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    Hi all! Today, I'm really excited to share some more information about plans for Palace’s Pride Month festivities. Each Saturday in the month of June a large event for Pride Month will be put on. Along with that, we're really excited to share some other things that will go on throughout the month. June 6th - Pride Party! - This year, we want to emphasize the theme of being yourself, and not letting anyone stop you. Get ready to boogie in this epic dance party with a create-your-own art experience, pride month decor, and so much more! June 13th - Pride Parkour! - Get your gaming skills ready: this parkour map is sure to test all of your skills! June 20th - runPalace: Rainbow Run! - Back again this year, runPalace: Pride will put your racing skills to the test! June 27th - Pride Parade! - This year we want YOU to be in our Pride Parade! That's right, we are welcoming all guests to participate in a parade right down the middle of Main Street. Note: all events are subject to capacity or cancelation. Look out on our social media and discord for more information on each of these events. That all sounds like so much fun. But WAIT! There is so much more in store for our guests this all month. This year, we're super excited to announce our partnership with the Trevor Project to present a new firework spectacular created for this month! The Trevor Project is a group devoted to helping LGTBQ+ youth deal with tough times. This non-profit has impacted over 200,000 lives, and we are so excited to say that we get to partner with them to bring this one-of-a-kind show to you. Premiering this June, this heart-warming show will remind you that “it gets better”. In life there are ups and downs, but as long as you stay positive and stay strong, you will defeat any challenge that comes your way. A dessert party will occur in June to commemorate the launch of this event. Registration for the dessert party that includes guaranteed access to our first performance will open at a later date, and will be announced on our Discord and social media pages. Another thing we are really excited to announce is that the hit Disneyland parade, Magic Happens, will be coming to Palace Network in June! Get ready to jam out to the up-beat soundtrack of the parade, composed by Todrick Hall, as the parade winds down Main Street U.S.A! No Pride celebration would be complete without thematic park decorations, pop-up parties, and so much more! All of this adds up to be one action-packed month and a great start to the summer! We can't wait to experience all of these events with you! - Palace Network Events & Leadership Team
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    Here at Palace Network, our team is typically talking about pixie dust, pixels, parkour, and pickaxes. But over these past few days, the tone of what is happening outside of our block radius is much different. It's a scary time for a lot of people. We can't escape the news coverage and shifting governmental regulations as the world reacts to, and tries to make sense of, the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that Palace Network has become an escape for many of our guests as well as for our staff members. It remains a constant presence in an environment that is teaming with uncertainties on the daily. It is a way for us to connect with our friends and our Minecraft theme park community, which at times feels like our family. This is something we need more than ever when we are being asked to be physically isolated from our real-life family and friends. It is with that same spirit of community that Palace Network is partnering with our fellow network, MCParks, to donate a portion of both networks’ online store sales to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. This fund goes directly to critical response efforts to help prevent, detect, and manage the coronavirus. It is our networks’ way of coming together as a community and helping those who need it most. Beginning at 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 17, the entire Palace Network online store will be on sale for 50% off the regular price. This includes cosmetics, ranks, and sponsorships. 75% of every purchase made will go directly to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. This promotional period will last for one week and we thank you in advance for your support of this important cause. On behalf of our network and our friends at MCParks, thank you for keeping our community a safe, fun, and positive environment to be in. We hope our servers continue to be your escape from anxiety and bring some much needed magic to you and your friends. Take care and be well. Sincerely, Your Pals at Palace Network
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    Recently our team accepted applications for our brand-new Guide Program on our server. Guides are a non-staff position that are primarily tasked with answering questions in chat and encouraging other guests to join them in playing games and having fun on the server. They are here to assist you all with your queries such as finding a warp to a ride, if there are characters online, and also providing updates on a variety of different projects around our network. They will try their best to answer any questions you have which you feel need answers. They are also tasked with hosting group rides around our parks as well as hosting some mini games such as hide and seek and sardines. I can assure you, they are all very excited to help! Look for these [G] tags in-game to help identify our Guide Program members. Do you need help on the server? We have introduced a new command (which some of you have been practicing) that allows your questions to be highlighted to members of our guide team. All you simply have to do is /helpme followed by your question. A Guide team member will quickly respond and help you with whatever you require. Make sure to use this command properly and ensure that you are lovely and kind to our new Guides! Meet our current Guide Team on our Staff Page! Sincerely, The Palace Network Guest Relations Team P.S. - If you are interested in becoming a Guide, applications open whenever our network needs additional members of the program. You can check out our application page to check and see if they are open and apply!
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    In a galaxy far far away…. ✨ The Events Team would like to proudly announce Wookie Weekend! A 5-day long Star Wars-themed event spectacular. Throughout May 1st until May 5th: experience other-worldly magic brought to you all throughout our parks. For the full event schedule, click here! Here are just some of the things you will be able to do throughout this 5-day intergalactic event! Meet some galactic heroes, both resistance and empire loyal! Join us on May 1st for a gathering of Star Wars characters, all eager to meet you and convince you to pick a side. Will you follow the light with the resistance? Or surrender to the dark with the empire. Keep an eye out for other Star Wars characters visiting our planet throughout the week. Engage in a Star Wars Adventure! May the fourth be with you for this Star Wars Adventure map. Jump straight into light-speed with different challenges to compete in. Complete it all to become a hero to the galaxy. Immerse yourself in Star Wars! Be immersed in the Star Wars story with themed overlays all around the parks! These are the trivia droids you are looking for! Test your knowledge with our interactive trivia. Brush up on your movie history, and become as wise as Master Yoda. Be in with a chance to win some cool prizes and bragging rights throughout the galaxy. Droid installed rebooted mini-games! Our incredible tech and events team droids have been hard at work to bring the force to our mini-games. These cosmic overlays will be installed and up and running throughout the week. Dance of the First Order! Stormtroopers can boogie too! Keep an eye out for any unusual transmission logs from the troopers about a secret code. Make sure to come dressed in your sharpest order wear, and bring your dancing shoes! The force is strong with this build! You have been granted a pass from Princess Leia herself to view the progress of The Palace Network’s Galaxy’s Edge in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Experience Expo! As you can see, we have some out of this world activities coming to you for Wookie Weekend, and we can't wait to share more information and sneak peaks with you in the coming weeks! Sincerely, GreenieGirl, creatorforparks, Disneyfan, pinkiness, and PanicAtTheJedi.
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    I know it's late (or early depending on your perspective), but thank you everyone for making my first day as Palace Network's newest Assistant Operations Director such a wonderful day. Your kind words and enthusiasm remind me daily how much I love this community and why I work so hard to make Palace a special place for everyone. Cheers to a great big beautiful tomorrow!
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    Hi! 🥺 I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for congratulating me and for making my first day as staff so amazing. 💞
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    Hello! I'd like to give a quick shoutout to everybody who was present for the opening ceremony of Splash Mountain today! It was great to share such an exciting moment and it was very heartwarming to see so many guests gathered together to celebrate! To anyone who wasn't able to attend - you were greatly missed, but can still most certainly share in the celebration and join in on the fun! I always have such a good time seeing friends and meeting others on the server! This community is absolutely amazing and I look forward to making more memories with all of you in the future! That said, I also really wanted to take a moment to send some love to all the staff who have worked diligently to bring us this amazing ride. It goes without saying that the creation and development of any ride is no easy task, at least for the average person. Your dedication and persistence do not go unnoticed and it is clear just how much attention and care goes into projects like this, especially with pressure from guests who are dying to know "When is ________ going to be open??" Running a server such as this is a lot of work as it is, but you guys really do the most to make our experience on The Palace Network great and are constantly improving it with events, additions to the parks, etc. Everyone is always giving 110% and the best of themselves to ensure that we all have a unique, magical, and fun experience! And I'd hate to put words in the mouths of my fellow guests, but I think it's fair to say that we all truly, truly appreciate you. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do! You're the best!! Here's wishing everyone a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day! 🙂❤️
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    January Jan. 2 - [Technician] YourSwiftlySalad Jan. 17 - [Moderator] ClayFromSt8Farm Jan. 18 - [Moderator] ObiWanCownobi13 Jan. 19 - [Builder] YesItsEpic Jan. 30 - [Moderator] MCFloyd February Feb. 7 - [Lead] Ulyk Feb. 13 - [Moderator] Cheetah213 Feb. 17 - [Coordinator] PeachMKP Feb. 19 - [Manager] BGannon Feb. 19 - [Coordinator] TheRealEgamer25 Feb. 22 - [Moderator] SmallestCube March Mar. 6 - [Manager] Helopoh Mar. 16 - [Director] XtraFr3ckle Mar. 16 - [Builder] DarienXChange Mar. 16 - [Lead] YNGx April Apr. 3 - [Coordinator] Disneyfan Apr. 3 - [Moderator] Hazard Apr. 4 - [Moderator] Daisy Apr. 4 - [Moderator] Disneyfreak1114 Apr. 10 - [Moderator] Apple_Gaming1 Apr. 17 - [Director] ScanWorks Apr. 21 - [Moderator] Disneycraft Apr. 25 - [Moderator] NoloTheRolo May May 1 - [Manager] halofreak894 May 1 - [Developer] Innectic May 2 - [Moderator] fishguy52 May 2 - [Builder] Shapliersole78 May 4 - [Moderator] CharlotteGrande75 May 4 - [Moderator] hannapeyton May 5 - [Media] Mayor05 May 9 - [Moderator] LokiMischief May 9 - [Manager] JackThePotato May 10 - [Moderator] heavenest May 11 - [Moderator] MaddieTheGreat_ May 16 - [Coordinator] BunnyMari May 18 - [Lead] ItzAMePepiii May 20 - [Moderator] Aidam66 May 21 - [Moderator] Aewo May 21 - [Moderator] KermitTheFraud May 23 - [Lead] Poochyy May 29 - [Moderator] Solarsystem7 June Jun. 3 - [Moderator] JavaLikesAgua Jun. 9 - [Moderator] CatzKitten93 Jun. 16 - [Coordinator] MrLeopard Jun. 29 - [Developer] Jake_MC12 July Jul. 1 - [Lead] creatorforparks Jul. 1 - [Media] KingChewiee Jul. 5 - [Moderator] Avlyy Jul. 9 - [Moderator] Aquaticalo Jul. 22 - [Developer] owils August Aug. 1 - [Moderator] _JustBelieve_ Aug. 2 - [Moderator] logrog04 Aug. 6 - [Developer] Amids Aug. 10 - [Coordinator] PanicAtTheJedi Aug. 10 - [Moderator] Drewspence45 Aug. 13 - [Director] Legobuilder0813 September Sep. 1 - [Builder] BrerRabbit_ Sep. 5 - [Moderator] winniehoney Sep. 17 - [Moderator] Yoonie__ Sep. 24 - [Coordinator] GhostHost Sep. 24 - [Moderator] Ghoste Sep. 27 - [Moderator] Tiiago Sep. 29 - [Coordinator] pinkiness October Oct. 5 - [Builder] kate_forever23 Oct. 9 - [Moderator] Becks322 Oct. 12 - [Moderator] JustinsWorld4U Oct. 15 - [Moderator] DerpyRamenNoodle Oct. 19 - [Moderator] Acttoo Oct. 23 - [Coordinator] JordynDaKnight Oct. 25 - [Director] TheCraftyBatman Oct. 27 - [Moderator] Mavly Oct. 31 - [Lead] FluffyTheCat November Nov. 5 - [Lead] xRando7 Nov. 6 - [Technician] PhilteredMusic Nov. 8 - [Manager] GreenieGirl Nov. 8 - [Lead] Rosscoe Nov. 10 - [Moderator] Aqua_Tem Nov. 11 - [Media] LittleScorpion10 Nov. 13 - [Developer] Parker Nov. 16 - [Moderator] StitcherSam Nov. 28 - [Developer] Vidsify December Dec. 4 - [Moderator] AlolanNinetails2 Dec. 9 - [Manager] RRandom Dec. 13 - [Director] xBrant Dec. 20 - [Moderator] Nxtey Dec. 22 - [Moderator] ThePilotGamer Dec. 30 - [Coordinator] Thor_Jensen Note: Various staff are not on this list due to their birthdays not being publicly available. Thank you.
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    Where in the world is Mickey! That adventurous mouse is travelling all over the parks, and he wants you to find him! Take a selfie with Mickey in his location, and comment below with your picture to prove you found him! Make sure not to give it away to others where he is though! If you submit your picture below: you will receive 5 tokens on the server as a prize! Good luck everyone! Week One:
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    Hi all! On behalf of the Events Team at Palace Network, I wanted to briefly share an update with you on our upcoming Day at Disney event and our Transportation and Ticketed Center (TTC) Opening Ceremony. Due to the recent influx of players and new visitors on our server, we have decided to make some modifications to our upcoming event schedules to best accommodate a large sum of guests without causing server performance issues. We want to welcome our guests with open arms and not take experiences away from you our players. We're actively coming up with solutions to issues that may arise because of large spikes in guest attendance. Since we didn't think it was fair to cancel the event for you all outright, we decided to instead alter the event. For starters, we will be renaming the event from "Day at Disney" to "A Day at Walt Disney World"! What does this mean for you? Well, this was originally going to be an event just in the Magic Kingdom. Instead, we have decided to build in more magic and spread the event out throughout Walt Disney World to not only help with performance issues but also to give you all a more exciting event! In terms of our TTC Opening Ceremony, a formal program has been postponed and this weekend we'll soft open TTC for guests to explore. We still want to celebrate the opening of TTC and the work of our builders and technicians, so we'll be properly celebrating the opening on Saturday with photo ops and scavenger hunts! Within the next few days, our NewTTC will be released to all of you! That's where the new A Day at WDW plan comes in! We are so excited for you all to experience this expanded event. You will be able to go to all of the four main parks in Walt Disney World and find hidden items hidden around the parks! These items will be placed in places like queues, the exits to attractions, and iconic locations around the parks. Along the way, you will get special prizes like tokens and in-game money so keep your eyes open! The entertainment won't stop there as select firework shows will play throughout the event. To review: - TTC will have a soft opening within the next few days. - "Day at Disney" will be renamed to "A Day at Walt Disney World" to reflect the change in scope to a network-wide event. - Instead of group rides and character interactions, you will be able to go on a scavenger hunt around the Walt Disney World parks. We're super excited for you all to experience this! Thank you for understanding and we hope to see you at "A Day at Walt Disney World" Saturday, April 11, beginning at 1:00 PM EST! - creatorforparks Community Events Administrator
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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank everyone for all the congrats I've gotten on my promotion! So thank you everyone I really appreciate it and I can't wait to see what the future brings!!! ❤️
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    Heya everyone! I'm back at it again with another events announcement! On the 8th May myself @logrog04 and @Aquaticalo will be hosting, The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame Celebration! This event will take place in the France pavilion and will give you the chance to do some fun Hunchback themed activities. If you have any questions make sure to reply to this post, can't wait to see you there!
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    Loved the dance party! It was so much fun! Hope you all enjoyed, and hope you're all enjoying Wookie Weekend!
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    Aloha everyone! Welcome to the first spot the difference! Below you will find eight differences between the the two images! Figure out the eight differences, and Dm your answers to (pinkiness#2998) on Discord! For a bonus point, guess which park this image is from! As a reminder: we will randomly select 3 winners from submissions to win a special prize too so make sure you submit your answers (even if you can’t find them all)! This week will be closed once the next week opens so make sure you get your answers in on time! Original Altered Good luck everyone!
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    Not too long ago our team added the Shareholder rank, a new purchasable rank, to our network’s store. The Shareholder rank was created for Honorables to experience our servers with many new perks such as, flying, requesting on-demand firework shows, and more. With this rank, you also have the opportunity to join in on staff game-nights, explore on our private survival world, and/or minigame servers as they become available. With this rank, your perks will last one month from the date of purchase and then will be cancelled if not renewed. Your contribution to the Palace Network assists in the constant development of our servers. With that, we are able to forge more games, create more shows, and share more experiences with more guests! If you follow our chat in-game, you can find our Shareholders with a bright pink tag showing off their bling! Here's some more detail regarding the perks you'll be receiving on top of your Honorable rank: Flight: Get access to /fly and be able to fly around our theme parks maps! While flying, you will be invisible to all other players except other Shareholders and staff. Show Requests: By running /shows, you can request permission for a show to run! If it’s 2:00 a.m. and you want to see Wishes, your wish is our command! Private Survival World: Play on a survival server only accessible to other Shareholders and the network’s staff members! Monthly Game Nights: Participate in monthly game nights where Shareholders and staff play Minecraft games - or any other games - together! Exclusive Shareholder Communication: Shareholders have access to dedicated channels in our Discord server to connect with each other and staff. We’ll also share with you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes so you get the latest network news first. We thank everyone for your continued support on our network and can't wait to see more Shareholders in-game! Content for this post was provided by @Mavly.
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    I got a new name!
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    @halofreak894, @ActualFacts, and @TheRandomPerson2 worked super hard on Fantasmic today, and it was awesome! The NPCs you guys used were amazing! Can't wait for more!
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    New profile photo!!
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    Hi all! Our Events Team has been working exceptionally hard behind the scenes on Marvel-A-Thon! Today, I wanted to give you a glimpse of just some of the things you will be able to experience throughout next week: - Introducing: Marvelous! Marvelous is a brand new night-time spectacular specifically designed for Marvel-A-Thon! It will show at select times throughout the event at the Chinese Theatre! To find out when the next showing is, check your Mickey Watch! It will be labeled as "Special Event" on your Mickey Watch. - Introducing: Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Dance Party! Get ready to rock out to your favorite songs from the MCU Universe in this high-tech dance party at the America Pavilion stage! - Introducing: Marvel Group Build Get ready to have fun building with your favorite guests on creative! - Introducing: Marvel Training Academy - Get ready to train like your favorite Marvel superheroes in this epic training academy filled with parkour, mazes, and obstacles! - Character palooza! Join us Saturday for a very special Character Palooza with some recognizable Marvel & Disney characters! - Re-themes of your favorite games, and brand new games based around Marvel! Our Tech & Events team has been hard at work on this! These games will be run by staff members at select times throughout each day of the event! - Appearances from your favorite Marvel Characters! Throughout the event, your favorite characters from the MCU Universe will stop by to say hello! Make sure to keep an eye on chat on the server, and general chat on our discord to find out when they stop by! - Marvel overlays! Around the Parks, you will be able to find Marvel overlays, some built by guests on creative! In terms of how each of these play out in the day, here is a helpful link that will be updated throughout the event with times of events, and just some of the things you will be able to do daily. Click here to access the schedule! Thank you all, and have a Marvelous day! Marvel-A-Thon Events Team
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    Hope everyone enjoyed the magic happens parade on palace! Super cool!😊/❤ for pride day!🌈🏳️‍🌈 hope you have a great and magical night!🙂
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    CREATIVE ARMOUR STAND EDITOR Creative's Armour Stand Editor, as of right now, is the newest addition to Creative! Lots of Guests over the years have requested something like this and the Creative Department are finally able to bring it to you! Now, this is new and in testing for Creative so there may be bugs but please report them in the Creative Feedback channel on Discord, through a Staff Member or a "Report a Bug" form here on the forums. Here we go! 1. How to get to the Armour Stand Editor. It's pretty easy to get! Open the Creative Inventory (using e) and get out a flint! As easy as that! Right-click the flint and then you'll have a GUI open up and this is how you can edit an Armour Stand on YOUR PLOT ONLY! 2. The GUI The GUI is basically how you can control what the flint in your hand does. So if you want the Placement to change, or the Rotation to change. If you want to move the arms, make it smaller or larger and more! The best way to learn is to mess around with it! This is the GUI. Below there is a breakdown of what each item is and what it does. 3. GUI Breakdown Top Row: Red Wool: X-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armour Stand on the X-Asis. Green Wool: Y-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armor Stand on the Y-Axis. Blue Wool: Z-Axis, select this to either move or rotate the Armor Stand on Z-Axis. Coarse Dirt: Coarse Adjustment, select this to move the Armour Stand one block at a time. (Quicker but less accurate). Sandstone: Fine Adjustment, select this to move the Armour Stand a little bit at a time. (Slower but more accurate). Compass/Radio: Rotate, select this to rotate the Armour Stand on the axis you selected. Minecart: Placement, select this to move the Armour Stand on the axis you have selected. NOTE: When moving Armour Stands on the Y-Axis (up or down) if you're moving it into a block make sure to turn Gravity off). Second Row: Leather Cap: Head Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the head position. Third Row: Left Stick: Right Arm Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the right arm. Leather Chestplate: Body Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the body position/chestplate area. Right Stick: Left Arm Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the left arm. Lever: Reset Pose, select this to reset the pose of the Armour Stand. Stick Three: Show Arms, select this to either show the arms or hide the arms of the Armour Stand. Potion: Visibility, select this to make the Armour Stand visible or invisible. Pufferfish: Size, select this to make the Armour Stand big or small. Fourth Row: Left Leather Leggings: Right Leg Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the right leg. Chest: Equipment, select this to put equipment onto the Armour Stand into the hands or head position. Right Leather Leggings: Left Leg Position, select this to either rotate or change the placement of the left leg. Sand: Gravity, select this to turn gravity on or off on the Armour Stand. Stone Slab: Baseplate, select this to turn the baseplate on or off. Fifth Row: Book: Copy, this copies the current settings of the Armour Stand into a clipboard. Enchanted Book: Paste, this pastes the Armour Stand settings in the Clipboard onto an Armour Stand that you hit. Sixth Row: Four Flower Slots: Copy Slots, this allows you to save the Armour Stand settings in there for future reference. Nether Star: Help, this opens a help in chat for you. FOR MORE INFORMATION, USE THIS WIKI: https://github.com/RypoFalem/ArmorStandEditor/wiki 4. How to use it! Firstly, place an armour stand and then get the flint into your inventory. Select what you want to do, for example Placement and on what axis (x, y or z). Once you've done this- decide if you want to use coarse or fine adjustment and then you're set to go! Hit the armour stand to move it "up" or right-click to move it "down". Use the Wiki for more information. ENJOY!
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    "Aloha, Summer!" On May 31st, 2020 at 2:30pm EST is Aloha, Summer! In this event, you can dance, do a wide variety of pool related games, play games in our arcade and get prizes at the prize corner, jump, enjoy a little surprise at the end, and much, much more! We hope to see you there to start the Summer right! Hosted by: Your's truly, Disneyfan. RSVP and comment here:
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    Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday evening 🌓❤️
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    Hey you! I just want you to know that you're awesome! 💜
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    Hi! Just checking in. I hope everyone’s doing alright. 💞
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    Hard Rock n' Bop! On May 10th, 2020 at 3pm EST is a event called Hard Rock n' Bop! On this day will be a pool party styled party with music, dance, good eats, and special friends all in the comfort of the Hard Rock Hotel! We hope to see you there! Hosted by: underColor & Disneyfan RSVP and comment here:
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    Join us on Saturday, April 11th at 1pm EST for a Day at Walt Disney World! Explore the all of our WDW parks like never before in this one-of-a-kind event! ✨
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    We really out done ourselves... 4 3 8 PLAYERS.
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    eeyore is my spirit animal
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    Hope everyone enjoyed the opening of Splash Mountain yesterday! It was fun to ride with everyone!
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    Watched Frozen II with the family last night. The first little noise that I heard, I recognized from Tik Tok. Very good movie and I highly recommend to watch! I bet @TheRandomPerson2 highly recommends it as well.
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    Hi friends! Happy Tuesday - have a magical week and pride month! ❤️
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    Have a magical Saturday hope you enjoy A day at Uso event today! Going to be a fun one!🙂/
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    Hello! Just checking in. I hope you are having a great day! ❤️
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    Hunkules is underrated
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    Thank you to everyone wishing me a happy birthday! Even though we're in quarantine I definitely had a magical day.
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    We did it again Gang! ❤️
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    Hi! I hope everyone’s having an awesome week so far. 🌸✨
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    Well we did it again late night crew! Another great night! Cya tomorrow night!! ❤️
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    -or Rising Moons! depending when you're reading this. Long time no see. I see that the community is currently pursuing Galaxy's Edge and I've returned to help or at least support the project. It has been a while but all I can say is how proud I am on how far this community has gone. Hope to run into some of you soon. [Janitor] VirusElite524
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    First post in months I created this video over five days, which included recording, editing, choosing music, and finalizing the video to finally post! I hope everyone enjoys my video, and stay magical ✨
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    congrats on mod rank @Aquaticalo @heavenest @KermitTheRat @CharlotteGrande75❤️ hope u have a magical day
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    Hey hi there this isn't week 2, it's more of an update with what's going on. As of right now I'm going to put a halt on this game due to the fact that there's 8 WDW servers at the moment, and let's just say that's too much work to be honest. So yeah, that's why I haven't posted a week 2, despite some personal stuff on my end. Hopefully you guys understand. Thank you!
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    Me and @PanicAtTheJedi found him!
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    oh hey i found it :))
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    Aloha! My partner in crime @creatorforparks and I are now the proud sponsors of Winnie the Pooh in Magic Kingdom! We're holding our lil Piglet and Eeyore plushies outside the ride so make sure to come see us, and have a journey through the 100 Acre Woods!
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    Spread some holiday cheer and join us on Wednesday, March 25 at 4:30pm EST for our Christmas in March event! Sing and dance to your favorite holiday hits, party like it's December 25th, include dancing, some special guests, and present finding! Hosted by: Disneyfan
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    April 20th, 2019. The day TSL opened. 50 rides on SDD. April 21st, 2019. 5pm EST. 241 rides on SDD. March 20th, 2020. Present day. 11093 rides on SDD.
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    We don’t meet people on accident. Everyone is meant to cross our path.
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