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    If I can hit 100 rep before 4PM CST, I'll post a blog about my day at Disney World every day this week.
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    Thank you everyone for over 900 reputation! Can't wait to hit 1,000!
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    My dog in a nutshell. (it's my dog <3)
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    I've literally just noticed that I have 908 Profile Views. Thank you so much everyone!
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    Thank you EVERYONE for an AMAZING Day at USO! I really hoped you enjoyed our activities and shows! I <3 you all!
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    @[email protected] Im Super Exited For Grinchmas In 10 Minutes! I Hope Too See You All There, Just From What Ive Seen So Far It Looks Amazing!
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    Yay Friday! See you later on the server!
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    Sitting here binge watching Ducktales e.e
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    Hey everyone if you are a BIG USO fan and want to see tons of cool USO stuff IRL and on Palace go ahead and request access to join my club! Ill try to accept you all ASAP!
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    Half day tomorrow, so happy! Been busy all this week.
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    #PalaceWinter pictures!
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    I'm getting close to 1,000 profile visitors
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    @[email protected][email protected], Im Sorry. Please Don't Deny Me From Sea World Palace Or Ban Me From BLS D: I Am Sorry For My Actions And Am Hoping You Will Give Me A Second Chance Thank You For Reading. And Have A Magical Day
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    @SuperPotatqx, Amazing pictures of the event today!
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    Me being bunched together in Sardines as I hid. #PalacePix
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    I know I say this every weekend but, 3 MORE WEEKENDS UNTIL CHRISTMAS AND 2 MORE (Including this one) UNTIL THE XMAS HOLIDAYS!
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    Thanks so much BTW on 700 profile views!!!
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    COMING SOON! What could it be??? #MOC
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    Palace Forecast - December 3rd, 2018! #PalaceWinter Including: -Winter Seasonal, and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! Massive Forums Update, and more! https://youtu.be/aPZB8_edsi0
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    Christmas Time e.e Almost
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    Happy birthday Mr. Krabs lol

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