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    Hey people that see this, just wanted to say hi. o/
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    I just finished this up a few hours ago and I thought I would share it with you all.
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    Show Creator 101 ===The Beginner's Guide to Show Creator=== Everyone loves a nice show here on the Palace Network. You simply cannot deny it. Well now, you can make your own shows on our Creative Server with the Show Creator! I am GlitchedRS and I'm here to tell you all you need to know about the Palace Network's show creator and how to use it. ==Getting Started== The first step in making your own show is, of course, to purchase the Show Creator from the Creative Shop (accessible through your Creative Menu). It costs $500 in in-game money to purchase. Once you have bought your Show Creator, you are all set to use it! ==The Basics== To make a show, you first need to be standing on your plot, within the boundaries, otherwise you will not be able to edit your show. Once you're on your plot, you can then open the Show Creator in one of two ways: by accessing it through your Creative Menu (click the firework at the bottom of the menu, as seen above), or by opening it directly with the command: /show edit Either way, you'll be taken to the Edit Show File menu, as seen on the lower left. This is where you will be spending most of your time. To add an action, simply click on the green block in the bottom right hand corner. This will open up the Add Action menu, as seen above on the upper right (we'll go in to detail about actions in the next section). You can edit an action you already have added by left-clicking the action in the Edit Show File menu, or you can remove it by right clicking it. If your show file has multiple pages, an option will appear on the bottom allowing you to scroll through them. Note: You are limited to one show file at any given time, regardless of whether you have one plot or two. Therefore, make sure you're on the plot you want your show on. ==Editing your show== =Text= To add a line of text to your show, click the Sign. This will open the Add Text Action menu, as shown above. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the show's start point that the text will display. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Text: This option sets what the text action will display in your chatbox. Simply type your desired message in to chat after selecting the option. You can use formatting codes if you want to, and they all work. The codes are as follows: &0 = Black &1 = Dark blue &2 = Green &3 = Dark aqua &4 = Dark red &5 = Purple &6 = Gold &7 = Grey &8 = Dark grey &9 = Blue &a = Lime green (icy) &b = Aqua &c = Red &d = Magenta &e = Yellow &f = White &k = Scrambled (random lines) &l = Bold &m = Strikethrough &n = Underline &o = Italic &r = Resets all formatting. Note: All Palace Rules still apply for this, so make sure to keep your text appropriate and family-friendly. =Music= Click the Music Disc to add a soundtrack to your show. You can choose from one of 26 different Disney tunes. If you do, make sure you also place a Show syncronization sign somewhere around the show area so that people can hear it. To do this, simply place down a sign, and write [Show] at the very top. Note: You can only choose one audio track at a time for your show. However, you can change the track mid-show if you desire by going in to your Show Creator, although it will not update until the current track finishes. Furthermore, once the show finishes, the track you changed it to mid-show will be your new show track until you change it back. =Particles= Click the Star to open up the Add Particle Action menu, as seen above. It's important to note that particles are position-sensitive. That is, when you run your show, they will appear in the exact position you were standing in at the time you originally added them. Therefore, be sure you are standing exactly where you want your particles to appear when you add them. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the start of your show that the particles will appear. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Particle: This option gives you a selection of nine different particles that you can choose from. =Fireworks= Ah, good old fireworks. Click the firework rocket to add a firework, and you'll be taken to the Add Firework Action menu, as shown above (The last two options do not appear until you've selected the type of firework). Like particles, fireworks are also a position-sensitive action, meaning that when you run your show, they will launch from the exact position you were standing in at the time you originally added them. Therefore, as before, be sure you are standing exactly where you want your fireworks to launch from when you add them. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the start of your show that the firework will launch. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Type: This option chooses the shape of the firework. You can choose a small or large ball, a star, a burst, or a Creeper face. Color: This option chooses the color of the firework's explosion. You currently can only choose one main color. Fade: This option chooses the color that the explosion will fade to. You currently can only choose one fade color. Power: This option sets the length that the firework flies for. Setting it to 0 allows the firework to detonate instantly. Effects: You can toggle the Flicker and Trail effects on your fireworks as you please. ==Naming and Running your Show== Now that you've made your show, it's time to give it a name by typing: /show name [name] You can give your show just about any name that you like, as long as it is appropriate and family-friendly, of course. So once you've given your show an imaginative new name, you're ready to undergo your first test run! To start your show, type: /show start Take the time to sit back and double check to make sure everything goes right. If something goes awry, go in to your show editor and have a look! Remember, you can edit your actions within the Edit Show File menu by left clicking them, or remove them by right-clicking them. Once you feel that you are satisified with the way your show is running, you're all set for the premiere! ==Tips and Tricks== Having a stopwatch handy is perfect for timing your actions so you can get that perfect flow. Placing blocks and carpets is useful for marking spots where you want particles or fireworks to go. The fireworks created by your show are affected by blocks, so you won't have to worry about them flying through the roof of your indoor theatre. They are also affected by flowing water, so you can even set them off at an angle! Having everything in your show follow a common theme isn't really necessary, but it's a big plus. Experiment, experiment, experiment! I cannot stress this enough. The key to making a great custom show is experimentation. You don't have to get it all right the first try. Don't be afraid to try new things in your show to see if they work out. Remember, if they don't quite fit in to your show, you can always change or remove them later. ==Frequently Asked Questions== I will add more FAQ's as they come up. Feel free to make a post here in the Creative Guides and Questions sections if you have any further questions. Q: Can I have more than one show if I have two plots? A: Sadly, no. As stated above, you cannot have more than one show, no mater how many plots you have. You could, in theory, have a show for each plot, but that would mean completely wiping the first show and setting up the second from scratch each time you wanted to show a different show, which would get rather cumbersome. Q: How can I get multi-colored fireworks? A: You can't. You can have your fireworks fade in to a second color, but you cannot choose more than one color for each setting (color/fade).
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    Yes, there is random animals, and working lights.
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    I'm a bit late but! Good luck to applicants for the Character Program and those who applied for a GR Position as a Trainee!
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    Join us on Discord for our Palace Network Community Meeting!
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    Hello everyone! Good luck to everyone applying for both positions! I can't wait to work with some of you in the future!
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    This is currently one of my most favorite Disney movies to date. My favorite of all time is still The Lion King, but this is a close second. I loved learning about the holiday Dia De Los Muertos, The Day of the Dead, something I've never heard of before. While I don't personally celebrate it, I enjoyed seeing how different cultures celebrate their own holidays.
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    Seeing many of the applications are coming to a close, and I'm going to wish everyone, from Character to Trainee applications, good luck.
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    More of these will be coming out soon, but currently busy with other projects.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Zillent and today I am showcasing a long term project that me and many others have been building since January 31st, 2018. This is a custom grand Broadway theatre that was given so much detailing and all of the great magic to make it wonderful Who has helped this project you ask? TheRandomPerson2, BrittzStudio_, PiroBoy, Gezz, CherryBud, DisneyFreak2005, Nauticalz, _viper_, Francis, Skolar, WilliamVsGaming, LavaRats314 and SurvivalSam,
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    Thank you to those who participated in this week's Build Off! It was really fun!
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    I loved Finding Nemo and Finding Dory! Finding Dory is like a run off of Finding Nemo. Now you are finding Dory's parents, and it's also voice by Ellen DeGeneres which is amazing! The whole story line of that movie was magnificent. It was hard to get off the couch and do something. That movie just left you in your sit the whole time. Finding Dory was such an amazing movie, oh, and you can't forget about the seals.
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    Happy Earth Day to everyone! Remember to keep the Earth clean and Go Green!
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    Hello everyone! Hope your Saturday is fantastic!
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    Hey there, nice talk. Also, Happy Friday!
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    Happy Friday, folks! Hope you all have a fabulous day today!
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    Welcome guys back to another build by a great team of people! This time we got The Grand Harmony Theatre which is coming to Palace Creative this fall 208! The team members are below: @Zillent, @Cherrybud, @nautical, @Piroboy, @TheRandomPerson2, @WilliamVsGaming, @LucasLucas33, @DisneyFreak2005, @LavaRats314, Skolar, and Hyper_Panther
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    Although it's relatively new compared to other Disney classics, I think Finding Nemo is one of the better Disney movies, and possibly up there with the classics. I think it's such an important movie for all ages because of the good theme and morals behind the movie. These themes are: trust, family, independence, determination, and friendship. This movie teaches people of all ages trust is the most important bond between two people, which is the main overarching theme to this movie where the other four themes can be linked to. It's also coincidentally a heartwarming movie with amazing scenery and great humor and is loads of fun for all ages, which makes it a perfect movie to watch with friends and family. -Bow
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    My suggestion is for you to create a section on the forums for "Forum Games" I've seen a lot of forums with games like "Count to 100 without a staff member interrupting" or "Would you rather" and just little games that keep the community alive and adds a fun aspect ^-^ This would also be useful for players as by participating in these games they can meet more players which they might of not seen on the forums/server before and its something to do when you're bored ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Woop build off hype!
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    Welcome to our updated Community Forums! Our previous forum software had been with us since the beginning, but didn't fit our exact needs for our community. Now, with a fresh look and a soon-to-be-updated main website, we plan to use these new forums to encourage discussion in our community! Palace Network Get announcements just like this in our Announcements and News forum. We'll make new posts there explaining all of the upcoming plans we have for Palace! Tell us what you think in our Feedback & Suggestions forum. Suggest changes or improvements that can be made anywhere from the server to the forums to discord. You can even suggest a New Forum idea if you'd like us to expand our forums. And most importantly, check out our Introduce Yourself forum! Whether you just joined yesterday or have been here for years, take a moment to tell other members of our community about yourself. What's your favorite Disney movie? Favorite Universal Studios Orlando ride? It's up to you! Character Space Do you have a question regarding our Character program? Ask away in the Character Support forum. Theme Parks Want to have discussions about your favorite theme parks? Then this is the place for you! There are separate forums for Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort. You can write an op-ed about why you like/dislike a ride, review a restaurant, or whatever else you'd like! Movies Here we encourage you to have discussions about movies! Right now there is only a forum for Disney movies, but if enough members of our community would like this expanded, submit a New Forum idea! Creative Corner The Creative Corner is back up and running! Weekly spotlights will be posted in the Creative Spotlights forum. We also encourage you to share pictures of your Minecraft Builds! Also, there's an area for you to share any Graphic Designs you've made! Abuse Center This is a section of the forums where you can submit a Ban Appeal, Report a Guest or Report a Staff Member. Only you and staff members can see your posts in these forums. Please follow the rules of each forum accordingly. We reserve the right to have final decision on all bans and reports. So that's the quick summary of our new forums! We hope everyone likes them and welcome any suggestions for changes in the future. Thanks!
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    I'm sooo happy I just took a huge exam, and now I don't have to stress about it. And I did pretty well. Thankfully I don't have to stress tomorrow on my birthday!
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    congratulations to everyone that got try thru the first faze of being staff/character, if you didn't, sorry to hear! Theres always next time
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    If I won the award for laziness, I'd have someone pick it up for me e-e
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    I think @Zillent liking all my content is the reason I'm the top member .
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    *when exam season sneaks up on you*
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    My new profile picture is a Thesaurus! Get it? No? Ok. D:
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    Snow White's Scary Adventures was one of my favourite rides as a young child, not only did it scare me, it was a true memory of my youth. One day I when to Disney World, and it was gone... I like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and how they re-cycled the animatronics from the former ride, however Snow White was my favourite attraction of Fantasyland. I just wish it could make its return, if not then they should refurbish the one at Disneyland ASAP!
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    Hey Everyone! Check out this post!
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    In my opinion, I personally feel that Mulan is an underappreciated Disney film which has some fantastic messages for all viewers. For those who don't know, Mulan is a film which falls under the Disney Princess Franchise and is a film which deserves more recognition. This is based on the legend of Mulan. The film surrounds the story of main character Fa Mulan who is a Chinese girl who will be facing a matchmaker to find her a suitable husband. She has to bring honour to her family. At this time, China is currently under attack and a male from each family must go to war. The male for Mulan's family is her father who is older and suffers from a leg injury. She tries to stop him but is not allowed to speak her mind as this brings dishonour. In the night in which the men are meant to go to war, Mulan sneaks out and goes to fight in the war but is dressed as a male. She goes off to war and will fight for her country. Now I'm not saying anymore as you must go and watch! There are many valuable lessons to be learnt from this film. 1) No matter who you are always speak up and fight for what you believe in. 2) Anyone can achieve anything that they want. 3) Always be your own person and believe in your own beliefs. 4) Do not trust little red dragons at all times as sometimes they give bad advice. and most importantly 5) Take charge of your own life and do what you wish for your future. Also, Mulan has some fantastic songs such as Reflection (Classic) and I'll Make a Man Out of You. It also has a lot of fantastic characters such as Li Shang, Mushu and Ling. I love Mulan and it will continue to be one of my favourite Disney films for all eternity! RossDuffy
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    Hello everyone, I have a new Creative project: FANTASYLAND! Fantasyland is a theme park I have been working on with some friends! We are looking for Imagineers, Buiders, and Mods! Make to sure to talk to Survival Sam next time you're in Creative!
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    Not gonna lie, every time I get the notification sound from here, I feel like I'm back into my MSN messenger days
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    Rapunzel was quite startled to find out she had a twin - and Mother Gothel just wanted my magic hair! *Flower gleam and glow*
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    congrats yellow team! gg to everyone who participated
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    @Daloria support group @ the build battle!
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    Alright, so most of you guys know that I'm a huge Zootopia fan. Nick and Judy are my absolute favorite characters, and the movie overall is fantastic. Now, Zootopia is somewhat of a dark movie, and it covers some controversial topics that is a problem in our world today. To avoid any conflict happening in the replies section, I'm not going to say what Zootopia covers. If you've seen the movie, you will know. I think it's interesting how they split up the predators and prey, and how just like in today's world, not everyone gets along. There is no such thing as a perfect society. With that being said, I think Judy's speech at the end of the movie is something that I take into heart. Even if we don't live in a perfect world, we can definitely try to make the world a better place, regardless of who we are. A lot of people are so quick to judge others that we don't even look past our differences. I get that we can't always get along, but it feels like some people don't put in the effort to actually get to know others and only see them from the outside, not the inside. That's what makes this movie so great. Yes, I love all the animals and the different districts that are set up, but the overall message is what gets to me. And may I say that I love the song, 'Try Everything'? I feel like this song is more realistic than any other happy song I've listened to, and it gives me hope.
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    agree! this could make the forums more exciting and also add more interaction between staff and guests, which is always a good thing!
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    Best of luck and hugs to all those applying for Trainee! Hope it goes out well for all of you
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    Hey Everyone! I hope you're enjoying the forums! As you may or may not already know, I am currently the Forum Moderator. If you have any questions, I can try to answer them the best as I can. As for suggestions about the forums, I'll happily take those too and pass them onto @Flakenstine or @Brant as I am not a Web Dev. I look forward to having some new things onto the forums to make you all more active on them! Have a wonderful day here on Palace Network! Hope to see ya 'round! ~ Canis18
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    Hey! I was wondering if it would be possible if we could have a Story time area? In this area we would share funny or weird stories that we could share, of course we would keep it appropriate but I think this would be a great idea! Thanks for reading this! -Basic
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    Bingeing Shane Dawson today...
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    I am addicted to the Forums ;D
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    I really enjoy exploring Pandora, so my favorite ride would have to be Flight of Passage. From the Disney scents to the amazing visuals, it immerses you into thinking your riding a banshee in which you really feel as if you are. The queue is a definite reminder of how great Disney's creative team but how long wait times are.
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    How is everyone today?