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  1. /ban whitbit0219 your reason for banning is confusing... typoz... helpz... moiz...
  2. Help.

    Jack has been typing in #questions-for-staff on Discord for 6 hours... SAVE HIM

  3. cjh66

    It's a Mee STATTT (PLZ CLICK I need views)

    Stat i like SSB as well! We should friend each other on 3DS/WiiU If you have those version ofc and battle Anyways, Welcome to the team! e.e
  4. /ban whitbit0219 for not liking goats and liking giraffes. What about sheep?
  5. G-GL on whatever you are doing outside of Palace... :(


  6. cjh66

    Wallpapers I've made for my Girlfriend

    Wish i was as good at making these pictures as you are
  7. I have a new Signature e.e

  8. I deserve a Dweller Award... xD


    1. Sprinkle


      Ya you do @cjh66, I think you have been it forever since Palace opened to the public :D.

    2. cjh66


      Yea, ever since Palace opened... I have been Dweller :P 

  9. Disney Lost World is a new theme park by @SuperPotatqx. It shows rides and worlds from Walt Disney World that didn't make it off the drawing board. Made with a little help from @Chrisboy04 and @cjh66, DLW Will be a unique experience.
  10. Figment is on at /warp imagination! e.e
  11. Congrats to new trainees! :party:

    I didn't get accepted... I no apply xD 

    1. Punkey


      Thank you


    2. Sprinkle


      Same @cjh66 :P, I apply but didn’t get in :ac:.


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