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  1. i have gotten new pride Mickey Ears, ty to @JackThePotato for fixing the bug where i didn't get the mickey ears for Character of the Week :/


  2. cjh66

    Winnie the Pooh and Friends Character Dining


    ok i feel a bit better now :3
  3. cjh66

    Blue screen then crash

    it fixed, @Brant bug closed please
  4. cjh66

    Word association

    Dominos (company )
  5. cjh66

    Story Time...

    but, @Canis18 did not approve of the new show so he joined forces with the dragon...
  6. cjh66

    Winnie the Pooh and Friends Character Dining


    rip i won't be there,
  7. cjh66


    @T_Squinto and @Lawernce, 1.10.2, that is the version that seems to work best on my computer, (apart from 1.8.9) and if i go to 1.12.2 i can hardly move on my computer, it just lags so much on it
  8. cjh66

    Palace Forecast - June 19th, 2018

    Nice i excited for Summer Seasonal, i just wish DLR was open to Dwellers :3
  9. cjh66


    i do that all the time and it doesn't work
  10. cjh66


    nope not working
  11. i keep winning the day, its very odd xD


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