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    Hope everyone enjoyed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party today! Can't wait to see everyone back again December 23rd!
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    Are you guys ready for another party hosted by Mickey? Join us on Sunday, December 2nd and 23rd for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2018! There will be shows, characters, cookies, and more! Dress for the weather! I recommend wearing a Christmas sweater or something festive! #PalaceWinter
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    I am Twizzlebot! (You can call me Twizzle) I just joined forums! I have an idea for a club, would anyone be interested in a character/event/activity alert? We can post/alert each other when a character is online or when a event is happening so we know. If anyone is interested let me know! Thank you everyone! <3 -Twizzle
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    Alright, guys, this is my first status post. Thank you for reading. K, bye.
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    Just updated my info I think it sounds a bit better haha
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    Had a great time at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! Can't wait to go back December 23rd!!! Also, I'm really enjoying seasonal great job on that too!!! Lastly great job with the decorations around the parks!!! So pretty much great job with the holidays guys <3
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    So excited to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party today!!! Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Make sure to check out Seasonal over at /join seasonal! It's amazing!
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    Happy December to all my fellow Palace Pals!
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    Hello Magical People, Many times now, I have received questions to what it is like to be a Show Developer here on Palace. Of course, I'm not here to ruin the magic, but I want to explain a little bit to how our shows work... Shows are ran using a custom Palace plugin. If you have participated in some of our backstage tours on Palace, you'll notice very little redstone is required to create our shows and when it is, it is usually for front-end movements such as Armour Stands. As some of you may know from our Show Creator on Creative, shows are completely automated and require very little input from our Staff Team when running your favourties like Wishes, IRoE, SitS and more. Our version of the plugin is a lot more advanced than the Show Creator on Creative, with a lot more features. Here are some questions I am asked about shows: * What language do you use to create shows, and which IDE do you tend to use? * We use a custom language that our Show Plugin interprets - it is not one of the languages you will use such as Java or HTML. Our Developers tend not to work in our Show Plugin. They're the people who make the plugin work! Show Devs are the people who create the shows which you see. We tend to use Notepad++ when we start but this can develop more as you progress. * Audio is a key factor to shows, how does this work? * You will know by now that we also have a custom Audio Plugin for all of your audio loving needs. We use this just like Disney - we setup our own Audio Areas where specific audio is played (either looping or triggered). * How long does it take to make shows, and how many lines of code does it take? * This completely depends on the show! Some shows which do not have many movements can take a few hundred or thousand lines. Others (such as Wishes or IRoE) can take hundreds of thousands of lines to code. Some of this is simply dedicated to one specific part of the show! Some shows can take days, weeks, months or even years to code depending on the degree of accuracy we want them to be! * How can I make shows on Palace? * For those simply wanting to create shows for a Creative Plot, Show Creator is a great place to get started! The only way (at the time of writing) to code shows for Palace as a role is to become a Staff Member first and then apply to become a Show Developer. You'll start with smaller shows to help you learn the language and how it works, but you can escalate to some of the biggest shows such as Wishes! Best of luck out there! Remember that most of this is really oversimplified - you'll learn more if you become staff and work on shows in the future! MagicA550
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    One weekend closer to CHWISTMASS
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    Hey guys! It's xErinn but you can all call me Erin! <3 I am the newest Trainee on Palace and I can't wait to get to know you all and have fun with you on the server! Here's a little bit about myself! I am currently in my last year of High School, I live in the UK, I love all things Disney related and all things beauty related. In my spare time I like to draw, watch movies, or sing to myself hahah! My ranks have been: Settler, Dweller, and currently I am a Trainee! {13.10.18} I have been to Disney Land Paris once, but hopefully in the future I will be able to travel to Florida and go to Disney World! Some of my favourite Disney movies are: Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Alice In Wonderland, Brother Bear, Aladdin, Finding Nemo {And the list goes on!} My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel, Tiana or Jasmine My favourite show is Wishes and my favourite parade is The Main Street Electrical Parade! My favourite ride is HyperSpace Mountain I cannot wait to meet you all and help you out throughout the parks, make sure to say hi! Have a lovely day
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    Hello @MinecraftEverett1! That would be a cool idea. However, currently there isn't a plan to make a custom park. Custom parks are like Seasonal.
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    Hello @CatzSkellington! Thank you for the report. Let me tag a staff member who can help fix the issue. @Musician101.
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    This is intended behavior for the time being.

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