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    At Palace, we strive to bring the best quality entertainment to our community. To do so, as builders, developers, and staff members, we abide by strict deadlines and high standards of work throughout the build & development process of our servers. Several months ago, we brought on a community with similar work ethic, McAmusement. The team at McAmusement were dedicated to providing an awesome community with amazing build quality, which was in line with what we expect from the Palace Network team. Unfortunately, as time progressed, progress on the park conversion as well as updates slowed to a halt, with little to no response from the MCA Team & leadership. The most important key to success of any team is communication, and unfortunately there was not much communication from the McAmusement Team several months into the development of their parks. We, collectively as Palace Network have offered technical resources and build resources to help further the progression to get DCA & DLR open to the public. Unfortunately, after having a lengthy discussion with the McAmusement Team, we have mutually agreed that it is time for them to depart Palace Network and continue on their own journey. So what does this mean? Palace Network intends to continue work on NewMK, and with tons of progress being made every week, we believe finishing that project on a high note is something we’re extremely eager to see, and it’s definitely something to look forward to! We currently have members of the team planning to continue our own DLR & DCA Builds. More information will be coming in the future regarding that. Once again, we would like to wish McAmusement and their team the best, and we would also like to formally welcome JustPlatinum and MrFirespark to the Palace Network Team, as they have decided to transfer from the McAmusement Team. Best Regards, Palace Network Management Team
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    Wishing MCA best of luck in the future <3
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    Hello @ItzPolarBear! Amazing introduction! Thank you for donating to Dweller! See you in the parks!
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    I’m back everyone! 10 days until Christmas! <3
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    Ok guys! According to my Advent Calendar, Christmas is in 10 days.
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    Hello @cjh66! Love the idea! @Canis18, what do you think about this?
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    How come @PalaceNetwork is a Admin and not a Manager
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    This is my first ever status update. Thank you to @cjh66 for teaching me. Now I shall spam ping your dm's. Mwahahah.
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