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  1. I am so jealous that you live so close to Broadway! I loved it when I visited a few years ago! Hopefully, see you on the stage someday!
  2. Studying today with @Pink_RoseBud in Uni... Please send positive thoughts and food ❤️

    1. Pink_RoseBud


      Let's just say, i'll be super happy when exams are over next week! :rose:

  3. Cannot sleep due to exam stress. let next week be over with!

    1. Joshmc_


      Good luck! You got this :cool2:

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      We can do this!

  4. Studying so hard today but it’s starting to freak me out for the exams next week ahhh! 

  5. Such a nice day today!  Doing some studying out the back of my house! Can’t wait for toy story land tonight

  6. Happy Birthday @ScanWorks Hope you have a fantastic day! 🎉

  7. Welcome to the server! Hope you have lots of fun!
  8. So my tea for you all is that I have two Disney films which are both joint least favorite. 1. Alice in Wonderland (Animated) - Mainly because I don't think I actually understand anything that happens within the movie. The characters are all unlikeable in my opinion and it is just one of the weirdest films I have sat through. 2. Sleeping Beauty - This movie legit makes me a sleeping beauty... more of an ogre tbh... I just really do not enjoy this movie as I think its quite boring if I am being honest... Don't @ me. There isn't much in it that is exciting and it's just not the quality content that I need. Snow White was a close second. Hope no ones offended by my choices aha!
  9. Okay so... I read this wrong and need to sort out my response so enjoy this wee post!
  10. Hoping to meet Mulan when I go but let’s be honest... need joy and sadness in my life!
  11. Congratulations to all the staff who got promotions today! All very well deserved! 🎉

    1. Mavly


      Thank you!

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