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    It's nice to see some friendly new faces on the staff team! Congratulations to the new trainees <3
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    I heard IROE is being replaced with a new fireworks show at the end of this year D: thankfully, I’ll be able to see it IRL one last time before it goes! I’m gonna miss it, IROE is one of my favorite Disney shows..
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    Hope you all have a great weekend! Now its time for a New week happy presidents day eve!
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    This guide includes every known rank of authority and descriptions for each position. This post will update if any positions are added or removed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 7 different staff positions on the Palace Network right now. These are the following positions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Managers (5): xBrant, Legobuilder0813, XtraFreckle, Helopoh, Daloria Description: Managers are essentially the oversee's of the server. They are the final say on Park-Wide decisions, Staff, Builds in Parks, etc. They do it all! If there is any trouble with glitches, rides, tag issues, or any more of that, they mostly come to the Manager's attention. Although these staff members are very busy as is, your request may not be answered. If that happens, do not pester them repeatedly until your Magic is fulfilled, contact an Admin about it and speak with them about the issue. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Administrators (7): FluffyTheCat, BGannon, halofreak894, limegreenicy, Flakenstine, ScanWorks, GhostHost Description: Administrators are the second hands to the Managers. They help keep order intact while the Manager's are away. Each Admin focuses on a different part of the server for example, One Admin might have the Position of Guest Relations while the other has Web Developer. While each Admin has their own positions on the server, each is capable to fix multiple Guest glitches, Server Glitches, Ride Glitches, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Developers (4): Musician101, owils, Steven_Davison, Vidsify Description: A Developer's job is to develop plugins and fix any issues a plugin has brought up. They also assist developing what you're reading right now (The Website)! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Architects (3): ekam, kate_forever23, thepartyboy376 Description: Architects are the senior designers of Palace Network, they are the same position as Senior Moderators except their role is to overview the builds of Parks and Events made just for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Senior Moderators (5): Broadwayss, Canis18, JustPlatinum, Sock_Sowachowski, SunnyPlaysMC Description: Senior Moderators are similar to Admins as they have their own personal type of "Sub-Team"! Senior Moderators have Sub-Teams that may vary from Event's Planning and another might have Character Overview. They assist newer Mods and help keep the magic alive! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Builders (5): ItzJustLauren, Mr_Tom_Morrow, Pooch0579, Thor_Jensen, Ulyk Description: Builders are designers on the Palace Network, they are the same position as Moderators except their role is to create the wonderful Builds! For example, making the Parks and Events for you! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moderators (31): _Knave, 789limer, cheetah213, ChickenGirl19, CowDestroyer1313, DisQuick, egamer25, Faded_Chew, faeriesss, Ghoste, ItzAMePepiii, JackThePotato, JavaLikesAgua, JustinsWorld4U, Lans_Bolsa, LavaRats314, lb00403, MagicA550, MrFirespark, OhCon, POVGamer, SincoGames, SmileyGamerGirl, SnancakesNate, ThePilotGamer, TheRandomPerson2, TwentyOneTinks, Xefraccil, xErinn, YourSwiftlySalad, zacharym1422  Description: Moderators on Palace Network Overview the Server and Forums! They moderate chats, punish offenders, check for hackers, and occasionally will help with projects for Admins or Builders. They are some of the most trusted members of the server. (This description does match for all roles above this). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trainees (12): 11192001, batman4life33, BlueMC_Chic, BunnyMari, CamShea, ChaosAtTheQuince, derekxcx, KingChewiee, Mavly, Punkey__, StatAwesomeGuy, xFqdedMemory Description: Trainees are training for the utmost important role of Moderator. They train hard for their position so they can do it the best way and keep it the magic alive as much as possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's be honest here, I probably forgot to add a few things, but I tried my best and I believe I got the majority of it! Please point out any mistakes in the comments so I can make the final edits in the future! Thanks ;)
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    Introduction | ItzAMePepiii Hello everyone! My name is ItzAMePepiii, but ya'll can call me Pepiii and you may have seen me around on the server a lot. I like to interact with each and every one of you in chat by saying hello, or answering all your guys' questions! Throughout this introduction I want you guys to get to know me a bit more, what I like, and hopefully get to answer some questions which you guys might have whilst reading this, but if I don't answer them then don't be afraid to respond on here in the forums or just message me on Palace! So... Here we go! 1 | What's my favourite park? Out of every single park mine is Animal Kingdom, this is because I have a fascination for animals, especially exotic animals! 2 | What is my favourite ride? My favourite ride, obviously in Animal Kingdom, and that is Kilimanjaro Safari! This amazing Safari Ride I have ridden too many times to count, and I fully suggest everyone trying it out at as it is amazing, and you can get to it by doing; /join AK -> /warp KS! 3 | When did I join Palace Network? I joined Palace Network well... I've been here way way longer than quite a few of you! I've been here since the beginning of time... Way back when it was McMagic... And way before that! So we're talking a long long time ago, when the server was very very small. 4 | Who are my favourite Characters? To name a few, my favourite characters are Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Ariel and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! I love meeting all of the characters that come onto Palace! 5 | What do I aspire to do? My main goal for the future is to become a Zoo Keeper! I have a huge fascination for all wild animals and hope one day to be lucky enough to go out on an African Safari as part of conservation work to help save these amazing animals! I currently am looking to specialise in meat eaters, or carnivores as one of my favourite animals are Tigers! I'm currently volunteering at my local zoo every weekend hoping to become a Keeper Volunteer, which allows me to get hands on and help them look after these amazing animals! 6 | How did I get my name? Countless people have asked me how I got my name and this is from way back when I had Pepsi in my name. I was playing with my friends and rather than saying Pepsi, they said Pepiii- and I thought this name had a nice feel about it and then it was trying to think of what to pair it with. It took me a couple of days to think of something and it was whilst I was playing Mario Kart WII Edition that I figured out ItzAMePepiii, as you all know me as today! 7 | What's my favourite show on Palace? Well, some people may already know what my favourite show... or should I say, parade is. It's the Festival of Fantasy Parade! Yes, I absolutely love this parade, and what I love about it the most is the soundtrack! It is amazing! I hope that this updated introduction has answered some more questions that you may of had about me! Have anymore questions? Just message me! You can message me through; Minecraft: ItzAMePepiii Discord: ItzAMePepiii#4898 See ya'll soon!
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    Reserving restaurants for our Disney trip! Gonna eat at Belle’s castle
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    Palace Hit 100 Players Today! So I took some time to make an image. (Inspiration @Jishy_ @JustPlatinum)
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    I think we should have an angel character from stitch as a character if u agree that's Coolio xD.
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    Congratz all New Trainees! You will be Great Staff
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    A huge congratulations to all of the new Trainees! I encourage you to do the same if you see them, they've sure worked hard for it!
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    I have fun dip thank you random student!!!
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    By hook or crook, you shall have sweet dreams tonight. Have a good night kiddos!
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    reply yes if you like my new profile picture or reply no if you dont
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    /ban SuperPotatqx For because confused.
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    Well I finally changed my name

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