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  1. /ban CowDestroyer1313 no reason
  2. cjh66

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    I - Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. but i aaaaammmm! i don't attack people... right? /ban faeriesss for not noticing me as a good enderman
  4. cjh66

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    E - Elastigirl
  5. /ban Ulyk No being triggered in the halls!
  6. "You can't leave only I DO THAT!!" -@thepartyboy376 10/15/2018


  7. /ban Chrisboy04 YOU NEED A FAV STAFF!1!1!!11
  8. /ban PrinceRisk no Princes in the halls!!!!
  9. /ban Vidsify Using the "Vidsify!" spell on Palace and making everything turn into a bundle of V's
  10. cjh66

    Story Time...

    Denderman replies: Ok Bye nobody's telling me whats going on soooo... *tps away to play Fortnite*
  11. cjh66

    Word association

    Minecraft! (build structures in MC)
  12. /ban Joshmc_ No real names on Palace!
  13. /ban 789limer BC @limegreenicy IS BUTTER THAN YOOOO!!!111!!!1!
  14. cjh66

    Walmart Store Riot RPG

    (LOT LATE) Mario?!? oh geez... first Micheal Jackson now this?!? *rolls eyes*

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