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    We've created something great - a community that attracts people from all different backgrounds, from all over the world. It's truly an incredible sight to see everyone come together and express their love and passion for the same thing - Disney. Throughout my time as a leader in this community, I've been fortunate enough to meet so many incredible people from all around the world. People that, without a community like Palace, wouldn't have any idea where to turn to really be who they are. We have all of you to thank for creating such a warm, welcoming community especially for those that wouldn't have an environment like that without us. At Palace, we embrace diversity and celebrate differences. Everyone is different, and these differences are what make you unique. We're committed to never putting anyone down for their opinions, even if they are different from our own. We encourage you to find your own way in life and we will 100% be here to support you, so long that you're not hurting yourself or others in the process. As a company, we believe in your freedom to express your true self. We want you to be the best version of you that you can be and we will always be behind you cheering you on every step of the way. No matter what is going on in your personal life, please know that you will always have a place to let your personality shine bright here with us, and you will never be put down for being who you are or for believing in what you believe in. We ask that you take these values that we have, and share them with each other while you are a part of our community. These values are what make the Palace Community an amazing community to be a part of. Take the differences that you have with each other and understand that those differences aren't the sole definition of a person. Embrace the differences we have with one another and highlight the positives. We understand that not everyone will get along with each other, and that sometimes the differences we have with one another are more than we can handle, and that's completely understandable. When faced with situations like this, we ask that instead of attacking each other, just take those differences and understand not everyone will feel the same way that you do, and move past it. Respect is so important, and as long as you're respectful of each other, Palace will continue to be a safe and inclusive environment for us all to enjoy together. We're so excited to participate in Pride Month again this year, starting June 1st, we'll be jam-packed with events, cosmetics, and all around pride! We can't wait for you to see what we have in store, and remember, let your flame burn bright! "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." --Harvey Fierstein
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    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, on March 9th we will be presenting an amazing night of Fun at the Club Dance building (/warp PDC)! There will be characters, food, music, fireworks, and much more! Don't miss out on a day of fun and just come out dancing with us! Presented by: @Mavly, @Brant and @ScanWorks Designed by: @Pooch0579 Developed by: @Vidsify and @halofreak894
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    This guide includes every known rank of authority and descriptions for each position. This post will update if any positions are added or removed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 7 different staff positions on the Palace Network right now. These are the following positions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Managers (5): xBrant, Legobuilder0813, XtraFreckle, Helopoh, Daloria Description: Managers are essentially the oversee's of the server. They are the final say on Park-Wide decisions, Staff, Builds in Parks, etc. They do it all! If there is any trouble with glitches, rides, tag issues, or any more of that, they mostly come to the Manager's attention. Although these staff members are very busy as is, your request may not be answered. If that happens, do not pester them repeatedly until your Magic is fulfilled, contact an Admin about it and speak with them about the issue. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Administrators (7): FluffyTheCat, BGannon, halofreak894, limegreenicy, Flakenstine, ScanWorks, GhostHost Description: Administrators are the second hands to the Managers. They help keep order intact while the Manager's are away. Each Admin focuses on a different part of the server for example, One Admin might have the Position of Guest Relations while the other has Web Developer. While each Admin has their own positions on the server, each is capable to fix multiple Guest glitches, Server Glitches, Ride Glitches, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Developers (4): Musician101, owils, Steven_Davison, Vidsify Description: A Developer's job is to develop plugins and fix any issues a plugin has brought up. They also assist developing what you're reading right now (The Website)! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Architects (3): ekam, kate_forever23, thepartyboy376 Description: Architects are the senior designers of Palace Network, they are the same position as Senior Moderators except their role is to overview the builds of Parks and Events made just for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Senior Moderators (5): Broadwayss, Canis18, JustPlatinum, Sock_Sowachowski, SunnyPlaysMC Description: Senior Moderators are similar to Admins as they have their own personal type of "Sub-Team"! Senior Moderators have Sub-Teams that may vary from Event's Planning and another might have Character Overview. They assist newer Mods and help keep the magic alive! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Builders (5): ItzJustLauren, Mr_Tom_Morrow, Pooch0579, Thor_Jensen, Ulyk Description: Builders are designers on the Palace Network, they are the same position as Moderators except their role is to create the wonderful Builds! For example, making the Parks and Events for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moderators (31): _Knave, 789limer, cheetah213, ChickenGirl19, CowDestroyer1313, DisQuick, egamer25, Faded_Chew, faeriesss, Ghoste, ItzAMePepiii, JackThePotato, JavaLikesAgua, JustinsWorld4U, Lans_Bolsa, LavaRats314, lb00403, MagicA550, MrFirespark, OhCon, POVGamer, SincoGames, SmileyGamerGirl, SnancakesNate, ThePilotGamer, TheRandomPerson2, TwentyOneTinks, Xefraccil, xErinn, YourSwiftlySalad, zacharym1422 Description: Moderators on Palace Network Overview the Server and Forums! They moderate chats, punish offenders, check for hackers, and occasionally will help with projects for Admins or Builders. They are some of the most trusted members of the server. (This description does match for all roles above this). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trainees (12): 11192001, batman4life33, BlueMC_Chic, BunnyMari, CamShea, ChaosAtTheQuince, derekxcx, KingChewiee, Mavly, Punkey__, StatAwesomeGuy, xFqdedMemory Description: Trainees are training for the utmost important role of Moderator. They train hard for their position so they can do it the best way and keep it the magic alive as much as possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's be honest here, I probably forgot to add a few things, but I tried my best and I believe I got the majority of it! Please point out any mistakes in the comments so I can make the final edits in the future! Thanks ;)
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    I just wanna say you guys are literally the best community I've ever got to spend time with
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    If you arrest a mime does he have the right to remain silent?
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    Good luck to those who apply to join the staff team! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon
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    @Brant is a weirdo
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    Thank you everyone for 1,000 reputation! I really appreciate it!
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    Thank you for 10,000 views everyone!
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    I'll be your memories, your lullaby for all the times, hoping that my voice could get it right. ♫
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    Who cares about what they say about us or what they think, I just want to thank you @Brant for being an amazing person that I can just count on during my toughest moments. I want to thank you for helping me know that things will turn out ok and my past is in the past. You effortlessly bring out the smile on my face on a bad day and I'd never trade you for anything in the world. You're much more than a friend, you are one of the closest people to me and I will always be in your debt. I hope our friendship can last a lifetime, and honestly, thank you for always being there for me or just to hang out when I'm down.
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    "With my closed all I see is the skyline, through the window, the moon above you and the street below."
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    While my resignation might come as a surprise to some of you, unfortunately it's been a possibility for months now. I decided that it's best for me to move on in the community after dedicating about 4 years of my life to the server. I know some of you will see me differently as I am no longer staff, but I hope there are still a few who will see me as their friend. I always have and still believe that Palace has one of the best Guest communities, and I'm happy to be apart of it moving forward. After my short break from being off the server, I'll be back on frequently to check on things! I hope to see you all then!
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    It's nice to see some friendly new faces on the staff team! Congratulations to the new trainees <3
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    Goodnight you absolute perfect and amazing person.
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    Thank you to those who helped me achieve 500 from 40 reputation points in just one day.
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    I hope everyone has a good night rest
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    Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour. “Nothing is real but dreams and love.” Happy February.
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    Can we get this Palace Network Egg to 100 likes?? We can do this
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    I hope everyone is having a great day, I'm pretty bored myself, but whatever.
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    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Those made my day! You guys are awesome!
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    Thanks for 50 followers, everyone! Also, a fun 1909 reputation count!
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    Happily Ever After
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    Thank you for all of the love and support everyone for me becoming a Trainee. And I'm super excited to work with my new peers!
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    I just realized people who follow me get notified when I speak so like if I wanted to talk about something completely off the wall, you'd all get notified. Heh..heh... oh the sweet sweet power...
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    I just wanna name some of the people that literally brought me from 40 rep to 700 in flippin' 2 days. (This all started with a little challenge between @statawesomeguy and I). Theres probably so many more people that have helped me, but these are some that I've recognized. @Brant @Shayy @Avlyy @GalaxyyCakes @CowDestroyer1313 @xErinn @statawesomeguy @William @Ghoste
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    They're all great picks Love them too!
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    Good news! My foot isn't fractured which is good. It's just bruised.
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    Last day in Disney But I really enjoyed it here! I’ll upload some of my favorite pictures so you guys could see what I experienced. Also, thank you to everyone who wished me the best when I came! It really means a lot
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    It's a pretty exciting step forward for us here at Palace! We really want to take the opportunity to get the community more involved with our process of recreating the magic of Walt Disney World in Minecraft, and give you the ability to leave your mark permanently on the progress of our community. We'd like to take a moment to introduce our new sponsorship program, giving you the ability to sponsor attractions and get involved with the creation & upkeep process of your favorite attraction! So, what does sponsoring an attraction look like? To make it a bit more transparent with how we charge for something like this, we've created various sponsorship tiers depending on the size or complexity of the attraction. We know that something like Happily Ever After is bigger than a ride like Mad Tea Party, so we want to make sure that you're getting exactly what you're signing up for. There are currently 5 tiers, listed below from highest to lowest: Emerald Tier - $175 Diamond Tier - $100 Lapis Tier - $80 Gold Tier - $60 Iron Tier - $40 Each tier comes with the following general perks, all perks are ready to go right now! Rep a fancy colored tag for your level of sponsorship in-front of your name in chat! Already a rank holder? Don't worry, this tag doesn't affect your purchased rank! Take a look: A private discord text channel with all members from the Management Team as well as the lead (or leads) of the project being sponsored. Access to a discord voice channel that is only accessible by other sponsors and members of the staff team. There's times where we'd have to grant you different perks, depending on what's being sponsored, for example, if you sponsor a ride that's being actively built on one of our new parks, your perks may be slightly different than if you sponsor a show that's currently being shown to the guests. We'll outline each circumstance and what the perks are depending on those circumstances below. Existing Shows If the show requires a cast to be run, you'll have the ability to fill out the actor interest form to be an actor in the show! Cast interest forms are made available one week before the show is scheduled to run. There are a few stipulations, though! If enough interest is not met for a show, it will not be run. As in, if we don't have enough actors cast into the show, we're unable to run it. We reserve the right to decline this perk based on the sponsor's ability to follow the instructions of the show director during training, rehearsal or an actual showing. You must attend the show training & rehearsal before participating in the show. Your name will be placed in the post-show credits thanking you for your support. A dedication ceremony at a public meeting (or scheduled at the sponsor's convenience) where the sponsor may deliver a short speech in text on the server or in voice on discord. (The script must be approved by a member of the Management Team) Shows in Development All of the "Existing Shows" perks once the show is officially released. Communication with the lead of the project regarding the planned timetable for the project & it's release. Can schedule meetings with the project leads to discuss progress, as well as provide suggestions and feedback. The ability to dedicate the show before it's first official showing with a short speech in text on the server or in voice on the discord server. (Script must be approved by a member of the Management Team) Existing Attractions A hologram in front of the ride entrance reading "Presented by" and your name. The ability to choose the player heads for Cast Member armor stands at the front of, and throughout the queue of the attraction. These heads do not necessarily have to be those of existing staff members, they can be whoever you want. However, we reserve the right to deny a head choice if it's inappropriate or belongs to a player that is banned from our network. A dedication ceremony at a public meeting (or scheduled at the sponsor's convenience) where the sponsor may deliver a short speech in text on the server or in voice on discord. (The script must be approved by a member of the Management Team) Attractions in Development All of the "Existing Attractions" perks once the attraction is officially opened. Communication with the lead of the project regarding the planned timetable for the project & it's release. Can schedule meetings with the project leads to discuss progress as well as provide suggestions and feedback. The ability to dedicate the attraction at it's official opening with a short speech in text on the server or in voice on the discord server. (Script must be approved by a member of the Management Team) Note: For combined projects such as the release of a new park, attractions and shows might debut on the same date. In these circumstances, one dedication ceremony will be held at one location and all sponsors for the new attractions and shows will be given time to dedicate their respective attractions at that ceremony. In order to make sure that sponsoring an attraction is the best route for both you and us, we've decided to put out a small interest form. If you would like to sponsor an attraction from our list of attractions, then you must fill out this form and a member of our Operations Team will reach out to you to get the process moving forward! If you have any questions about this new program, please feel free to open a support ticket and a member of our team will reply as quickly as possible! Attractions available for Sponsorship Sponsorship Interest Form Regards, the Palace Network Management Team
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    Clocking out for tonight, night kiddos
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    Stat and I have joined forces. #Strong
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    I agree with Brant for once.
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    You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindor's apart. <3
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    Good luck to everyone with their staff applications. I'm praying over here!
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    Almost Friday! Woo!
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    Thank you everyone for the Sincere messages congratulating me on my way up to Senior Mod! I’m super excited to work more closely here on the forums and start some new projects! Ahhh, I can’t wait!
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    Happy Birthday, @XtraFreckle! Party Hard!
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    No school, Friday or Monday! Woohoo!
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    Goodnight you gorgeous human being!
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    What is going on right now
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    /ban davidzoo Cause Simba is hot
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    /ban Jaybay1313 They're okay
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    /ban Chrisboy04 Your pfp is hurting my eyes.
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