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  1. RossDuffy

    What's Your Favorite Disney Sequel?

    For me, Mulan 2 I loved as well as Toy Story 2! Incredibles 2 was also amazing!
  2. RossDuffy

    New Dumbo Trailer

    It looks so good!
  3. RossDuffy

    New Dumbo Trailer

    It is so exciting!
  4. RossDuffy

    New Dumbo Trailer

    So Tim Burton is director of the new live-action Dumbo and tbh, I was nervous as his films can be quite weird and creepy. This morning the trailer dropped and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Dumbo looks so cute and the visuals looked amazing! I might have to go and see it now! What is your opinions?
  5. RossDuffy

    Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?

    High School Musical and Halloween Town win! Love them both tbh.
  6. RossDuffy

    Disney Broadway <.<

    I've seen Aladdin and the Lion King! Both truly amazing shows! I really want to see frozen! Oh and I would love to see The Little Mermaid if it ever returns to Broadway!
  7. RossDuffy

    Opinions on The Jungle Book

    I love all the characters and music in the jungle book! It used to be one of my favourites when I was younger and the live action is really quite amazing!
  8. Congrats on Trainee!

    1. RossDuffy


      Thank you so much!

  9. RossDuffy

    Palace Con

    I love this idea!
  10. RossDuffy

    Live Action Disney

    I am so excited for Mulan! Also I think that Princess and the Frog would be awesome too!
  11. Enjoy your day everyone :D 

  12. RossDuffy

    Live Action Disney

    OMG! How could I forget Pocahontas! That would be amazing
  13. RossDuffy

    Live Action Disney

    Nowadays, Disney is producing so many live actions of its classics. Sometimes I do have a mixed opinion of them but it brought up the thought of... what do I want to see remade? Mulan is my obvious choice and I am so happy it's happening! However, we have seen the reports about this live action and I grow more and more nervous every day. If I had to choose some more, I will choose The Little Mermaid, Hercules (Just for the music) and Lilo and Stitch would be an awesome concept to work with! What about you?
  14. RossDuffy

    Epcot countries

    If you don't know my favourite country, you are a fake fan I think for me personally, I would like an Australian section because I love Australia and new Zealand but also I think Kenya would be an awesome country to replicate.

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