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    Omg same i sometimes just raid youtube for them .
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    /ban cjh66 For giving out lies to the public
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    Same. Where are they in our lives?
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    You missed 3/10... Oh well Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
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    Bad sleep schedule strikes again! -Me at 3 AM
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    Come join us for food from around the world at our Seven Seas food festival quick serve pop-up shop located right between Dolphin and Sea Lion Stadium!!! As well join us for live entertainment from our Seven Seas Concert Stage, those dates will be announced later! This event is over the coarse of 6 full weeks however live entertainment will be on select nights. Can't wait to see you there!
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    Swim in peace, Kayla. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of 30 year old Kayla, who passed away suddenly this morning with her trainers by her side. Her cause of death is unknown, but according to SeaWorld, she started showing signs of discomfort on Saturday. Kayla was an amazing orca, and she will be missed dearly, and will always stay in our hearts. There are now only 5 orca's left at SeaWorld Orlando, and because SeaWorld ended their breeding program, when all of the orcas pass, there will be nore more orcas at SeaWorld. I hope this doesn't happen in my lifetime. It has been one of the most important things in my life. We shall be holding a special One Ocean at the weekend to remember Kayla. Signed, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace.
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    /ban cjh66 because you’re in art club on forums and haven’t even posted any art
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    I did an English language exam today and both of the extracts in the insert were about ANTS - why do they have to be so boring? ;-;
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    My arm has been hurting for about over a week. .-.
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    On January 28th 2019 Kayla the Killer Whale passed away. In loving memory of her we will be holding a special One Ocean in memory of her.
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