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  1. skrhak4


    Hello Foolish Mortals! From HORRORLAND to yours, Happy Halloween, MUHAHAHAHHA. This is my Park, it was Paradise Pier but turned into Horrorland!
  2. skrhak4

    Story Time...

    A second later @skrhak4 popped out of no where and said "Remember that time, when there was potato at the book store? Good times!" A second later someone popped out of no where and that person was
  3. skrhak4

    Word association

    Southwest Boeing 737-800 (RIP Salted Peanuts, You will be missed)
  4. skrhak4


    79! No one can stop us! =D
  5. skrhak4

    Word association

    Pluto (Dwarf Planet)
  6. skrhak4


    @colefb9, Yes! *Radio* skrhak4, we have at a number 31.
  7. skrhak4

    Word association

    zacharym1422 (He is a staff)
  8. skrhak4

    More realistic Disney

    I like the idea about the 2 shows or how ever many, but some guests want to see both (or however many) shows at the same time so they would have to pick one show and stay there
  9. skrhak4

    Tab Number of players

  10. Hi Guys! So you know you press tab and there are all of the guests on, On the bottom, it says You are in: _______ (Park), right after that you should add the number of players like: You are in Magic Kingdom There are 32 people in Magic Kingdom and do that to all of the parks What do you guys think? Comment down below! -Skr
  11. skrhak4

    New username


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