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  1. /ban Aqua_Tem having so little numbers in your name
  2. I wonder what has the most reactions... hmmm

  3. Hello! Welcome back to CJ's #PalacePix! Today i move to the new format of Club Posts! Here we go: It's a Small World (/warp iasw) Jungle Cruise (/warp jc) Liberty Square Riverboat (/warp riverboat) And as suggested by @SuperPotatqx, Space Mountain! (/warp sm) Ty for reading! Make sure to leave suggestions on what i should take pictures of, 1 suggestion will be picked every day, note that if your suggestion didn't get picked next time, just keep trying, and you may end up having yours found in this series! Also if you have any tips on photo-taking, let me know! (You can also contact me through Discord DM's if you want) Have fun taking Palace Pix! o/
  4. /ban Mavly Bc it is a head band :p
  5. /ban whitbit0219 now i feel bad :3
  6. /ban whitbit0219 I have a speech impediment ok?
  7. It's time for AniMeepiacs! er, Animaniacs... sorry i am in a meepy mood today :P

    1. SuperPotatqx


      Don’t worry. And why are we both up so early? :P 

  8. cjh66

    hOI everyone!

    Welcome to the Forums!
  9. cjh66

    Added Players

    Oh ok. thank you Pilot :3
  10. cjh66

    Added Players

    Hi there, whenever you go into added players section in Creative, it always uses skulls instead of player heads Where if you go into denied players you see the players heads... ?
  11. Hello everyone! I have a little announcement to make that concerns CJ's #PalacePix. Tomorrow i will be moving the series to my Forums Club. If you want to join it, head here: Anyways... Let's get on with the pix! Frontierland Shootin' Arcade (no warp): The Hall of Presidents (/warp hop) aaaannnndddd last but not least, HAUNTED MANSION! (/warp hm) Thank you for reading, and if you have any tips on photo-making, or have any feedback, let me know! o/
  12. /ban davidzoo writing "davidzoo" on a Minecraft build
  13. Hello! Welcome to CJ's #PalacePix! Here are today's pictures: Country Bear Jamboree (/warp cbj) Dumbo the Flying Elephant (/warp dumbo) aaaannnndddd last but not least... Enchanted Tales with Belle! (/warp etwb) Hope you enjoyed today's pictures! If you want to see yesterday's pictures, head over to here! Cj out! :3

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