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    I just realized people who follow me get notified when I speak so like if I wanted to talk about something completely off the wall, you'd all get notified. Heh..heh... oh the sweet sweet power...
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    I just checked my Kool Kid (patent pending) folder and it appears that you've all made the list!
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    i hope everyone's having an amazing day!
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    Goodnight you absolute perfect and amazing person.
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    Who cares about what they say about us or what they think, I just want to thank you @Brant for being an amazing person that I can just count on during my toughest moments. I want to thank you for helping me know that things will turn out ok and my past is in the past. You effortlessly bring out the smile on my face on a bad day and I'd never trade you for anything in the world. You're much more than a friend, you are one of the closest people to me and I will always be in your debt. I hope our friendship can last a lifetime, and honestly, thank you for always being there for me or just to hang out when I'm down.
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    Hope everyone had a great day, although mine wasn't the best!
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    I’m genuinely so proud of this community!
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    I just finished my first official week of work as a Disney Cast Member! I am so happy to be joining this amazing company!
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    Monorail Pilot, Ride Operator , Imagineer
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    /ban whitbit0219 for banning too many people !
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    This guide includes every known rank of authority and descriptions for each position. This post will update if any positions are added or removed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 7 different staff positions on the Palace Network right now. These are the following positions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Managers (5): xBrant, Legobuilder0813, XtraFreckle, Helopoh, Daloria Description: Managers are essentially the oversee's of the server. They are the final say on Park-Wide decisions, Staff, Builds in Parks, etc. They do it all! If there is any trouble with glitches, rides, tag issues, or any more of that, they mostly come to the Manager's attention. Although these staff members are very busy as is, your request may not be answered. If that happens, do not pester them repeatedly until your Magic is fulfilled, contact an Admin about it and speak with them about the issue. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Administrators (7): FluffyTheCat, BGannon, halofreak894, limegreenicy, Flakenstine, ScanWorks, GhostHost Description: Administrators are the second hands to the Managers. They help keep order intact while the Manager's are away. Each Admin focuses on a different part of the server for example, One Admin might have the Position of Guest Relations while the other has Web Developer. While each Admin has their own positions on the server, each is capable to fix multiple Guest glitches, Server Glitches, Ride Glitches, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Developers (4): Musician101, owils, Steven_Davison, Vidsify Description: A Developer's job is to develop plugins and fix any issues a plugin has brought up. They also assist developing what you're reading right now (The Website)! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Architects (3): ekam, kate_forever23, thepartyboy376 Description: Architects are the senior designers of Palace Network, they are the same position as Senior Moderators except their role is to overview the builds of Parks and Events made just for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Senior Moderators (5): Broadwayss, Canis18, JustPlatinum, Sock_Sowachowski, SunnyPlaysMC Description: Senior Moderators are similar to Admins as they have their own personal type of "Sub-Team"! Senior Moderators have Sub-Teams that may vary from Event's Planning and another might have Character Overview. They assist newer Mods and help keep the magic alive! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Builders (5): ItzJustLauren, Mr_Tom_Morrow, Pooch0579, Thor_Jensen, Ulyk Description: Builders are designers on the Palace Network, they are the same position as Moderators except their role is to create the wonderful Builds! For example, making the Parks and Events for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moderators (31): _Knave, 789limer, cheetah213, ChickenGirl19, CowDestroyer1313, DisQuick, egamer25, Faded_Chew, faeriesss, Ghoste, ItzAMePepiii, JackThePotato, JavaLikesAgua, JustinsWorld4U, Lans_Bolsa, LavaRats314, lb00403, MagicA550, MrFirespark, OhCon, POVGamer, SincoGames, SmileyGamerGirl, SnancakesNate, ThePilotGamer, TheRandomPerson2, TwentyOneTinks, Xefraccil, xErinn, YourSwiftlySalad, zacharym1422 Description: Moderators on Palace Network Overview the Server and Forums! They moderate chats, punish offenders, check for hackers, and occasionally will help with projects for Admins or Builders. They are some of the most trusted members of the server. (This description does match for all roles above this). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trainees (12): 11192001, batman4life33, BlueMC_Chic, BunnyMari, CamShea, ChaosAtTheQuince, derekxcx, KingChewiee, Mavly, Punkey__, StatAwesomeGuy, xFqdedMemory Description: Trainees are training for the utmost important role of Moderator. They train hard for their position so they can do it the best way and keep it the magic alive as much as possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's be honest here, I probably forgot to add a few things, but I tried my best and I believe I got the majority of it! Please point out any mistakes in the comments so I can make the final edits in the future! Thanks ;)
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    Snow storms heading my way, so anyone in the New England area- please be careful these following days. I know some of you may think "its only 32 degrees I can wears shorts" or "I've driven in worse" the snow that's thin is the worst- so please stay safe and warm. <3
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    OwO *I have a question for you. OWO *Do you wanna have a bad time?
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    /ban Jaybay1313 don't make fun of cj he's a good person and he can say things the way he wants.
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    I love clocking out! It's so fun! Goodnight everyone!
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    I would love to work on some of my favorite rides, so possibly Soarin’ or Splash Mountain! Being a Jungle Cruise skipper would be an awesome job, too!
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    A Birdy told me today that Valentines Day is almost near so . .
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    I Always see things at disney all over here on the Web and when im auctually there i forget those things exist
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    /ban whitbit0219 Having a happy looking pfp!
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    If you arrest a mime does he have the right to remain silent?
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    @Brant is a weirdo
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    /ban Jaybay1313 They're okay
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    Palace Official Dance Club - Frequently Asked Questions This guide aims to answer all questions that you may have about joining the Palace Dance Club! What is the Palace Dance Club? Palace Dance Club is a unique club that features a variety of Exclusive perks that are only available during Dance times! We strive to give you the best experience here at PDC while also maintaining the Disney feel! We do hope you enjoy our Club as we are excited to see you soon. When are dance times? Dance times usually will be planned 2 - 7 days ahead of time so you get the opportunity to warm up those amazing moves! Who runs this club? Mavly and xBrant do! Where can I find the Studio during Dance Times? If you join the Creative server through Palace Network's Hub by doing /join creative you can find us at /plotwarp PDC We do love to see you have fun here, but remember that all Palace Rules Apply!
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    Aww, @cjh66 thank you!!!!
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    Look at @Sock_Sowachowski. Wwacka Wwacka wwacka!
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    oof some of them are glitched... oh nvm they fixed
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    AQUAAAAAAAAA! Belated welcome to the forums, Glad to see you on here! <3 I look forward to seeing you around the parks
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    Good to see you’re enjoying yourself! I’ll see you around the parks!
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    Thank all of you so much for being kind, considerate, friendly, quick to action... I could keep going, but I think it’s obvious that I just want to say you guys are amazing! You make the server a family friendly, happy place, and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves without the worry that their day is going to be ruined by someone who is ignorant or unkind. You also create a fun welcoming environment for people who are alone or who are new by offering to ride rides and play games with them, which is something I almost never see anywhere else! <3 keep up the good work you guys, it means a lot to me that you’d dedicate your time to this and I’m sure a lot of others would agree!
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    I personally prefer Gringotts because it’s more of a coaster! I like thrill rides, so it wins for me! But what do you guys prefer? Gringotts or Forbidden Journey?
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    Belated Welcome to the forums! I love both of those rides! ^-^
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    Here are some of my favourite pictures <3 If you’d like to see some others you can DM me
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    Last day in Disney But I really enjoyed it here! I’ll upload some of my favorite pictures so you guys could see what I experienced. Also, thank you to everyone who wished me the best when I came! It really means a lot
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    Congrats for something Shea, since you told me to say so
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    Tower of Terror will always hold a special place in my heart. When I was younger (About 5 or so!) we went to Disney World and I would have NOTHING to do with the ride; it terrified me! But, after going to Disneyland and trying it out, I fell in love. If I ever go back to Disney, I’d love to ride it again... and again... and again!
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    This sounds like a good idea
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    Good luck to everyone with their staff applications. I'm praying over here!
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