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  1. Looks awesome! Would you let us use these @Gooby?
  2. If you're experiencing issues with any of the Resource Packs on our network, check out these tips below. Make sure you have Server Resource Packs set to Enabled for your Palace Network bookmark. 1. Go to your Minecraft Server list, select Palace Network and click edit. 2. Set Server Resource Packs to Enabled and click done. 3. Join our server and the resource packs should download correct. If the above steps do not work, try the following steps. Clear your Downloaded Resource Packs With the way minecraft stores server resource packs, sometimes you may have to clear the folder in order for new packs to download correctly. Windows: Find your .minecraft folder and delete the folder named 'server-resource-packs'. How to find your .minecraft folder: 1. Click start and type "run". OR press and hold your Windows key + R at the same time. 2. Type %appdata% and press OK. 3. Open the .minecraft folder. 4. Delete the folder named 'server-resource-packs'. If this still doesn't resolve your Resource Pack issues, it is most likely related to your network. We store all of our Resource Packs on GitHub, so if your network administrator blocks access to this website, you will not be able to download any of our resource packs. If you experience any further issues linking your account, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it for you.
  3. For a more seamless transition between our server and the website, and to gain access to everything that your forum account offers, please follow these steps to link your account. 1. On our Minecraft server, use the command "/link <email address you apply with on the forums>" 2. You'll then be instructed to head over to your forum profile where you'll find a random six digit number that you will use to confirm this link on the left sidebar in a box labelled "Minecraft Account". 3. Return to the server and use the command "/link confirm <code>" 4. You should now be able to fully access our forums! If you experience any further issues linking your account, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it for you.
  4. Happy Birthday, @Joshmc_!

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      Thanks Brant!!! 

  5. ew

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      Ew to you as well.

  6. Changed Status to Closed
  7. "if you think that this is in error" is a common way of saying "if you think that this shouldn't happen", it can have "in" or "an".
  8. Brant

    Monorail Issue

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Brant

    Monorail Issue

    Hello, @Hazard. The Monorail works for me and it was tested by one of our members. The audio might have cut out for you during the warp.
  10. Good to see that you're back.
  11. Happy Birthday @Helopoh

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      Happy Birthday Helopoh :dance3:

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      Happy Birthday Helopoh!

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  12. Think we just need to restart dashboard, we'll do that soon(tm).
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