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    Hey everyone! As last weeks game proves to be a little challenging, here's a new counting game that can be fun for staff members and guests alike! Here's the challenge - Count to 2019 before 2019! Rules; Only one post from one person a day. If you try to do more than one post a day, it will not count. Staff and guest cooperation together, get your friends to help! There will be a surprise for everyone who participated once we reach 2019! Good luck to all!
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    Hi everyone! I'm xFqdedMemory, and I've been playing on this server for almost a year now. It's been pretty inconsistent, but I've definitely been coming on a lot more recently, and I plan to continue doing so in the future! I really love interacting with the friendly community on the server! I'm always down to chat, make friends, and especially do things like group rides. In my real life, I really enjoy working with computers. I want to work in a programming field when I get older, whether it be animation, game design, or something else of the sort! Also, I really like macaroni and cheese. Just felt like adding that in there ;D I love all things Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars (I know they're owned by Disney, but they deserve their own category ;)). I'm pretty much a huge nerd. Anyway, that's about all I have. Bye! <3
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    This is how to play palace for real!
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    Hello! My name is StatAwesomeGuy! But you may have known me as MrAbe_, or abe37. I have just joined the server after a four month break to focus on joing into High School! I am reaaly friendly, easy to talk to, and If you need me, I am always on discord. I love this server so much, and im glad to roam it with all of you! So feel free say say hi! Thanks for reading my introduction, and have a Magical Day!
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    Goodnight everyone! ”When life walks you into a dead end, keep walking” •StatAwesomeGuy
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    Hi xFqdedmemory! So glad to see you on more! I'm Stat! Nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you in the parks and on discord!
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    Hello @Camster824! Amazing introduction! Soarin' is such a fun ride in real life! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
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    Nice Introduction, welcome
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