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  1. This is my chat zone now.

    1. NitroPenguin_
    2. UtopiaPlays




      gen chat 2 is back :0

    3. cjhBlook22


      I can't join back 'cause I don't have a phone linked to Discord and I don't have a phone THAT CAN LINK : (

  2. Not sure if I will make it to the events... we'll see what happens o-o

    1. DaddyGeesh


      Same-I can't be sure with my bad memory and a hurricane on the way.

      Pick up litter, save a life.



  3. /ban baifelicia for not knowing that Daisy is the ruler of SDD
  4. /ban blue_cold_ice GET YOUR OWN CUPCAKE (jkjk pls don't be mad at meh)
  5. insert creative status update here

  6. Hopefully everyone enjoys the Neverland event! Don't know if I can do the entire event 😧

  7. /ban Daisy for not helping RRainbow_ to make more cookies
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