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    Hey everyone if you are a BIG USO fan and want to see tons of cool USO stuff IRL and on Palace go ahead and request access to join my club! Ill try to accept you all ASAP!
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    Half day tomorrow, so happy! Been busy all this week.
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    Thank you everyone for over 900 reputation! Can't wait to hit 1,000!
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    /ban cjh66 but im a secret admin stop trying to ban XD
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    Well, at the talent show I did today I got some REALLY good news! My act was singing act! I sang my FAV song Happier by Marshmello! And guess what? I got first place! I won a trip to Paris next year :D! I'm so happy, MERRY CHRISTMAS xD!
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    Here is the current overview of our little Amsterdam project. There's also an overview of all the important buildings/exhibits. But we will be creating more. Overview from above the plot. We hope to open this around Christmas. We will also be submitting it for CSbuild once it's done. Please stay tuned for any further development.
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    Hey everyone, I would like to introduce myself to the community as KingChewiee. Some might know me from my last ign(MrGoldFish8989) I been in this amazing themepark/disney minecraft community for almost 4-5 years! I have been a donor since McMagic until it turned into The Palace Network and that is when I lost my old miencraft account so I had to buy a new one and now I am here with the second highest donor rank. I would like to thank the amazing people who make this server possible because I would not know what to do in life with out it. If you ever need to contact me, just message me on the forums! Thanks for reading this -KingChewiee
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    I've literally just noticed that I have 908 Profile Views. Thank you so much everyone!
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    That’s actually really cute! Nice job.
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    I am really excited to see all of these new films, but I agree that Disney needs to come up with some more ideas — instead of recreating these classics.
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    I’m very excited about the Epcot overhaul, and Tron coming to the Magic Kingdom! However, I think the gondolas are somewhat unnecessary and the budget could have been placed somewhere else in the parks.
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    Awesome idea! I’d love to wear a robe to represent my house.
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    That’s a great idea, and I know many guests have had that same issue!
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    Very nice! Glad you had fun at the show!
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    I really think these ideas should be implemented in some way. Great thoughts!
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    This looks awesome! Great builds, and I can’t wait to explore them!
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    I love the idea! I have seen videos of the attractions you’re mentioning, and they look awesome!
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    Thank you very much! We’re really glad that you enjoy Palace!
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    Great pictures! Glad you enjoyed the party!

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