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    Hey there! I'm CamShea (You may have seen me on the server as Camster824 in recent days, but now I'm CamShea)! I love baseball, laughing with friends, and I hope to become a Lawyer/Public Defender when I am older. On the server, I strive to be the friendliest and most active person you will meet. I'm always down to ride rides, see shows, be friends, and just be Goofy (gawrsh!) whenever I can be. My favorite ride is Test Track/Soarin'! I'm always down to take photos and chat with you guys, I'm super friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me, ask me questions, ask me to do group rides with you, play games, etc. I try to help everyone too, even if I'm not 100% correct. I'm aware this isn't too long, but I like to show how I act and do things rather than explain them, so come find me on the server for the full experiece! Thanks! -CamShea
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    Hi everyone! I'm xFqdedMemory, and I've been playing on this server for almost a year now. It's been pretty inconsistent, but I've definitely been coming on a lot more recently, and I plan to continue doing so in the future! I really love interacting with the friendly community on the server! I'm always down to chat, make friends, and especially do things like group rides. In my real life, I really enjoy working with computers. I want to work in a programming field when I get older, whether it be animation, game design, or something else of the sort! Also, I really like macaroni and cheese. Just felt like adding that in there ;D I love all things Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars (I know they're owned by Disney, but they deserve their own category ;)). I'm pretty much a huge nerd. Anyway, that's about all I have. Bye! <3
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    Hello!! Im skrhak4, I am a Majestic on Palace Network! Settler: ???- ??? Dweller: ??? - ??? Noble: ???-December 26, 2018 MAJESTIC: December 26, 2018 - Present FUN FACTS! My Nickname is Skr! I have been to Disney World ONE time. My Birthday is April 8th! My Favorite food is Spagehtti and Meatballs My Favorite song right now is probably Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande!
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    Great selection of photos, good job!
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    Wow, that looks great - Nice work
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    Good luck to everyone with staff applications! <3
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    Hey, I've loved seeing you around recently and your great to play with, nice intro!
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    I am Bslg2802 but please just call me BSLG. I joined palace in 2018 during October or September, the first time I heard about the server was back when it was still mcmagic when I watched robplays video. I love Disney and I mean love! my favourite ride has to be all of them my favourite Disney song is a friend like me from Aladdin. I LOVE STITCH!!! I first started Minecraft on my iPad ha I can still remember I used to think a crafting table was a rabbit cage. so that's me just now so yeah I guess that's my storey
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    I Just noticed that I’m getting close to 2k profile views . Thank you all for that.
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    Hiya Pals, I'm MissLilyStar but most of you probably just know me as Lily. I've been on and off around Palace since the early days of MCMagic, however I've decided to make a full return and from now, you will see me around here, on Discord and on the Server a lot more. I'm super friendly and will happily accept a chat if ya want to! About Me I've been holding the Mickey Mouse Skins since 17/4/16. I've got loads of different ones for different occasions, events and more. I would like to thank @jedder for making a lot for me! <3 A few of my favourites, (that me and Jedder have made, I've attached to this post) I'm so glad to be apart of this community and be known as a "mouse" My Best Pals I've got loads of friends on Minecraft in general, not just on Palace. The ones that are apart of Palace Forums, I'll tag @Punkey (you're such a cool monkey and thanks for being by my side <3) @Canis18 (i like your anytime show now xD) @TwentyOneTinks (i LOVE YOU, we've known each other for so long. loved when we did the oovoo video calls with our other pals AND when i fell asleep on a video call to you HAHA love u) @Twentay (i also love you, thanks for letting me vent to you xD) @owils (cool mickey like me and an awesome show developer) @JustPlatinum (you make some amazing graphics, keep up the good work buddy) @ScanWorks (you are such a fast typer and really friendly. know you for a while as well!) I have so many more friends, but they are just to name a few. If you're not on the list, I STILL LOVE U Favourite Things Disney Character - Mickey Mouse Second favourite Disney Character(s) - Chip and Dale Favourite Disney Park - Disneyland Paris Favourite Animal - Cat Favourite Pixar Film - Monsters Inc Favourite WD Animation Studios Film - Wreck it Ralph Last Part So that's me in a nutshell. I'm always around on Discord and Minecraft. Both usernames are MissLilyStar. Hope to see you around sometime soon! I also have a Club which is open to everyone, attached below Have a swell day pals!
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    great introduction! it was nice meeting you and i hope i see you around! ♡♡
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    I did really enjoy the movie as a whole! I thought Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda were the perfect duo! Although the movie fell flat at some parts, like the chase scene in my opinion, it was a great sequel to the original.
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    You did some great shots! Thanks for sharing!
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    Hello, My name is Punkey - Some of you may know me from another server which I have since departed from. I'm also recognised as the British guy with the monkey skin (Ill attach an Image) I wanted to say hi - I love this community and anyone is free to approach me if need be I like cereal; My favourite cereal is Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - whats your favourite? Hope to see you guys around!
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    I fractured my foot on Saturday, so I’ve been resting it all day today. Hope everyone had fun with the games and characters that came online today!
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    Y'all should check this out! Learn some cool facts and about the process of the DCP through someone whose now in it!
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    It is January 13th meaning it's time to finish off Week 4 of the Palace Word Search! I would like to congratulate @Coolcat1025, @whitbit0219, & @LucyCatx for completing the word search! The film was: Frozen The words were: Arendelle Kristoff Anna Elsa Sven Olaf Let it Go Summer Ice Snow
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    Very organized and outlined! Gives me assurance that I’ll enjoy the server as much as I used to!
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    Hello! My name is StatAwesomeGuy! But you may have known me as MrAbe_, or abe37. I have just joined the server after a four month break to focus on joing into High School! I am reaaly friendly, easy to talk to, and If you need me, I am always on discord. I love this server so much, and im glad to roam it with all of you! So feel free say say hi! Thanks for reading my introduction, and have a Magical Day!
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    I wonder who my 50th follower is gonna be...
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