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    It felt so nice today! Finally got some nice weather!
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    I found this If i could favorite it on Discord i would...
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    I think I was a former Teletubby in a past life
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    Eventually we will be updating our theme so that could be an option we consider then
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    Hello, I would like to show everyone my Progress on the Distory Museum. It's Nothing much yet
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    Ah, I love Illuminations! Great picture!
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    Not a lot of people post here often
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    Would it be possible to have the option to switch to a dark theme? It might just be me but I really prefer darker themes late at night, its just easier on my baby eyes.
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    If I could let you borrow my switch I would haha
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    “Does anyone still play Minecraft?” -My English Teacher 2019 uhhh yeah?
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    That Looks really Nice!
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    @Wackyflipper, That looks amazing!
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    Hello @Wackyflipper! Amazing introduction! I love the picture! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
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    Hello @Chicken! Amazing introduction! Splash Mountain is a fun ride to ride for sure! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
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    i rode a scooter for the first time in a long time and i couldn’t be happier and yes i looked ridiculous ty
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    Amazing picture! I also love having shaders, I don't think any of my pictures look this good though!
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    Before I reintroduce myself to those who don't know me, I just want to acknowledge all the good this server and community have done. I want to thank the staff and the guests for so many memories. I hope to make more memories as time goes on. Now for the fun part... I'm colefb9, that one honorable that rides gmr too much. I've been playing mcmagic since 2015 and palace since its rebranding and ownership change. Here is the list of all ranks I've had in the past: Guest/Settler- 2015 to April 2018. Noble- April 2018 to June 2018. Majestic- June to July 2018. Honorable- July 2018 to present. Anyways, time to talk about myself: I play hockey and I've been playing since 6th grade. This is my 5th season (now a sophomore) Speaking of school, I hope to go into a science field that doesn't require too much math. If anything, I'm good at history, science, and sleep deprivation I play a lot of videogames, and if you look at my Discord, you can see me playing Civ 6 a lot. I recommend it if you like history, politics, and strategy. I mostly play that with the man, the myth, the legend @JavaLikesAgua Since this is Disney, I have to talk about that. I've been to WDW twice and I'm going again in late August. Favorite Ride- SPLM or RRC Favorite Movie- The Emperor's New Groove Favorite Character- Idk, all of them are great I watch Game of Thrones and I also read the books that the TV series is based on. I browse Reddit a little too much and I watch YouTube quite a bit as well That's all I have to say for now, see you all around the parks!
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