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  1. Thank you EVERYONE for an AMAZING Day at USO! I really hoped you enjoyed our activities and shows!

    I <3 you all! :) 


    1. ItzPolarBear


      @thepartyboy376, Awe Thank You! I Had Alot Of Fun! :) 

    2. Foreverkum


      it was so fun meeting the grinch:)


  2. Hey everyone if you are a BIG USO fan and want to see tons of cool USO stuff IRL and on Palace go ahead and request access to join my club! 

    Ill try to accept you all ASAP!


    1. cjh66


      Kewlz e.e



    What could it be???



  4. Palace Forecast - December 3rd, 2018!
    -Winter Seasonal, and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! Massive Forums Update, and more!



  5. thepartyboy376

    Palace Forecast - November 19th, 2018

    @cjh66 Maybe next week!
  6. thepartyboy376

    Halloween Horror Nights 28

    HHN was a HUGE success on Palace this year! Glad to Co-Direct the event this year with @halofreak894 Favorite House(s): Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers/ Scary Tales Deadly Ever After Favorite Scarezone(s): Killer Klowns/ Chucky I can't wait until next years event! #HHN29
  7. You're a mean one...Mr Grinch! 




    1. cjh66


      Oooohhh that looks kewlll :3

      (Also i don't mind Grinch so you can sing that :3 )

    2. PrinceRisk


      This year I have to watch it because I didn’t last year 

  8. thepartyboy376

    Great Staff

    @Luke241 Thank you for the kind words and i am glad you are enjoying Palace!
  9. thepartyboy376

    Palace Forcast

    @ItzPolarBear That's awesome! Nice job!
  10. With HHN over....I must now go into Hibernation! See ya around! :) 


    Oh and 1 more thing I forgot to mention....hEs CoMiNg To PlAy WiTh YoU sOoN!?$#@......2019


    download (5).jpg

    1. cjh66


      ik what it is... i think.

      IT is becoming a HHN thing? bc the only other "play" ik of is... Child's Play?

      or y'know, Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning,  but that wont happen in HHN anytime soon... will it??? dun dun dun!!!!

  11. The time has come for Halloween Horror Nights 28 to come to an end on The Palace Network and we will be doing 3 awards of this event! 

    1. Original House of the Year
    2. IP House of the Year
    3. Scarezone of the Year

    Feel free to vote for your favorites for them to win! 

    Results will be later tonight after the event! :D



  12. My Review of the NEW HALLOWEEN 2018 Movie, (NO SPOILERS)

    Things I liked:

    -BRUTAL Kills
    -Very Creepy Not so much scary just creepy
    -Nods to the other films which were AMAZING!!!
    -Lots of Michael in the Movie

    Things I did NOT like:

    -Short Movie
    -Fast Progression in story (too fast)
    -Ending really didn't do me justice
    -Too much little comedy aspect in some parts.
    -Too many "dumb characters" meaning the characters play dumb a lot in a sense where you are like OMG why go in there, or Well...she/he(s) dead.

    Overall: My expectations were to high for this film cause I was waiting FOREVER for it! So it fell short for me. Don't get me wrong it was a great movie! Always great to see Michael Myers in action on the big screen! I would of loved to see a better ending, and maybe have it a little longer. The nods to the other films really were amazing. Laurie Strode really did kick some butt in this movie! I loved almost all the kills they were really brutal and crazy! Michael is more brutal than the originals which is awesome! You get to see lots of him in this movie from front shots, back shots, side shots, even a little bit of his face without the mask which is awesome! Would I see it again? Yes of course! I need to see this more than once to really digest it. I have already seen it once so if I go back into it and watch it again knowing what to kinda expect I feel like it will be better overall.

    Rating: 7.5/10 Average Movie

    If you have seen the movie, let me know your rating and what you loved or didn't love from this movie!

    (Praying there will be a sequel!)


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JustinsWorld4U


      I'd never watch it. I'd just watch reviews and maybe the kills xD!

    3. CowDestroyer1313


      I like horror movies but how many halloween movies can there be? Didn't michael already become die (yes you read that right) in like.. all the other movies? XD


    4. cjh66


      I heard the Canon of Halloween is odd. they had to Retcon one of the films for this (from what i heard, i like looking up weird Canon things)

  13. Today is the day I "FACE MY FATE!" I am going to see the NEW Halloween 2018 movie TONIGHT! :o 

    (I will post my review later tonight or tomorrow with NO SPOILERS I promise!) :D 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cjh66




    3. colefb9


      Have fun party, don't get too scared! >:D

    4. cjh66


      remember my gl post? what i meant to say was NOOO- oh wait. this isn't HHN.


  14. Thank you all so much for 3,000 Profile Views! You all are amazing! I <3 you all! :D 

    download (11).jpg

  15. thepartyboy376

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    R- Rex (From Toy Story)

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