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    It’s been sad seeing lots of friendly faces come and go on the server, for all of us. However, as a community we need to make sure that we’re still there to support and love each other! ❤️ This is one of the closest communities I’ve seen on Minecraft by far. We’ve all become such good friends with each other. I guess the important thing I’m trying to say is: We’re here for each other. If anyone ever needs to talk to me about anything, I’m open to talking about it. I know you all would do the same for me, as well as for each other. I’m happy to be a part of such a wonderful community, and I love you all. ❤️ That’s my little speech for today. Have a wonderful rest of your night everyone ❤️
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    HIIi! I'm StatAwesomeGuy, but you can call me stat! (No but rlly plz call me stat). You will often see me around the server doing... stuff? I don't know, but I'm fun and nice and cool? I think? Still working on it. Some facts bout' me: I like games (SMASHH BROSSS) I am nice I don't bite. (usually, depends if i'm hungry) From your deductive reasoning, I'm assuming you can tell that I am a trainee. So... I train. Like not on train's you know the train's that go choooooooo, but the train's, where you learn. Some Lil' tips if you wanna see me in-game: Go on weekends (But not this upcoming one 2/23/19, I have a show) DM me on Discord and beg me to go online: I might. Be Lucky: HArD mOdE. BUt Yeaaaa..... Oh I almost forgot: I'm an actor, like an actor actor. I act. It's fun. I sing and play the piano. So every now and then I will be on discord playing meme songs on piano and singing duets with guests. its fun. So yea, that's a thing. .... ........OKay BYEEEE!!! Disclaimer: StatAwesomeGuy doesn't bite anyone, or anything; execpt food and shiny objects
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    While my resignation might come as a surprise to some of you, unfortunately it's been a possibility for months now. I decided that it's best for me to move on in the community after dedicating about 4 years of my life to the server. I know some of you will see me differently as I am no longer staff, but I hope there are still a few who will see me as their friend. I always have and still believe that Palace has one of the best Guest communities, and I'm happy to be apart of it moving forward. After my short break from being off the server, I'll be back on frequently to check on things! I hope to see you all then!
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    Hiya all! I never formally introduced myself on the Forums, and with my new role as Trainee, I thought I'd go ahead! I'm redstone_slayer, a Trainee here on Palace! You can find me around the server hosting group rides, playing games, or wandering through USO. I've loved all things Disney as far back as I can remember, but my love for the Disney Parks started one distinct day: I was four years old, and we had just gotten off of a cruise in Florida. We had a few hours before our flight, so we stopped by Downtown Disney. Seeing the theming and creativeness in Downtown Disney alone, I wouldn't leave my parents alone until we went to Disneyland the next year. I've been so lucky to be able to go to Disneyland and Walt Disney World quite frequently since then, and I'm looking forward to making trips to both resorts this year! I also have a love for the Universal Parks, you can find me there quite frequently on the server! I have previously made visits to Disneyland Paris, a handful of parks in the United Kingdom, and many US regional parks! I've been playing on the server since the MCMagic days, but took a short break from Minecraft and came back last summer. Anyways, here's a few of my favorites... Favorite WDW Ride: Tower of Terror Favorite DLR Ride: A tough toss-up between Indiana Jones and Radiator Springs Racers Favorite Rollercoaster: The Smiler at Alton Towers or Ghost Rider at Knott's Berry Farm Favorite Disney Parks Show: Fantasmic Favorite Artist: Porter Robinson Favorite Song in the Parks: The Tower of Terror Area Music Favorite Vegetable: Baby Corn I'm so excited to be a Trainee on Palace, and I can't wait to see all of you around the server a lot more! Feel free to PM me on Discord or the server anytime if you need anything <3 Red
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    Here's a couple wallpapers I've made a few years ago or so. I tended to make her these for our Anniversary's or Holidays, hope you think their pretty cool!
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    Thank you @ScanWorks, @Mavly, @SmileyGamerGirl, and @Brant! I'm really looking forward to working with you all a lot more! <3
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    /ban whitbit0219 For being nice
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    Hello, fellow palace pals! My name is Matthew (Preferably Matt). I would like to take this time to talk about, me of course! First, to begin with the most basic aspect of this introduction, Cats are my favorite animal and I love the color blue. I am currently in high school. I am a part of my school's drama club, I am a member of the International Thespian Society and a very hardworking student. I believe in Education first and encourage all to follow this. After all, education is very important and will help you get the job you dream of! My dream job and career that I am seeking is to be a criminal defence attorney. After all of this, I am a fellow member of the Palace Network! I decided to apply for staff with the intent of making everyone's experience on the server even more magical! I am very kind and humble, and easy to talk to. Next time you see me on the server make sure to say hello! I would love to grow my friend list! Also if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me! I, along with the whole staff team are here to help you! Some random fun facts I have a dog named Jake and 2 hermit crabs (Fernando and Ruby, and yes that is from Mamma Mia 2) My best friend on the server is @Sock_Sowachowski My favorite movie is The Help My favorite song is "Just like Jesse James" By Cher My favorite WDW park is Animal Kingdom My favorite WDW ride is Flight of Passage My favorite show in WDW is Rivers Of Light Thanks for taking time to get to know me! I can't wait to see you on the server! For now, I'm Magical_Catz and I am happy to assist you!
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    That's my best friend right there <3
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    Thank you xFqdedMemory! You're going to be such an amazing Staff Member as well, and I can't wait to work with ya a lot more! <3
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    Nice introduction! Congrats on Trainee! I also like to act.
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    I just wanna say thanks to all of my friends on the server that keep me happy you guys are the best and you guys know who you are
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    /ban davidzoo didn't ban me :> not my username
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    It's nice to see some friendly new faces on the staff team! Congratulations to the new trainees <3
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    It is February 16th meaning it's time to finish off Week 5 of the Palace Word Search! Anyways lets give a big round of applause to the winners cause we have a lot! @Pink_RoseBud, @Galaxyy, @whitbit0219, @TheDisneyGeek, @batman4life33, @One_Of_A_Kind_, @AnyaTheChicken, @Janice999, @Artemis23, and finally @Iriskatty! The film was: Tangled Words: Magic Hair Snuggly Duckling Mother Gothel Flynn Rider Floating Lanterns Maximus Magical Golden Flower Pascal Rapunzel Frying Pan Stabbington Brothers
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    I didn't know you had your own movie e.e
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    As sad as it is to see everyone go, they will all always have a special place in my heart. (Especially Canis <33) I understand that everyone moves on from things in their lives, and this was their times. I really hope the best for everyone and I can't wait to continue to talk to them as well, probably on a weekly basis. Of course, this goes to everyone. If you ever need to talk or rant to someone, my DMs are always open. <3
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