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  1. Finally back from vacation!! I am extremely sun burnt and tired!! Feels great to be back and I look forward to spending some time with all of y'all!! ❤️

  2. I'm so glad to hear how much you all loved Wookiee Weekend and I thank all of the staff that made this event possible! This was my first major event that I helped with since becoming a moderator and it was a truly great experience. I'm looking forward to all of the events we have in store for the future!!!

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    1. Aewo


      It was awesome, I also had tons of fun helping out!


      Kylo Ren Gif.gif

    2. Mavly
  3. I agree with YNG. I have really close friends on both servers and i'm glad to see us come together to support a very good cause. 😊
  4. Hey B u should go into F1 more often

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