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  1. Looks great! I wish we could still ride it though 😢
  2. Starting Oct. 10th, I will be gone for about 2 weeks. So uh, you probably will want to know that I won't respond to:

    Posts on forums

    Discord DMs

    Discord @s

    And other similar things e.e

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Okay I understood that @cjh66 I have vacation coming soon to!🙂

  3. New cover photo by @MaestroJax e.e

  4. I won't be able to make it to the NewMK opening 😧

    1. Sprinkle


      Same @cjh66. Hope Y'll have fun. (If you are wondering why I can't go it due to personal reasons that I can't explain );).

  5. If I could record, this would be a video... Oh well! For maximum viewing experience, listen to Super Mario 64's Credits theme "The only way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." -Cinderella "There might be something there that wasn't there before" -Ms. Potts "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" -Christopher Robin "Because when I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you and I'm... home." -Dory "If everybody got somebody by the hand, maybe everyone could learn and understand." -Sebastian "He wants me to be slow and steady, like the river. But the river's not steady!" -Pocahontas "What could Andy possibly get, that is better than you?" -Woody It's not just a keel and a hull and sails; that's what a ship needs, not what it is. What the Black Pearl really is, is freedom. -Jack Sparrow "One day Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise on yours as the new king" -Mufasa
  6. Here you go! :D

    1. Becca_7676


      Thanks! I linked it! You were so much help, thanks!

  7. image.thumb.png.e911cc155fe17d82045e3f49890a9f8b.png

    @Becca_7676 *Ignore the dark mode* On here, click "Edit Profile" (on the top right)

    (check replies)

    1. cjh66



      Make sure this is check ^

      And then, on the "Write a public message on your own feed..." area, click that and type your message e.e

      Hope this helps!

  8. @Juliang999666 Here is a tip: If you have Discord, download the resource pack from there. And turn off packs in your Minecraft Server settings. Also do /pack and select Blank when you get the resource pack. The reason why the game thinks you are flying is because of the models. If I am not mistaken, there is no way to fix that. Hopefully everything I said makes sense xd
  9. Dark Mode on the forums is very nice... a little glitched out but still very nice!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AphGabemikuMc1
    3. Daisy


      how does one change forums to said dark mode

    4. cjh66


      @Daisy It's in Google Chrome Beta. You can change all the websites to Dark Mode. However, You need to change the settings so they don't change pictures... It gets a little weird xD

      There are some other glitches, but that is what Beta is for :P

      so yea, Google Chrome Beta only atm.

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