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    I'm seeing Solo tomorrow! Whoo!
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    Guess who is excited for Pride next month
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    Got an A* in my Graphics Exam
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    Good luck to everyone who applied for Character!
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    I'm not dead I'm just still tired. Thank you for the birthday wishes from Wednesday btw <3
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    Thank you to @MagicA550 and to other staffs for helping making this A Day At Disney Event an excellent event. I had an amazing time
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    Happy Pride Month to all!
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    I'm going to make some more escape rooms on creative. Anyone got any good themes?
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    ngl Still waiting for Miguel to be on character apps haha good luck to everyone applying this month!
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    Hello @Chrisboy04! That has been reported before.

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