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  1. You need a jail because you already have a court house, why not have a jail. And also maybe some more restaurants, and houses that people can live in.
  2. Awwww thank you @cjh66 .
  3. Omg I love Playhouse Disney when I was younger. My favorite show were Jojo Ciruis, Higgy Town Heroes, Charlie and Lola, was some other show but I forgot the names of . (My sister when she was younger she really liked Pb&J Otter) .
  4. More nice's pics @cjh66 .
  5. Come meet her at /warp Godmother or /warp crt .
  6. I have a lot of favorite musicals , some of them are Mammia Mia, Newies, The Little Mearmaid, Aladdin, Footloose, and much more .
  7. Who else is excited for the party today? (I know I am ).
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