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    Thank you for 6,000 views everyone!
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    You should all totally join my 'Development Corner' Club!
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    I am a lime now... first I was a green bean Evolution is weird lol
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    Woo! I'm on Thanksgiving break!
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    Almost to 900 reputation! Thank you everyone!
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    Make sure you all link your accounts is gain full access to the forums!
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    I just got 40 Followers o.0 Thank you everyone :3 Click that Follow Button to join the Meep Squad OwO
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    Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving <3
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    Yay no school until next Monday Time to procrastinate and spend my time doing stuff on palace lol
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    Congrats @xErinn and @faeriesss and @JavaLikesAgua on finishing training and becoming a Moderator!!!
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    Finally Cold Out Here! Too Cold
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    I just realized I hit just a little over 800 profile views. Thank you! Love you all.
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    Make sure to join the cool people club if you are a cool person or want to be a cool person!
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    Is it me or am i the only Noble that linked my account here on the forums?
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    Hope everyone likes the new forums! Everyone who worked on it did a fantastic job!
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    Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! I know I did!
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe during the holiday!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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    No "Guess That Blooper Quote" This Week Due To No Palace Forecast, It Will Be Back Next Week! ;D
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    Life Is Like a Hurricane....
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    Patiently awaiting my 4 day weekend...
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    Happy 90th birthday Mickey Mouse!

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