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  1. I at spring break... Wont be around much.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sprinkle


      Lucky @cjh66. My spring doesn’t start until March 31.

    3. Mavly


      Have funnnnn!

    4. SuperPotatqx


      Lucky! My spring break just ended :( 

  2. scared dog GIF

    I found this

    If i could favorite it on Discord i would... :x

  3. I like that idea as well, and in all honesty, if there is a Dark Mode, i often just use it bc i t looks cooler
  4. I cannot play it. I don't have a Switch or the the gold to have it D:
  5. Happy Pi Day everyone!



  6. cjh66

    Hi :)

    Meep! Welcome to the forums! Hope to meet you in the parks
  7. /Ban Cjh66 if u a enderman why no enderman skin MmMMMMMmmm

    I can't say it on the game but, I am a enderman.... In Disguise.... hehehe

    Don't tell anybody! e.e

  8. Welcome to the forums! Your pfp looks very 3d.... driving me a little crazy but uh... ahem... Meep!
  9. /ban PorkyPenguin not knowing that i myself am a enderman
  10. Happy Birthday Josh!

    1. Joshmc_


      Thanks cj :heart:

    2. Peanut_TheDog


      Happy Birthday!!! 

  11. /ban Gooby Enderman is better than Gengar and Pikachu
  12. Yes. Yes it is. Y'know i kinda wish i was on the leaderboard on at least one of the rides. But no... I am not in any of them. Also, random question but does Sock live with you in there?
  13. @Innectic wb to the team and congrats on Dev!

    1. Mavly


      Welcome back, Innectic!

    2. Joshmc_


      Welcome back to the team Innectic 

    3. NitroPenguin_


      Welcome back, Innectic!

  14. Am i the only person here who LOVES O.D.M? Old Disney Movies


    Oswald is better then Mickey


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    2. Chrisboy04


      ooh fancy cj

    3. Joshmc_


      Congrats cj! Also, I love the 1930’s to 1967 Disney movies better than current or any other honestly. 

    4. Sprinkle


      Yes @cjh66 I love old Disney movies, and I kinda agree with you @cjh66 :wink:. Also congrats on 8,00 Profic views. I don’t have a lot because I don’t post stuff :P.

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