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  1. Proud to announce that I am now a Diamond Tier Sponsor at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad alongside Blue_Cold_Ice! 

    1. Mavly



      animation 3d GIF

  2. New Player Skin and style. More fits me better than the knights. What do you guys think?

  3. Finally finished my 12-15 page paper. Now I'm gonna sleep.

    disney world monstrous summer GIF by Disney Pixar

  4. New Minecraft ign!! 


    party yes GIF by funk

  5. For those who see me a lot around Palace, I changed my background picture again cause i think it just fits with what I do with my main skins anyway. How many have you seen me wear?

  6. I never specified what I play, lol. But I am a percussionist, iow I hit things. But I also can sing, and play the trombone, and I have played with my high school band in WDW before for a music festival, which is a story for another day!
  7. Hi, I'm RoccoRocks1120, but you can call me by Antonio, my real name, if you would like to. Backstory behind my ign, Rocco is my middle name and my parents call me that more than my first name and 1120 is my birthday. But anyway, I have been a part of Palace since it was called MCMagic, I then took a long hiatus, and finally came back earlier this year, and I have never been happier being back! Ever since being back, I became a proud member of the Guide Program (GADE CULT), and met a bunch of fantastic people through the program and I am very eager to continue our friendships through the program. Other Fun Facts about me, I LOVE Music! I am studying Music Education in college to hopefully pursue a career in it by becoming a Band Director in a high school. I listen to just about all kinds of music and I can pretty much talk about it all the time if I wanted to. I also am getting into writing music and posting videos of me playing when I am given the opportunity to. I am a big Disney Geek, I have gone to WDW over 10 times, gone on a Disney Cruise once, and I've been to Disneyland in California. My favorite characters are Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Donald, and Olaf. My favorite rides are Tower of Terror, and Flight of Passage, but this is constantly changing, but on Palace, Splash Mountain and Test Track are my two favorites on the servers. I am excited to meet more of you on Palace as well as on Discord. See you Real Soon!
  8. This could be me one day. Teaching a music class, but this aint a music class so this is the closest thing representing it. Kahoots are truly underrated.1038360208_MinecraftKahoot.jpg.2f9b4d96a57e9c3259aabd7eaee52629.jpg

  9. I don't play guitar btw, I just chose this as my pfp cause there was no drummer option

     drums drumming GIF by Rafael Varona

  10. CheeZ Makes the world go round!

    cloudy with a chance of meatballs eating GIF

  11. How is everyone doing today!

    1. iAngelin


      I'm doing great !

    2. AdonHamoro


      I'm good! Thanks for asking!

  12. I have not been on the forums in a while, how is everyone doing?

  13. I was on the Skindex the other day just looking at other skins, and I find a bunch of parody skins of the main Green, gold Knight Skin I primarily use including a Christmas skin, Halloween Variation, and a Green/Silver variation. I never thought the skin I use has many variations!! Please give me more Skindex, lol.big eyes omg GIF by Space Chickens In Space

  14. Sometimes, we are given an opportunity that we take a chance at, something we want to go for. But at the end of the day, you didn't do enough. The point I want to get across is that we are all human. We become stronger individuals even after denial cause we learn something about ourselves, and there is always another opportunity waiting for you. Whether it is the next Guide Application Opening where you will get your chance. There is a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow, Shining at the end of everyday, and we all move along no matter the circumstances. Just continue to be you, and one day you will get your chance. 

     mickey mouse disney GIF

    Congratulations to all the new guides, I hope I become a guide sooner rather than later. I will apply once Apps reopen, so It aint the last time you'll see me, lol.

     terminator ill be back GIF

    If your application was denied, Please continue being you and don't be discouraged. You are loved and respected and gutsy for applying in the first place. That in itself deserves a pat on the back for you. Be you, and don't stop being you!!

    democratic national convention dnc GIF by Election 2016

    P.S I didn't make Guide either, but its not gonna stop me... Love you all!

    frozen sandwich GIF



    1. Mavly
    2. Daisy


      Aww, sorry that you didn’t make the team, I would have loved to work with you! There’s always next time though! If try hard enough, anything can happen!

  15. Recently got Honorable, as you all know, but it still says Settler underneath my display name. Anyone know how to change that?

     Thanks guys!

    1. Fredzo4831


      Congrats on honorable! You can do /link (email) on the server and that should update your rank.

    2. Aquaticalo


      If that doesn't work, I would recommend contacting ScanWorks. He fixed my rank when it broke a little while ago. 

    3. RocknRocco


      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into it later😁

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