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    I just realized people who follow me get notified when I speak so like if I wanted to talk about something completely off the wall, you'd all get notified. Heh..heh... oh the sweet sweet power...
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    I just checked my Kool Kid (patent pending) folder and it appears that you've all made the list!
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    i hope everyone's having an amazing day!
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    Goodnight you absolute perfect and amazing person.
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    Who cares about what they say about us or what they think, I just want to thank you @Brant for being an amazing person that I can just count on during my toughest moments. I want to thank you for helping me know that things will turn out ok and my past is in the past. You effortlessly bring out the smile on my face on a bad day and I'd never trade you for anything in the world. You're much more than a friend, you are one of the closest people to me and I will always be in your debt. I hope our friendship can last a lifetime, and honestly, thank you for always being there for me or just to hang out when I'm down.
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    Hope everyone had a great day, although mine wasn't the best!
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    I’m genuinely so proud of this community!
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    I just finished my first official week of work as a Disney Cast Member! I am so happy to be joining this amazing company!
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    Good Monday all - Im back to being active this week (was occupied end of last) so I'll see you all around! Have a good day!
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    Wait, i'm at 222 points. um..
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    I just wanna name some of the people that literally brought me from 40 rep to 700 in flippin' 2 days. (This all started with a little challenge between @statawesomeguy and I). Theres probably so many more people that have helped me, but these are some that I've recognized. @Brant @Shayy @Avlyy @GalaxyyCakes @CowDestroyer1313 @xErinn @statawesomeguy @William @Ghoste
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    Stat and I have joined forces. #Strong
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    @Brant is a weirdo
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    Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour. “Nothing is real but dreams and love.” Happy February.
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    Thank all of you so much for being kind, considerate, friendly, quick to action... I could keep going, but I think it’s obvious that I just want to say you guys are amazing! You make the server a family friendly, happy place, and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves without the worry that their day is going to be ruined by someone who is ignorant or unkind. You also create a fun welcoming environment for people who are alone or who are new by offering to ride rides and play games with them, which is something I almost never see anywhere else! <3 keep up the good work you guys, it means a lot to me that you’d dedicate your time to this and I’m sure a lot of others would agree!
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    I personally prefer Gringotts because it’s more of a coaster! I like thrill rides, so it wins for me! But what do you guys prefer? Gringotts or Forbidden Journey?
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    /ban cjh66 Why is Mickey Mouse on your forehead?
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    Congrats for something Shea, since you told me to say so
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    I absolutely adore Haunted Mansion. The audio is accurate and it gives me the illusion that I’m actually there! The ride itself always works smoothly, and it is built extremely well! Definitely something to come back to a couple times a day for me.
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    Tower of Terror will always hold a special place in my heart. When I was younger (About 5 or so!) we went to Disney World and I would have NOTHING to do with the ride; it terrified me! But, after going to Disneyland and trying it out, I fell in love. If I ever go back to Disney, I’d love to ride it again... and again... and again!
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    /ban techwolves My turn! Blue sonic in the house >:D
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