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    Thank you everyone for 3,000 views on my profile! I really appreciate it!
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    Applications are officially closed. Good luck everyone!
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    WiFi has been down since last night, finally back! See you all soon!
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    Wow! Thank you so much for 100 likes!
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    Ya know what is the best thing ever? Food.
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    A little early, but thanks on 1 thousand profile views! Never knew that many people would want to see me.
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    Fantasmic was amazing! Thank you to all the staff members who helped out! <3
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    Character of the Week will be on hold for a while due to personal reasons My apologizes
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    @Aphaoenix is just happily in her car
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    You have an hour and and a half left to apply for staff. Good luck to everyone!
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    I hope you like another picture of me and my friend
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    I think this is a nice photo of me and a friend
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    If you had a choice to create a part 2 of a Disney-Pixar Movie what would it be? For me it would 100% be Ratatouille 2
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    I Really couldn't keep this laughing moment from the new Mission Impossible in. Me jumping to get the last cookie in the jar
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    Who thought I forgot the Daily Pug!
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    lel what are Cows?
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    I have not forgot THE DAILY PUG Or should I say PUGS
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    I'm so excited for Fantasmic tomorrow!
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    Good luck to everyone who applied! <3
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    I hope you all enjoy Fantasmic tomorrow! I can't go, so hopefully there's a lot of screenshots on Palace pix!
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