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    Also i have reached 7k pfv... o-o
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    Thank you @TheRandomPerson2 for being a good friend and letting me help you with lot of things thanks to @Sock_Sowachowskifor being da best sr mod of creative creative wouldn't be the same with you. And thanks to my friend @LouieWho who always helps me thanks for everything thank you guys.
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    Good luck to all of our new character applicants! Can't wait to see some new faces in the parks! <3
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    Hello Im DanteTheGucci My Fav things are Gucci And Goats I have been on palace soon to be 5 years this summer some of my friends are LouieWho TheRandomPerson And Sock and Super.
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    /ban cjh66 for judging whitbit for judging Pepiii for judging the gucciness of dante... why am i doing this to myself
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    Nice intro! Short and simple!
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    Happy Monday all! School and work is rubbish for most of us but we can get though it!
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    Nice pics of the old hub - it will be missed!
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    Listening to sweet victory (the spongebob episode clip) over and over in spite of the um mistake
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    Best of luck to all Character Applicants! GL!
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    Character apps are closed!! Good luck to everyone who applied! (I’m hopeful so we’ll see )
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    Shea there, @DanteTheGucci! Nice introduction! Goats are pretty cool, . I'll see ya around!
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    Because it made me so happy I cried tears of joy.
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    /ban whitbit0219 I judge you for judging Pepiii for judging the gucciness to Dante's gucciness.
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    Good luck to those who applied for character!
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    Hello @DanteTheGucci! Amazing introduction! Five years is a lot! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
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    I agree with you... OVER 9000 PERCENT!!!!
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    Fae- you are honestly so powerful you don’t even know it. Live love and laugh must be your phrase for life because I see you doing all three constantly. As Cinderella once said “have courage and be kind” and you show both qualities. You are so stong and open minded that I can see you going far in anything you so put your mind into. You never made fun of me or disrespected anything I did and I thank you. You were always a real one... Congratulations on becoming a Disney World Cast Memeber. I am so proud of you. -Lauren
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    Welcome to the forums @Camster824!!! Soarin' is amazing on here because they had to rebuild all the scenes instead of projections (In my opinion that's what I love about it at st) but I'm also a nerd when it comes to geography so I do love it! See ya around!
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    -24 degrees out right now, but feels like -48. Very cold!
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