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    Good luck to those who apply to join the staff team! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon
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    Thank you for 10,000 views everyone!
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    I'll be your memories, your lullaby for all the times, hoping that my voice could get it right. ♫
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    "With my closed all I see is the skyline, through the window, the moon above you and the street below."
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    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Those made my day! You guys are awesome!
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  8. 10 points
    Thanks for 50 followers, everyone! Also, a fun 1909 reputation count!
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    So hyped for Toy Story Landing opening today at 4PM EST! Hope to see everyone there!
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    12 more reputation for 2000, jeez louise.
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    So close to 200 followers everyone, and 10,000 profile views! Thank you!
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    Almost Friday! Woo!
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    Have fun today everyone! Enjoy the day with family and friends and enjoy the food!
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    Had a blast at the 80's Party with you queens!
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    San Francisco is very pretty, but very windy!
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    I really love & miss Disney I can't wait to go in a few weeks \^-^/
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    Had a fantastic time at TSL today with @JordynDaSpahget!
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    Hope everyone is enjoying Toy Story Land and enjoyed the opening!
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    I will be a little inactive for a bit, burnt my hand. (Don't worry, it isn't bad, but just enough where i need to one-handedly do things
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    Never try to be normal, for people that are normal aren't unique.
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    Only 20 more reputation until we hit 100!!!
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    Good morning!
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    I am now a dweller! Thanks Mavly for all your help since I joined this server! Thanks everyone who cheered me on in Musical Chairs!
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    Pepperoni and Bacon is the best on Pizza, just saying. (Unless you're vegetarian/vegan...then eat whatever vegetable your heart desires uwu or just plain cheese if that's your thing)
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    hello happy Friday
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    I had to change my pfp to a hilarious picture of me... I regret it now...
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    Good luck to everyone who applied for staff!
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    Coming home today! Can’t wait to see everyone soon!
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    Sad to see so many lovely staff members leave. You all are gonna be missed, thanks for being so amazing ❤️
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    Can we please have a moment of silence for @CowDestroyer1313 and other retired staff. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me have fun to the server! Thank you for welcoming me to the server! I’ll remember you! Please remember the day that Cow resigned! Remember 4/22/19! Good Luck friend! Good luck to the other retired staff too!
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    So... I would like to say thanks to many staff members. I would like to thank @thepartyboy376 for being head of the TSL project. Thank you to all of the other staff that helped Theppy with TSL. Thank you to all of the staff that helped with the amount of people that were on the server during TSL. And finally, I would like to thank @Brant and @Mavly for hosting an amazing TSL after party.
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    Hope everyone enjoyed the opening of Toy Story Land. What a day.
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    hope everyone’s having a great week! ❤️
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    Well... today is officially the worst day ever. Let’s see... I had a state test that lasts for a week and a half. My mom took my computer away, and I won’t get it back until tomorrow. I am superrrr bored now that I don’t have my life/computer. And my volleyball game was canceled... How has your day been...
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    i couldn’t be prouder of all my staff pals getting promoted ❤️ you all deserve it, congrats friends!
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    I have 9000 Profile Views... And 990 Rep... Will i beat Mavly soon? o-o
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    AK Is sooo pretty!
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    The battle of the kingdoms... Disneyland Meepville Chrisland All in a medieval battle. @_FLOUNDER_ @Chrisboy04
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    Just chillin during IRoE with @batman4life33, @JordynDaSpahget, and @GlitchedRS
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    So close to 100 reputation! I think we can do it today!
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    Thank You everyone for the birthday wishes!
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    Well, hello there.
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    I’m thinking of starting a blog on here to talk about the Netherlands, things like history, culture, habits and many more. Idk if people would be interested tho.
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    Stream Broken & Beautiful by Kelly Clarkson from the Ugly Doll Movie!
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    Hello everyone! I'll be flying out to San Francisco until Sunday evening and won't be online until then. I'll still be checking the forums and Discord if you guys need me for anything. Have an amazing weekend! See you when I get back!
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    Thank you so much for 4600 profile views! You guys rock!
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    Who's got a friend like Donald Duck?
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    My mom is angry at me for being sick.
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