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    I’m gonna thanos your recorder -My music teacher, 2019
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    So Captain America ate at BOG, where my sister works.
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    I like to have fun lol
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    I love how we’re playing like exclusively memes in band now
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    Happy Pi Day everyone! π
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    Did You Know? Today is #SaveASpiderDay? Yes, you heard me right, a day to save spiders...
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    Happy Pi Day !!!
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    I Hope you guys are having a Fantastic Week!
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    I love shaders! <3
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    i rode a scooter for the first time in a long time and i couldn’t be happier and yes i looked ridiculous ty
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    Hey! We both share a common interest in becoming an animator, as I love art. Hope to see you in the parks
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    I think they both look great! But I think I like night just a little bit more.
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    Meep! Welcome to the forums! Hope to meet you in the parks
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    Welcome to the forums! I've already seen you around in the parks, I hope we continue to see each other!
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    Thanks you too Mavly!
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    I love my new fresh pfp.
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