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Hello Palace!

I decided to take the time to make a sheet that contains every attraction on Palace Network, its length, money earned, honor earned, and some other useful information such as the shows and hotels. Hopefully this serves as a great help to many of those who are new, who are current players, and also who are part of Palace's wonderful staff. Enjoy!

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Palace Network Presents - Pride Month!
Palace Network will be presenting a month-long of activities celebrating Pride Month! Stay tuned for more information.
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Hey everyone! As last weeks game proves to be a little challenging, here's a new counting game that can be fun for staff members and guests alike! Here's the challenge - Count to 2019 before 2019! Rules; Only one post from one person a day. If you try to do more than one post a day, it will not count. Staff and guest cooperation together, get your friends to help! There will be a surprise for everyone who participated once we reach 2019! Good luck to all! 
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Hi-Ho everyone! Hope your weeks going swell! Here's a new game for you - Some of you probably know how to play this but I'll be explaining how it works right now! Firstly, someone starts our story off, One sentence per person per day. Everyone else follows up after it with a new sentence and creates a story! Staff along with Guests are welcome to join in, this is a group effort! I can't wait to see what you come up with!  

~ Canis18


1) Must be appropriate (Family friendly - server rules apply.)

2) One sentence per person every day.

3) There's no ending. If someone chooses to try to end it, just ignore it and continue the story forward.

4) Be creative & Have fun!
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Hey guys! I got this idea from @Brant and I wanted to try it out! So how you play this game is; guests try to count too 100 and see how far they can get before a staff member interrupts! (I encourage staff participation!) When a staff member interrupts you have to start over!

The interrupter word for staff will be: Castle

The only rules are that guests & staff can only post a number once a day per person. (Meaning, once you post a number, you cannot post until the next day(24 hours - i will be watching.))No skipping numbers! Start at 1 and go up. No exceptions. Once the interrupting word is said by a Staff Member, you must start over from 1! This is a Staff vs. Guest game, please be respectful to each other and as always, keep it family friendly.

Good luck!
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Palace Forecast - April 23rd 2018
This week's forecast:
- The Avengers have taken over palace! Come join us for fun events throughout the week! 
- Spring Seasonal is now open! Come check it out next time your on the server!
- Congrats to the Orange team for winning the Marvel build off!
- Thanks to everyone for playing our egg hunt! The winners this year are TheDisneyGeek, SavannahJayden and WilliamVsGaming!
- Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by Super_lego_13 and Disquick!
Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative!
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Marvel Takeover
Palace Network will be taken over by your favorite marvel super heroes and villains because of Marvel Studios' movie Infinity War. We will host themed parties, characters, and events throughout this week. Be there!
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