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  1. Good luck to all those who applied for character. I have a new profile picture. It's also the first profile pic i've had on here. 

    1. baifelicia


      thank you alolan! i love your new pfp ❤️ 

    2. AirMan787


      The pfp look great!

    3. AlolanNinetails2


      Your welcome Baifelicia! And thank you guys!

  2. Thank you pinkiness! Frozen 2 is amazing.
  3. Aloha! ʻO AlolanNinetails2 koʻu inoa. I'm a moderator here at palace and have been a part of the staff team for almost 6 months. I'm in college going for a Marine Science major and a possible Chemistry minor. I want to end up studying coral. I have been on the server for over a year now and have loved every day of it! Favorite ride: I have a lot but I love Kali River Rapids, Flight of Passage and Rocking Roller Coaster. Favorite Park: Animal kingdom or DHS Favorite movie: Frozen II and Hercules Favorite Characters: Megara, Starlord, and Hiccup. What I do on my free
  4. I hope everyone had an amazing July. Hard to believe it's already over. Lots of fun events this past month. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. baifelicia


      totally agree! i loved july so much 

    3. DecentDorito


      Thanks, you too! It was a blast, haha ❤️ 

    4. pinkiness


      July was an awesome month - looking forward to what is in store for August! ❤️

  5. I hope everyone had a great weekend. The big hero Bash event was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I hope those that went had a lot of fun! Tomorrow starts another week. 

  6. Aloha! Tomorrow's the weekend! I look forward to the upcoming event. Also good luck to all those who apply for guide! 

  7. We are halfway through the week! I can't wait for this weekend's event! It should be a lot of fun! 

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Yeah I agree where halfway go this week😀 the weekend having a event I see hope you have fun there😊! And have a great happy Wednesday too you back 🙂

  8. I hope everyone enjoyed the events this weekend. The Movie and groovy event was fun! I enjoyed it a lot. I hope everyone has a good week!

  9. Hey, how've you been?

    1. AlolanNinetails2


      I've been good. You? 


    2. jjjoew12


      Ive been good!


  10. Wohoo! We made it through another week! This weekend should be a lot of fun! Sadly won't be able to make it to sunday's event. 

    1. AirMan787


      This week felt long for some reason but yay!!! We made it!!

  11. I hope everyone had a great week so far! We have a couple events upcoming this weekend that should be a lot of fun! 

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    2. AirMan787


      Thanks! I hope you have been having a great one as well!

    3. AphGabemikuMc1


      I agree event is coming up soon have a great week and weekend! Too you back!🙂

    4. MaelieMoo


      Woo! Sounds really exciting! I hope you have a great week too!

  12. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did! Another great week coming up!

  13. Happy Fourth of July to those that celebrate. Hope everyone has a great day and enjoyed the event earlier! 

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Thanks happy magical four of July too you back😊/ and events is a success glad they enjoyed it!

  14. I've spent yesterday (6 hours behind est) and today est time wise watching disney movies. I forgot how good some are. I've seen both the normal and live action remake of Lionking, Frozen two and Little mermaid so far. 

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