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    Hiya everybody! If you haven’t seen me on the server yet, then hey! Im xFqdedMemory. My direct messages are always open if you feel like talking about whatever. I LOVE doing group rides, and I’m always up for some interactions with the guests! ❤️ My favorite ride on the server is definitely Rip Ride Rockit (/warp rrr)! My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, and I pretty much love all things Harry Potter. I also really love macaroni and cheese, and my favorite Disney villain of ALL-TIME has got to be Hades. He’s literally my spirit animal. In the summer, I also play tennis! ❤️ OH and one of my favorite TV shows is the Office (Scranton Squad WYA), but I also love Friends and Gilmore Girls! <3 I don’t really know what else to say, other than I’ve had a wonderful experience on the server so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! ❤️ \o/ P.S. AAH! I’m a Mod now! This has already been crazy enough becoming a Trainee, so it’s absolutely wild to have come this far! I’m so grateful for getting to know all the staff members better already, and I can’t wait to see everyone around the parks! Love you all \o/ ❤️
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    Here's a couple wallpapers I've made a few years ago or so. I tended to make her these for our Anniversary's or Holidays, hope you think their pretty cool!
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    Hi Im Dante a view things about me is.... My Bffs are @LouieWho @TheRandomPerson2 @ItzJustLauren and @SuperPotatqx I have a Dog named Nero he is a pitbull terrier Favorite Musical: Phantom Of The Opera and Mamma Mia Favorite Movie: Beauty And The Beast Favorite Disney World Park: Magic Kingdom or HollyWood studios Favorite Ride: All of them
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    Hello, fellow palace pals! My name is Matthew (Preferably Matt). I would like to take this time to talk about, me of course! First, to begin with the most basic aspect of this introduction, Cats are my favorite animal and I love the color blue. I am currently in high school. I am a part of my school's drama club, I am a member of the International Thespian Society and a very hardworking student. I believe in Education first and encourage all to follow this. After all, education is very important and will help you get the job you dream of! My dream job and career that I am seeking is to be a criminal defence attorney. After all of this, I am a fellow member of the Palace Network! I decided to apply for staff with the intent of making everyone's experience on the server even more magical! I am very kind and humble, and easy to talk to. Next time you see me on the server make sure to say hello! I would love to grow my friend list! Also if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me! I, along with the whole staff team are here to help you! Some random fun facts I have a dog named Jake and 2 hermit crabs (Fernando and Ruby, and yes that is from Mamma Mia 2) My best friend on the server is @Sock_Sowachowski My favorite movie is The Help My favorite song is "Just like Jesse James" By Cher My favorite WDW park is Animal Kingdom My favorite WDW ride is Flight of Passage My favorite show in WDW is Rivers Of Light Thanks for taking time to get to know me! I can't wait to see you on the server! For now, I'm Magical_Catz and I am happy to assist you!
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    wowowowow you got Noble
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    Well, it certainly snowed! It is also sleeting a lot so there’s piles of ice everywhere...
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    This guide includes every known rank of authority and descriptions for each position. This post will update if any positions are added or removed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 7 different staff positions on the Palace Network right now. These are the following positions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Managers (5): xBrant, Legobuilder0813, XtraFreckle, Helopoh, Daloria Description: Managers are essentially the oversee's of the server. They are the final say on Park-Wide decisions, Staff, Builds in Parks, etc. They do it all! If there is any trouble with glitches, rides, tag issues, or any more of that, they mostly come to the Manager's attention. Although these staff members are very busy as is, your request may not be answered. If that happens, do not pester them repeatedly until your Magic is fulfilled, contact an Admin about it and speak with them about the issue. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Administrators (7): FluffyTheCat, BGannon, halofreak894, limegreenicy, Flakenstine, ScanWorks, GhostHost Description: Administrators are the second hands to the Managers. They help keep order intact while the Manager's are away. Each Admin focuses on a different part of the server for example, One Admin might have the Position of Guest Relations while the other has Web Developer. While each Admin has their own positions on the server, each is capable to fix multiple Guest glitches, Server Glitches, Ride Glitches, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Developers (4): Musician101, owils, Steven_Davison, Vidsify Description: A Developer's job is to develop plugins and fix any issues a plugin has brought up. They also assist developing what you're reading right now (The Website)! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Architects (3): ekam, kate_forever23, thepartyboy376 Description: Architects are the senior designers of Palace Network, they are the same position as Senior Moderators except their role is to overview the builds of Parks and Events made just for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Senior Moderators (5): Broadwayss, Canis18, JustPlatinum, Sock_Sowachowski, SunnyPlaysMC Description: Senior Moderators are similar to Admins as they have their own personal type of "Sub-Team"! Senior Moderators have Sub-Teams that may vary from Event's Planning and another might have Character Overview. They assist newer Mods and help keep the magic alive! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Builders (5): ItzJustLauren, Mr_Tom_Morrow, Pooch0579, Thor_Jensen, Ulyk Description: Builders are designers on the Palace Network, they are the same position as Moderators except their role is to create the wonderful Builds! For example, making the Parks and Events for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moderators (31): _Knave, 789limer, cheetah213, ChickenGirl19, CowDestroyer1313, DisQuick, egamer25, Faded_Chew, faeriesss, Ghoste, ItzAMePepiii, JackThePotato, JavaLikesAgua, JustinsWorld4U, Lans_Bolsa, LavaRats314, lb00403, MagicA550, MrFirespark, OhCon, POVGamer, SincoGames, SmileyGamerGirl, SnancakesNate, ThePilotGamer, TheRandomPerson2, TwentyOneTinks, Xefraccil, xErinn, YourSwiftlySalad, zacharym1422 Description: Moderators on Palace Network Overview the Server and Forums! They moderate chats, punish offenders, check for hackers, and occasionally will help with projects for Admins or Builders. They are some of the most trusted members of the server. (This description does match for all roles above this). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trainees (12): 11192001, batman4life33, BlueMC_Chic, BunnyMari, CamShea, ChaosAtTheQuince, derekxcx, KingChewiee, Mavly, Punkey__, StatAwesomeGuy, xFqdedMemory Description: Trainees are training for the utmost important role of Moderator. They train hard for their position so they can do it the best way and keep it the magic alive as much as possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's be honest here, I probably forgot to add a few things, but I tried my best and I believe I got the majority of it! Please point out any mistakes in the comments so I can make the final edits in the future! Thanks ;)
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    gotta love being sick
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    make sure to make your daily visit to the Jishy camel xoxo
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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (You're welcome, Jishy e-e)
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    Also I finally bought noble LOL
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    Woo forums aren’t dead!
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    It's nice to see some friendly new faces on the staff team! Congratulations to the new trainees <3
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    But Creators also help out on parks and builds
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    We've Started Work on our 3/4 lands! The one that we all know is in every Disney park in some form or another! Liberty Square!
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    Palace Hit 100 Players Today! So I took some time to make an image. (Inspiration @Jishy_ @JustPlatinum)
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    I joined palace in 2018 around October time and since then I've made tones of friends with people who had more experience than me and been on longer than me, I'm going to name those amazing people and tell you why you should be friends with them! Whitbit0219- whitbit is one of my best friends! she's smart kind and funny! if you ever need help you can ask her. she can always help you feel better if you are feeling down that's why you should make friends with her. itzamepuggo- puggo is one of my best friends too! he has helped me with tones of stuff and he is smart kind a funny too! you should make friends with puggo if you want to laugh a lot! I have so many more friends! that you should make friends with but ill leave it at that. I hope I can stay friends with them forever and I hope that you can become friends with them too
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    So are you so good at making stuff like this? This is amazing!
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    I don’t even know where to begin. Every time I join the server, I’m welcomed by friendly faces of guests, and the helpful + kind staff team. The guests are always eager to help, and are always ready to do a group ride and attend an event. The staff is so hard-working, and it seems as if they’d do anything in their power so that the guests can enjoy their time on Palace (I know I have!), whether they play games or it just be interacting as much as they can with the players. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as tight of a community anywhere else! It’s so friendly, and we’re all able to joke around and laugh with each other. I’ve made a lot of new friends recently, which I’m very happy about ❤️. This community holds a special place in my heart, and I’m sure it always will! I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being amazing. ❤️
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    Hiya! I'm Fae and as some of you know, I was accepted to participate in the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World. I wanted to start the forum for anyone that had any questions about the program. I am currently 2 weeks from my check-in date! Please feel free to comment below your questions about the program. I am more than happy to explain what the program is and the whole application process! DCP INFO My Role: QSFB / also known as Quick Service Food and Beverage. This means I will be working with food in one of the many restaurants or with an ice cream cart! Applied/Accepted: I applied the day the applications dropped back in August but didn't receive an email asking for an interview until October! I was finally accepted in early November! Program Length: I was accepted for the Spring program which means I will be working at Disney from January until May! Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them!
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    /ban cjh66 for still bringing up le dead topic
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