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    Thank you for 8,000 profile views everyone! I really do appreciate it!
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    4000 profile views! Thank you so much! ❤️
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    Guys, I know I just said id come back to Palace, but I need to take a break for a week or two due to personal reasons. If you guys wanna reach me, add me on discord.
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    700 Rep! Thanks alot!!
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    Happy start of Lunar New Year everyone! This is honestly one of my favourite holidays! If you have any questions about Lunar New Year, feel free to message me privately on Discord, or ping me on the Palace Discord. ^w^ This year is the Year of The Pig which is the last Chinese Zodiac. Next year will restart the cycle with the Year of The Rat!
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    Gotta love that school grind!
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    :O 330 profile views? Woah, thanks guys! Cool
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    Today was good! Wishing us a Great rest of week!
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    I agree with Brant for once.
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    /ban cjh66 for having a pfp that looks like it's smirking at you
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    My cat likes to do yoga with me
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    @benlovescheese A lil throwback ha
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    @BGannon He's definitely a good one, thanks for the feedback <3
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    It's been a hot minute and I almost have 2,000 page views hey guys
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    /ban whitbit0219 thinking being a goofy goober is bad when it is actually amazing! Im on your side Enzo!!
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    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue I liked my- wait... You can't do that here... MEME FAILED o-o
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    Listening to peaceful music on Spotify at 5:38 AM. Relaxing feels nice.
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    Tysm Cj this made my day
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    Her names Pocahontas
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    Happy Monday all! School and work is rubbish for most of us but we can get though it!
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    Nice pics of the old hub - it will be missed!
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    Nice pictures - well done!
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    Hello @davidzoo! Love the pictures! The concert is always fun to take part in and see!
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    Pocahontas! She’s so real. All the other characters in Disney I could never relate too but when I started really paying attention to what the movie was saying- I think Pocahontas really says something that we all should pay attention too.
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    Lilo and Stitch (mostly because of Stitch and Lilo and Mertle's fight scene XD)
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    Meep. I would like to compliment some Friends of mine on the server. 1. @Chrisboy04. Great builder, really friendly, one of my best friends . 2. @Aqua_Tem. Another one of my best friends, very nice, Good builder . 3. @Sprinkle. Very nice, my first friend *not counting staff o-o* and a great person to hang out with. 4. @SurvivalSam. My first Forums Follower, great friend. 5. @ScanWorks. My first friend. Best staff *imo* and very helpful... btw... I WILL TYPE FASTER THEN YOU SOMEDAY!!! Next One- what's that? I can't list them all? Oh ok... I WOULD LIKE TO COMPLIMENT EVERYONE ON MY FRIENDS LIST!!! I CAN'T LIST THEM ALL!!! wat have i done... (If you did not get listed, don't worry, you are still epic )
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    I have some pics of my own! *You used that picture above ^ xD*
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