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    Show Creator 101 ===The Beginner's Guide to Show Creator=== Everyone loves a nice show here on the Palace Network. You simply cannot deny it. Well now, you can make your own shows on our Creative Server with the Show Creator! I am GlitchedRS and I'm here to tell you all you need to know about the Palace Network's show creator and how to use it. ==Getting Started== The first step in making your own show is, of course, to purchase the Show Creator from the Creative Shop (accessible through your Creative Menu). It costs $500 in in-game money to purchase. Once you have bought your Show Creator, you are all set to use it! ==The Basics== To make a show, you first need to be standing on your plot, within the boundaries, otherwise you will not be able to edit your show. Once you're on your plot, you can then open the Show Creator in one of two ways: by accessing it through your Creative Menu (click the firework at the bottom of the menu, as seen above), or by opening it directly with the command: /show edit Either way, you'll be taken to the Edit Show File menu, as seen on the lower left. This is where you will be spending most of your time. To add an action, simply click on the green block in the bottom right hand corner. This will open up the Add Action menu, as seen above on the upper right (we'll go in to detail about actions in the next section). You can edit an action you already have added by left-clicking the action in the Edit Show File menu, or you can remove it by right clicking it. If your show file has multiple pages, an option will appear on the bottom allowing you to scroll through them. Note: You are limited to one show file at any given time, regardless of whether you have one plot or two. Therefore, make sure you're on the plot you want your show on. ==Editing your show== =Text= To add a line of text to your show, click the Sign. This will open the Add Text Action menu, as shown above. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the show's start point that the text will display. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Text: This option sets what the text action will display in your chatbox. Simply type your desired message in to chat after selecting the option. You can use formatting codes if you want to, and they all work. The codes are as follows: &0 = Black &1 = Dark blue &2 = Green &3 = Dark aqua &4 = Dark red &5 = Purple &6 = Gold &7 = Grey &8 = Dark grey &9 = Blue &a = Lime green (icy) &b = Aqua &c = Red &d = Magenta &e = Yellow &f = White &k = Scrambled (random lines) &l = Bold &m = Strikethrough &n = Underline &o = Italic &r = Resets all formatting. Note: All Palace Rules still apply for this, so make sure to keep your text appropriate and family-friendly. =Music= Click the Music Disc to add a soundtrack to your show. You can choose from one of 26 different Disney tunes. If you do, make sure you also place a Show syncronization sign somewhere around the show area so that people can hear it. To do this, simply place down a sign, and write [Show] at the very top. Note: You can only choose one audio track at a time for your show. However, you can change the track mid-show if you desire by going in to your Show Creator, although it will not update until the current track finishes. Furthermore, once the show finishes, the track you changed it to mid-show will be your new show track until you change it back. =Particles= Click the Star to open up the Add Particle Action menu, as seen above. It's important to note that particles are position-sensitive. That is, when you run your show, they will appear in the exact position you were standing in at the time you originally added them. Therefore, be sure you are standing exactly where you want your particles to appear when you add them. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the start of your show that the particles will appear. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Particle: This option gives you a selection of nine different particles that you can choose from. =Fireworks= Ah, good old fireworks. Click the firework rocket to add a firework, and you'll be taken to the Add Firework Action menu, as shown above (The last two options do not appear until you've selected the type of firework). Like particles, fireworks are also a position-sensitive action, meaning that when you run your show, they will launch from the exact position you were standing in at the time you originally added them. Therefore, as before, be sure you are standing exactly where you want your fireworks to launch from when you add them. Time: This option sets the time in seconds after the start of your show that the firework will launch. Simply type the time you want in to chat after selecting the option. You can use decimal points for the timing. Type: This option chooses the shape of the firework. You can choose a small or large ball, a star, a burst, or a Creeper face. Color: This option chooses the color of the firework's explosion. You currently can only choose one main color. Fade: This option chooses the color that the explosion will fade to. You currently can only choose one fade color. Power: This option sets the length that the firework flies for. Setting it to 0 allows the firework to detonate instantly. Effects: You can toggle the Flicker and Trail effects on your fireworks as you please. ==Naming and Running your Show== Now that you've made your show, it's time to give it a name by typing: /show name [name] You can give your show just about any name that you like, as long as it is appropriate and family-friendly, of course. So once you've given your show an imaginative new name, you're ready to undergo your first test run! To start your show, type: /show start Take the time to sit back and double check to make sure everything goes right. If something goes awry, go in to your show editor and have a look! Remember, you can edit your actions within the Edit Show File menu by left clicking them, or remove them by right-clicking them. Once you feel that you are satisified with the way your show is running, you're all set for the premiere! ==Tips and Tricks== Having a stopwatch handy is perfect for timing your actions so you can get that perfect flow. Placing blocks and carpets is useful for marking spots where you want particles or fireworks to go. The fireworks created by your show are affected by blocks, so you won't have to worry about them flying through the roof of your indoor theatre. They are also affected by flowing water, so you can even set them off at an angle! Having everything in your show follow a common theme isn't really necessary, but it's a big plus. Experiment, experiment, experiment! I cannot stress this enough. The key to making a great custom show is experimentation. You don't have to get it all right the first try. Don't be afraid to try new things in your show to see if they work out. Remember, if they don't quite fit in to your show, you can always change or remove them later. ==Frequently Asked Questions== I will add more FAQ's as they come up. Feel free to make a post here in the Creative Guides and Questions sections if you have any further questions. Q: Can I have more than one show if I have two plots? A: Sadly, no. As stated above, you cannot have more than one show, no mater how many plots you have. You could, in theory, have a show for each plot, but that would mean completely wiping the first show and setting up the second from scratch each time you wanted to show a different show, which would get rather cumbersome. Q: How can I get multi-colored fireworks? A: You can't. You can have your fireworks fade in to a second color, but you cannot choose more than one color for each setting (color/fade).
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    Yes, there is random animals, and working lights.
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    I'm a bit late but! Good luck to applicants for the Character Program and those who applied for a GR Position as a Trainee!
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    Hello everyone! Good luck to everyone applying for both positions! I can't wait to work with some of you in the future!
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    Seeing many of the applications are coming to a close, and I'm going to wish everyone, from Character to Trainee applications, good luck.
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    I loved Finding Nemo and Finding Dory! Finding Dory is like a run off of Finding Nemo. Now you are finding Dory's parents, and it's also voice by Ellen DeGeneres which is amazing! The whole story line of that movie was magnificent. It was hard to get off the couch and do something. That movie just left you in your sit the whole time. Finding Dory was such an amazing movie, oh, and you can't forget about the seals.
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    Happy Earth Day to everyone! Remember to keep the Earth clean and Go Green!
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    Join us on Discord for our Palace Network Community Meeting!
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    Hello everyone! Hope your Saturday is fantastic!
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    Hey there, nice talk. Also, Happy Friday!
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    Happy Friday, folks! Hope you all have a fabulous day today!
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    I'm sooo happy I just took a huge exam, and now I don't have to stress about it. And I did pretty well. Thankfully I don't have to stress tomorrow on my birthday!
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    congratulations to everyone that got try thru the first faze of being staff/character, if you didn't, sorry to hear! Theres always next time
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    If I won the award for laziness, I'd have someone pick it up for me e-e
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    I think @Zillent liking all my content is the reason I'm the top member .
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    *when exam season sneaks up on you*
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    My new profile picture is a Thesaurus! Get it? No? Ok. D:
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    Hey Everyone! Check out this post!
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    This week's forecast: - The Avengers have taken over palace! Come join us for fun events throughout the week! - Spring Seasonal is now open! Come check it out next time your on the server! - Congrats to the Orange team for winning the Marvel build off! - Thanks to everyone for playing our egg hunt! The winners this year are TheDisneyGeek, SavannahJayden and WilliamVsGaming! - Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by Super_lego_13 and Disquick! Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative!
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    Hey Everyone, Today I'm Going To Write About Some Amazing Disney Facts! Hope You Enjoy Them! After the Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog" came out, more than 50 children were hospitalized with salmonella from kissing frogs. Pumbaa from The Lion King is the first character to ever fart! Frozen was the first animated Disney film directed by a woman. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast is a Chimera with the head of a buffalo, eyebrows of a gorilla, body of a bear, jaws and mane of a lion, tusks of a boar, and legs and tail of a wolf. Snow White was the first Disney movie to release a soundtrack. Lady and the Tramp was inspired bya real dog named Lady! Let Me Know If You Didn't Know Any Of These, And Here's An Extra Fact Just For Fun:The Lion King was the first truly "original" Disney cartoon! Thank You, Hope You Liked These Facts!
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    Congratulations to everyone who got characters and are going to a staff interview! Can't wait to work with you all! <3
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    I love all of these memes! You guys are doing a very nice job on them!
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    Best of luck everyone who applied for character or staff!
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    Happy Friday everyone! I Hope you're having a great day!
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    EPCOT for sure. It may be futuristic, but like Lans said, you basically get a taste of many different places around the world in just one park. I don't know any other park in the world that does that. The events that happen there are amazing, especially the Food and Wine Festival. I mean, I like the Magic Kingdom as well if I'm feeling a magical vibe, but EPCOT would definitely my go-to place.
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    When Spring turns into second winter...
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    Sorry, your target is in another castle.
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    I’m seriously appreciated for who makes me feel motivated. Thank you is all I can say!
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    Is it just me or has this week gone reallll slow
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    lIke lets say /head limegreenicy [789limer would like your head! you have 30 seconds to accept or deny to get your head] /head accept /head deny
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    I've been a member of this server for years now, and I hope I can add to the experience and make it that much better for everyone someday. My old account here on the forums is gone for some reason - likely due to the changes.
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    Oh honey it's so good! You can get it at Teppan Edo and Lotus Blossom Cafe and it's so rich and creamy! i think people are put off it by the 'matcha tea' bit but it really just tastes sweet! Pink~
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    Mom: Eat your vegetables. Me: I DON'T WANT VEGETABLES MOM I WANT EGGS.
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    2 words (I know it's already a meme but yee)
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    I guess this is following the rules...........
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    This one gets me every time aha
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    Seeing brand new segments would be neat and maybe showing off highlights of people who actually made videos about palace and etc.
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    Did a late night design, trying for blues to pop and layout. Night peeps.
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    Hi Fluffy, I like seeing more new articles and the like. I would like the idea of a "News" page on the website with server news, Forecast's, and more.