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    Good morning everyone, today's the big day. 💜 On November 9th, 2016, the Palace Network was officially established to the community. That's over three years ago. In celebration of this giant milestone, we've created the "3 Years of Magic Celebration!" This magical celebration would be featuring offerings such as: revisiting the old Magic Kingdom, a Club Disney extravaganza, and our own take on the popular "1 Day 4 Parks" challenge prevalent at the real parks. Firstly, let's discuss how we'd be bringing back the Old Magic Kingdom to our guests in a big, unique way! Ever since we've open the brand new New Magic Kingdom, we thought many of you would like to revisit the old map we've kept up since 2014 or possibly haven't. To appeal to both audiences about this, we've started up a temporary server with the Old Magic Kingdom within it, and you can do literally whatever you want with it. From exploring the parks or blowing things up! Players are given the free ability to place/break all blocks with Creative Mode on the former map. Can't wait for you all to enjoy this once in a life time event. "Goodbye to Old MK" would be from 1:00 p.m to 1:45 p.m EST. The special IP is called: goodbye-mk.palace.network, that's where players can connect to. Hope to see you go crazy on this event! Secondly, the Community Events Team gladly presents to you all the "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!" held at the former Club Disney complex located beside Rockin' Roller Coaster: Starring Aerosmith. This party isn't like any normal one, for this time there has been many face-lifts to improve Guests experiences. Our wonderful technicians took time out of their day to dig into the foundation of the complex to ensure a visual enhancement & new additions. Also, Character Interactions are present alongside Trivia featuring prizes for the winners! The "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!" would be from 2:00 p.m to 3:30 p.m EST. Conveniently held inside Disney's Hollywood Studios, /warp CD, we're excited seeing you all there to party up! To continue the celebration, we should focus on what made Palace what it is today. Our Parks. Specifically, our Walt Disney World Recreation. Right after the "3 Years of Magic Anniversary Extravaganza!", we'd be hosting a "1 Day 4 Parks" Tour that's surrounded around all our parks! Toured by one of our Staff Members, similar to the previous "Let's Explore!" events, this offering would expand on that idea, literally! Touring around the parks is one of the most enjoyable factors of Palace, so come along and participant with a fully in-depth experience of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom parks! "1 Day 4 Parks" would be held from 4:00 p.m to 5:30 p.m EST. Discord is recommended for this experience to participate with the tour. If you need any assistance with that, ask any of our Guest Relations Staff Members. Make sure to bring your mickey ears and wands! That concludes all our offerings for the "3 Years of Magic Celebration!". We'd like to briefly mention how grateful we are for each and every single on of you. Without any of you, Palace wouldn't be where it is today. Our future stays bright and we'd like to thank you for that. Remember to also simply just say Happy Birthday on Palace to show your appreciation to all the hardworking Staff Members we have! Other offerings being presented randomly throughout the day are the custom nighttime spectacular "Magical!" held at Cinderella's Castle and decorations scattered around the New Magic Kingdom. Have a magical day, now, let's all celebrate!
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    I'd like to extend a personal note of thanks to all those who have recently joined our brand new Shareholder program! It means so much to me to see other players who are so dedicated to the server. I look forward to flying around with you soon! If you'd like more information about this program, check out https://store.palace.network/
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    I have my driver's test tomorrow! (Today for EST people)! Eek!
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    Hello, to those reading this! I am GrandomGamer but prefer to just go by Grandom. So a brief introduction about me is that I have been here since the old McMagic days but took a small break right around the time it became Palace. I am absolutely obsessed with theme parks and more specifically roller coasters which is what originally made me want to become a Technician which has a teal chat color. (Same as my favorite color) If you want to know more feel free to DM me or message me at any time.
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    This sounds like it is going to be a ton of fun! Totally ready for a Palace in game convention 🥳
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    Hope everyone had fun blowing up OldMK and at the party! Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys!
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    Watching The Festival of Fantasy Parade!!
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    Hope everyone is having fun at the Frozen event today!
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    Hey guys, quick update - my dad is out of the hospital and he’s doing good! I also have a swim thing today and this whole weekend... so I won’t be on a lot. I’ll try to get on as much as I can though 💜
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    I love being able to have a piece of the park. I can't wait to explore and see all the little pieces I helped add over the years. (Mostly because I accidentally broke something, but still...)
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    @craftygirlygamer @georgie06 @GabeBGamingYT @pifpif @CharlotteGrande @SorcererAndrew @ava_ @Aquaticalo Tea Time #2 was a success! ❤️ If you we're not tagged but in the photo please leave me a message. Thanks!
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    Happy Holiday Season!
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    guys just spread the love here have some love 💖💕
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    How the show magical? Its amazing isn't it!😃❤
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    Happy Halloween you silly spooks! It's one of my favorite holidays and I won't let the October snow ruin my day. Don't eat all your candy in one sitting.
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    MNSSHP was super fun this weekend! Hope you guys enjoyed it! @Pink_RoseBud and her team did a wonderful job planning and executing the event!
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    Good luck to everyone who applied for a Technician position or one of our social media positions! Can't wait to see some new faces soon!
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    Attempt at daily UwU
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    crows were laughing at me earlier ... i laughed back.
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    Either an architect, interior designer, actress, or Disney imagineer. Basically, anything NOT in the medical field.
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    Here is the forky skin for who want to join the forky squad at /warp MK!
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    Like or comment this if your a theater kid! Not only a theater kid, actor, dancer, singer all that! I love all the theater stuff and film!
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    How's everyone doing?
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    Sorry I wasn’t on tonight or yesterday night Oop. I’ve been busy with my dad having to be in the hospital (he’s doing a lot better tho)
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    Hi guys! Sorry if I was not active on here, I usually go on discord and the Palace server in general often! Sorry for not posting here enough, Discord got me into putting character pictures there instead of here because I would like my posts being noticed and Discord actually makes it noticed and I get more comments than usual. Another thing is about the shows, again, sorry for not posting big events that happened like the NewMK Dedication Ceremony or a different other event that happened after NewMK's opening. I will soon but I usually forget and the forum posts actually do not get much traction and popular, like sometimes it doesn't, but usually it doesn't. Again, sorry for posting forum posts inactively. I think it's better to stay with Discord and the show forum posts just take too long and also there is a photo limit for the forum posts. I also sometimes become active on here for like Bug Reports or the Help Center or something like that. Hope everyone understands if you read this! - SorcererAndrew Honorable
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    Hello Good luck to everyone who's signed for staff!
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    Aloha YNG! Congratulations on your role and welcome to the staff team! Can't wait to work with you more in the future! ~Pink
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    IF YOU SEE THIS!!! have a cookie🍪
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    I've made it past the first stage of the applications! I'd like to thank the staff for their interest in me. Wish me luck on the interview! (P.S. if you applied and didn't get accepted, please don't lose hope!)
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    Happy Sunday everyone! We marked the official end of Palace's spooky season with our last Halloween Horror Nights! Huge thank you to @thepartyboy376 & team for hosting all of these spooky houses! 🎃 Halloween events season may be over... but never fear! Kreep your eyes peeled for what is coming soon! ⭐
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    Hey guys, today I’m gonna explain my entire time on the server, and just explain why am here and why I like it here. Here we go, story time: I joined the server in 2012 and was a little active until I completely forgot about MC and started playing soccer irl (which I still do to this day) as well as a few other hobbies. I joined back in December 2016 right after the server was renamed- which I had no idea about xd- and realized just how cool it was. I purchased. Noble in March of 2017, and I thought all the new perks were so sweet! Later on that year, USO would open, so in August, Majestic+ got previews. Me, having never gone ti USO in real life, thought it would be super cool to get a glance at what was coming. I purchased Majestic and got to see the new magic coming to Palace! In November is when staff applications rolled around, and it was my first time applying. To keep things simple, I didn’t get the job. In December of 2017, the nicest person in the world named Lukey18_ purchased Honorable for me. If you’re reading this, thanks Luke! Anyways, the new year rolls around and life is already a hassle. But I’m still on the server like usual. Staff apps open in March, if I’m not mistaken, and I apply. Denied. At this point I’m not applying because I feel like it, but because I love Disney and I would love to work there. This is the best way I can work at Disney, have fun, and meet so many great new people. I’m on the server like usual until June 12th 2018. I flew down to Chile to spend my summer with my family. It was a blast! Staff applications opened up two days before I came home. I came home August 2nd. I applied, not thinking I had any chance. It’s about the first week of September now, and I still didn’t have a response. Until 2:30AM on a Saturday night, I got accepted for an interview. I set up the interview for Thursday and I thought I did it terribly :shrug:. Apparently, they thought otherwise, because I got an acceptance letter in the first week of October. My first training was in a couple of weeks and I would be an official Trainee. I met so many great people and received so many kind messages saying congratulations. So from me to you guys, thank you! It means a lot. Anyways, about 6 weeks go by, and I’m on the server almost everyday. Then on November 18th, 2018. I became an official mod on the Palace Network, at 3AM. o_O I was so tired the next day, and fell asleep early. Which brings us to the present. I’d like to thank everyone for being on this crazy journey and I can’t wait for the future! ❤️
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    can I wake up from my alarm and not be tired for once?
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    @JackThePotato congrats on your new rank the Manager rank!❤☺/
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    i took some pictures today.
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    5 more minutes until Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at /warp MNSSHP
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    I'M BACK!!!!! What did I miss?!?
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    Congratulations❤ sorry for the late reply congrats on Developer🙂
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    Happy Monday friends - it is the start of a new week! I started my new work placement today, in which i'll be working 5 days a week for 8 hours a day! It's tough. I'll be popping on and off the server when I have some time. How is everyones week looking? Pink~
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    Love this game! My red character is Anger! ❤️
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