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    Yay Friday! See you later on the server!
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    This is a #Palace Pix of me on Saturday when Seasonal opened!
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    Thrill town will be a new theme park to experience on creative, it will feature some rides that our team of technicians (me) will create just for this park, it will also show some already existing ride systems that we developed: like the soon opening dolphin dash at SeaWorld Palace. This will also be a place for you (our customer) to experience our rides so you can consider asking us to develop your theme parks newest ride. These are the plans for our current themed lands: The ones with the question marks are still up in the air and might change later. Some themed areas already have a rollercoaster planned.
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    Thank you guys so much for joining this club! I am sorry it has not been active but I have been really busy, also there as not been any characters or events on recently as of this week. I also would like to make sure that everyone knows they are welcome to post if there are on during a character (if they want to.) Thank you guys! Sorry again!
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    /ban cjh66 don't judge meh
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    Sitting here binge watching Ducktales e.e
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