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    Happy Wednesday! ❤️ Hope you all are having a great day.
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    Hey you! I just hope you're having a magical day! ✨
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    Cannot wait for this weekend!!! There's so many amazing events this weekend, hope to see you all there!!
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    The chair will be doing a solo at @Mavly and @PanicAtTheJedi's dance party. Be there or be square
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    Hi friends! Happy Tuesday - have a magical week and pride month! ❤️
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    This is going to be so fun! I'm so excited!!!
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    It’s not worth looking at other people if it makes you look down at yourself...
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    Panels & Events - TPC 2020 A panel is a short show hosted at SPARK Convention Center where panel hosts will talk about theme parks, announce info for their own projects, or even just discuss theme park development and creativity! The schedule for TPC 2020 Panels and events are located below, or inside the tab labeled Convention Events (Panel Times) in this club, or click here to be redirected to it. FULL EVENTS LIST COMPILED HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE- June 4th, 2020 (Thursday) 3:30 PM ET: CONVENTION STARTS SPARK Convention Center opens with Convention Halls, Booths are available to visit 5:00 PM ET: Solar7 Years of Magic, and More to Come - Solar7 Parks and Resorts - Panel, Passion Ballroom 5:30 PM ET: Verse - Verse - Panel, Integrity Ballroom 6:00 PM ET: New Magic Coming on the High Seas - Discovery Cruise Lines - Panel, Passion Ballroom 6:30 PM ET: AdventureWorld Parks Panel - AdventureWorld Parks and Entertainment - Panel, Integrity Ballroom 7:00 PM ET: The Next Step Into The Future - TBA - Panel, Integrity Ballroom 7:30 PM ET: Holding Auditions: Tips and Tricks - Fuzz Entertainment Company - Workshop/Panel, Passion Ballroom June 5th, 2020 (Friday) 5:00 PM ET: SeaWorld Palace: The Future is Coming... - SeaWorld Palace Entertainment - Panel, Passion Ballroom 6:00 PM ET: Welcome to the World - WYZE USA - Panel, Passion Ballroom 6:30 PM ET: C & D Industries - Wishes Live Debut! - C & D Industries - Panel, Integrity Ballroom 7:00 PM ET: Fantasmic: Be There When The Night Ignites! - Fant. Co. - Panel, Passion Ballroom 7:30 PM ET: Fuse @ TPC 2020 - Fuse Entertainment - Panel, Web Theater June 6th, 2020 (Saturday) 5:30 PM ET: SPECIAL EVENT Mean Girls - A Sneak Peek! - Mean Girls Palace - Performance, Web Theater 6:00 PM ET: Frogs Through Time! - frog.inc - Panel, Passion Ballroom 6:30 PM ET: FunCorner - leinix - Panel, Passion Ballroom 7:00 PM ET: Tokyo DisneySea "The Adventure Continues" - MIC ENTERTAINMENT - Panel, Passion Ballroom 8:30 PM ET: New Happy World Land Park - Happy World Inc. - Panel, Integrity Ballroom 9:30 PM ET: CONVENTION ENDS All events will have concluded. The booths in Imagination Hall and Insight Hall will remain open and viewable until June 8th, 2020 (the Monday the week after TPC). If you have any questions, please contact TheWebCon through Discord via DM (@TheWebCon#8423). Thank you!
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    overall (haha get it) I'd say pride month is off to an amazing start 🏳️‍🌈 @Mavly @_trisarahtops_ @PupThunder
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    THANKS YOU GUYS FOR MAKING PALACE THE AWESOME COMMUNITY THAT IT IS!!! I'm eternally grateful for all the kind staff and moderators that truly make this server a blessing to have during the crazy times that are right now. This is probably one of the most active and supporting online communities I've ever seen (I mean who decks out an entire server for pride month?!?! PALACE DOES!!!) I guess I'm just feeling really good tonight, so who ever is reading this, from mods to settlers, THANK. YOU. Each and every one of you make this place the best. VIRTUAL HUGS!!!! ...I think I might make posts on here more often who knows!
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    Proud to announce that I am now a Diamond Tier Sponsor at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad alongside Blue_Cold_Ice!
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