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    It's nice to see some friendly new faces on the staff team! Congratulations to the new trainees <3
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    Thank you for all of the love and support everyone for me becoming a Trainee. And I'm super excited to work with my new peers!
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    Congratulations new Trainee's!
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    T-Minus 10 hours till the Pal-entine's day celebration! Whose excited? I certainly am! Got plenty in store for everyone! Who are the pals you're going to be attending with? Whose excited to get the Forums award? :O
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    Palace Hit 100 Players Today! So I took some time to make an image. (Inspiration @Jishy_ @JustPlatinum)
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    A huge congratulations to all of the new Trainees! I encourage you to do the same if you see them, they've sure worked hard for it!
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    Just got home from going to downtown this evening. Was a lot of fun and very pretty!
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    Alright... THIS WALL IS GOING DOWN! Just warming up the wall... BOOOM I DID IT!
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    IM JUST SAYING be greatful that you're going to school and not standing around for 5 hours making food - It is so painful
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    This has been a dream come true. Thanks to everyone who believed in me that I could become a staff member!
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    Congratz all New Trainees! You will be Great Staff
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    Excited for the Pal-entines event today! It is going to be so much fun! Make sure to come and join! Festivities start at 12PM EST!
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    make sure to make your daily visit to the Jishy camel xoxo
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    Oh yeah maybe I should post something here again, haha. First post as a new Trainee Who are you most excited to see as a Trainee?
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    thx guys for the 1940+ Profile Views!
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    Reserving restaurants for our Disney trip! Gonna eat at Belle’s castle
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    Congrats to new trainees! I didn't get accepted... I no apply
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    I got accepted into my local Zoo as a Volunteer! Woooop!
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    Welp if anyone saw the Nintendo direct Tetris battle royale is a thing now
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    Look at my magical award!
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    How's everyone's Valentine's Day going so far? Mine has been pretty Sad, Tiring, and Lonely at School.
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    No school, Friday or Monday! Woohoo!

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