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    Can we get this Palace Network Egg to 100 likes?? We can do this
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    So this is an insane turn of events, but yesterday I won the Hamilton lottery! Which means I’ll be seeing it today! I’m really hyped!
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    Hey there! I'm CamShea (You may have seen me on the server as Camster824 in recent days, but now I'm CamShea)! I love baseball, laughing with friends, and I hope to become a Lawyer/Public Defender when I am older. On the server, I strive to be the friendliest and most active person you will meet. I'm always down to ride rides, see shows, be friends, and just be Goofy (gawrsh!) whenever I can be. My favorite ride is Test Track/Soarin'! I'm always down to take photos and chat with you guys, I'm super friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me, ask me questions, ask me to do group rides with you, play games, etc. I try to help everyone too, even if I'm not 100% correct. I'm aware this isn't too long, but I like to show how I act and do things rather than explain them, so come find me on the server for the full experiece! Thanks! -CamShea
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    Just your friendly neighborhood Tem here! I play on the server regularly, and usually participate in group rides with anyone who asks! I enjoy playing music (Trombone, Piano, Guitar), and arranging music on Musescore! I am mostly active at night, and if you'd like to talk or be friends I'll try to respond whenever possible! <3 By the way! My favorite ride on the server is Haunted Mansion, second favorite is The Incredible Hulk.
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    So today during art class I managed to draw a decent looking human: it’s sitting in an airplane chair.
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    It's time for AniMeepiacs! er, Animaniacs... sorry i am in a meepy mood today
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    This Page is for All recommendations & News of ADventureLand Park in Creative! Feel free to Ask questions & Recommend stuff in our Parks! We Love Feedback! Because we want you all to have the ADL Experience
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    Belated Welcome to the forums! I love both of those rides! ^-^
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    /ban cjh66 for being too popular in the forums
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    Last day in Disney But I really enjoyed it here! I’ll upload some of my favorite pictures so you guys could see what I experienced. Also, thank you to everyone who wished me the best when I came! It really means a lot
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    /ban whitbit0219 now i feel bad :3
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    /ban cjh66 made me feel bad for pointing out his meeps
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    Congrats for something Shea, since you told me to say so
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    I have just updated my Cover Photo!
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    200 reputation. Wow. How crazy can this be
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    I love your introduction. My favorite food is also spaghetti with meatballs. Nice to meet you, and see you around the server.
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    Like the updated intro. I've been to Disney World more times than I can count lol. See you in the parks!
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    /BAN CJH66 For not being gucci!
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    Best of luck to all Applicants!
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    /ban cjh66 "meeps" to much
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