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  1. Hello, Brant. There was something I needed to talk to you about privately. I sent you a DM, but those are turned off on your discord.

  2. I am not Honerable but I want to buy shareholder, Will hounerable go on a sale tomorrow? @Brant

    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @jjjoew!

      It might go on sale for a little bit, but you would need to buy Honorable first and then the Shareholder.

  3. Actual factual facts
  4. Also to put the speculation to rest, yes it's some sort of Desktop Application.
  5. Interesting speculations. Steam is a game store (along with uPlay, Origin, Rockstar Game Launcher, Blizzard App, Epic Games Store, etc.) which is a market I don't think we could ever compete with, and quite frankly I don't want us to become a game marketplace. One of our core values with Palace is to create an environment that's safe for all of our guests to enjoy. While our MC Server is themed towards Disney at the moment, there's definitely more avenues we can go down to bring more people into our community. I also think it's important that we give people the ability to take the overall idea of what our community stands for, and implement it into their own community as well. Palace Network will always be focused on Minecraft and the content we're currently producing, while "Palace Interactive" is the overarching company that is creating more than just the Minecraft server. I do want to touch on what @Grandom said in their message above regarding Discord - For a community like ours, Discord is probably the worst 3rd party service we could ever make use of, and have only implemented it into our community so that our guests can stay connected while they're outside of the game. The issue is, Discord's moderation is purely reactive, and is extremely hard to report misconduct to the Discord Trust & Safety Team. Players can use developer tools in their browser to fake messages from other guests to cause problems, they can also DM other guests outside of our discord server and harass them without us knowing, etc... The overall problem with discord is that it was built to connect gamers to eachother via live messaging (if you ever used MSN Messenger, AOL, Yahoo! Messenger, etc. their core goal is the same) which is great, but they aren't here to help foster a safe or positive environment for all of their users. Now, with that being said, that doesn't mean we're just creating a discord rip-off for Palace and branding it as something else. I think that would be a waste of everyone's time, money, and excitement. While Discord was made to connect gamers to eachother via live messaging, we're building a platform to allow users to connect with their communities and discover new communities, all while being protected in an environment that is safe for them to be a part of. The screenshot you have above is the first design pass on what's called the "Profile page", like if you click on my name on the forums, it'll take you to our forum software's version of a profile page (https://forums.palace.network/profile/1-brant/). Part of what we're focusing on with the development of this project is Discovery. Discovering people and communities within our platform is something we find extremely important, so your profile page will include modules that you can enable or disable, that displays information about you, the games you play, the communities you're a part of, and so on. This will allow other users to discover people that they might have things in common with, ultimately hoping to forge a friendship. The way this is going to be implemented is super important as we don't want users to be targeted maliciously so we're working on how our (very very extensive) moderation tooling will go into discovery. A lot of what I've said here may make sense or it may not until you see how it's implemented, but overall what I want and what the team wants is a platform for people to use all throughout their time on the internet without worrying that they're going to be bullied, harassed, or treated badly. Hopefully that didn't spoil too much
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