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  1. I personally really enjoy TPMVids. They don't just do WDW, they also do Chuck-E-Cheese, USO, SeaWorld, etc., so idk if this counts. They are extremely detailed, they know pretty much everything. Again, idk if this counts but... eh. -\_(:/)_/-
  2. I also decided to try and make up some more, *shrugs* Show Maker - Create a Show using Show Creator on Creative Architect - Place 500 blocks on Creative Meet & Greeter - Meet a Character in the Parks Top of the Board - Get first place on a leaderboard Just some random thoughts... Mep o/
  3. May end up losing power... #IhateRainandWind

  4. (This is not a update) Just so you all know, the spreadsheet uses Forums usernames. thx for reading,
  5. /ban whitbit0219 eating M & Ms while saying Skittles are better
  6. MK, just because it has one of my favorite rides, and the music is just so magical e.e
  7. Meep. Today, I will like to compliment every single Staff on Palace! The reason why the server is amazing is... bc of all of you! From Brant, to BG, Mavly, Scanny, Sock, and many more, I would like to say Thank you for making Palace so Fantasmic!

  9. My hand is feeling better... Time to get on Palace... Soon at least...

    *runs away*

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    2. brendem7


      Glad to hear your hand is feeling better

    3. JordynDaSpahget


      Glad your hand is better!

    4. NitroPenguin_


      Glad your phalanges are feeling better. (phalanges = fingers)

  10. Meepedy Meep! Welcome to the Palace Forums/Server! Hope to see you in the parks! :DD
  11. I will be a little inactive for a bit, burnt my hand. (Don't worry, it isn't bad, but just enough where i need to one-handedly do things :| 

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    2. SuperPotatqx


      Hope it feels better soon. :) 

    3. Disneyfan


      Get well soon!

    4. JordynDaSpahget


      Hope you feel better soon!

  12. DHS. Too small for me. Tho i haven't been to TSL yet.
  13. Problem with tea 'm I right? *edges out of room*
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