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  1. skrhak4

    Character of the Week - 8

    Captain Hook
  2. skrhak4

    Story Time...

    In the middle of the Fight skrhak4 came back and said: "Im Back Everyone! What did I miss?" and @EnzoGoober said
  3. skrhak4

    Word association

    Hawaii (Lilo is from Hawaii)
  4. skrhak4

    When is your next Visit?

    I dont know
  5. skrhak4

    Story Time...

    When Denderman joined sides with the village, skrhak4 said:
  6. skrhak4

    Word association

    999 Ghosts
  7. skrhak4

    Character of the Week - 7

    Donkey from Shrek
  8. skrhak4


    I think that is a great idea! and if they just get a rank, 1: It could change the rank immideitly or 2: You would have to do something to change your rank

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