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    Thank you for 5,000 profile views everyone!
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    Can't wait for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party today, and Halloween Horror Nights! Hope everyone comes out and has an amazing time!
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    Congratulations to @xErinn on Trainee!
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    Make sure to check out The Palace Forecast this week! (October 15th, 2018) This week's forecast: - Halloween Haunt Scavenger Hunt Halloween Horror Nights Continues Creative Community Build Project Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! (Oct 15th - Oct 28th) HalloWishes Returns! Villain Bash xErinn becomes Trainee! Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by SmileyGamerGirl. Party's Palace Trivia Question
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    This is one of my favorite ones @HakunaMaKatie
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    I finished school today at 10 past 5pm. With 2 tests today and a total of already 7 tests in a matter of 5 weeks! And I only started the year... Exited to see what else there is.
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    Interviewed for the Disney College Program today!!!! Let's hope my dreams come true!!!!
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    I have a new Banner :)! If you want to see all of it please click on it and it will extend downwards ;)!
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    Thank you @MagicA550 and the staff team members for hosting a special HalloWishes! I've never seen the show in real life but I thoroughly enjoyed it online!
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    Wow it's Friday something I've been waiting for... like always. Well have a good Friday people
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    HHN hype! Hopefully we will get another successful weekend full of scary good fun! Speaking of scary MNSSHP is on Sunday. Thank goodness this weekend is this weekend!
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    Currently building my biggest noteblock creation on creative /tpa Enderb0ySky to come and check it out!
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    Seeing as the CSbuild is back I’m going to clear my plot and make something inspired by a real life city. That’s all I’m going to say about what I’m building. I am……… try to guess what my build will be inspired by.
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    There are many new shows coming soon... Keep an eye out!
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    I've put the days for the Halloween Party in my calendar and freed up some time so I can hopefully attend both! Really excited to see what the Palace does for halloween!
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    I would like to announce that the Palace Stadium (on creative) will be recieving a 2nd floor expansion! More details to come.
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    Just finished my first day as a staff member. I can tell it's gonna be a great journey and a whole lot of fun!
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    Congratulations to the new Trainee's: @CowDestroyer1313, @ChickenGirl19. @Ulyk, @POVGamer, @ItzJustLauren, @SincoGames, @JustinsWorld4U, @faeriesss, @JavaLikesAgua, @Ghoste, @TheRandomPerson2, @DisQuick, and @SmileyGamerGirl!
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    Congrats @Ulyk on trainee! I'm so proud of you!
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    I have decided that, since so many people want me back, if I get 10 comments saying people want me to come back to Palace, I will come back.

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