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  1. After the succuess of the last puzzle, I have a word search for you all to do!
  2. I watch Elf with my parents and pets, I also play with my pets and their new toys!
  3. My favorite holiday is all I want for Christmas is you!!! It is just so fun and sparks festive moods!
  4. What is your main meat? A. Vegetarian or vegan is the future! B. Chicken C. Turkey D. Ham Choose a delicious side A. Stuffing B. Mashed potatoes C. Cranberry Sauce D. Cornbread Choose another side A. Sweet Potato Casserole B. Brüssel sprouts C. Green Beans D. Mac and Cheese Choose a type of soup A. Baked potato soup B. French Onion Soup C. Pea and carrot soup D. Meatball soup Choose a pie for dessert A. Cherry pie B. Pumpkin pie C. Apple Pie D. Blu
  5. Which Disney Villain are you? Your enemy just had a child, do you A. Carve out their heart B. Put a curse on them C. Made a deal with them D. Kill their parents in front of them Where would your lair be? A. Castle B. Evil fortress C. Underwater cave D. Above ground cave Choose an accessory A. Magic Mirror B. Horns C. Tentacles D. Sharp claws Choose a sidekick A. A huntsman who will do as you wish B. A crow C. Eels D. Hyenas For the last question, what is y
  6. Come join today’s daily poll!
  7. I am so excited for MNSSHP! :D

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