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  1. I think my maturity is an 8 or a 9. Why Im saying im an 8 or a 9 is because I dont make big deals about small things like not getting something that you wanted, ill probably be like that's alright, Ill try better next time! Im somewhat good at Math. Im pretty good at Science. Im not good in History. Im amazing in English/Writing and in Foreign Language, I only know a little bit of Spanish. As of this year, my favorite subject is Science! I joined the club January 4th! These are the times I would contribute [Monday through Wednesday] 3:30pmCST to 8:30pmCST [Thursday] 3:15pmCST to 8:30CST [Friday] 3:15pmCST to 11:00pmCST [Saturday] 9:00amCST to 1:30pmCST and then 6:30pmCST to 11:00pmCST [Sunday] 9:00amCST to 8:30pmCST
  2. skrhak4

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban bunnymari Its sk- urr hawk 4
  3. skrhak4

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    On Christmas Day, Disneyland got to full capacity and rides got broke down cause of a power outage My Word: Sorcerer Mickey
  4. skrhak4

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    N: Nick Wilde
  5. skrhak4

    One Word Story

  6. skrhak4

    Finish the Lyric!

    'Cause under the cover one discover Finish: You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how
  7. skrhak4

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban DanteTheGoast Dante, its not halloween any more, why are you a goat and a ghost
  8. skrhak4

    Word association

    Birthday (You have a birthday cake)
  9. skrhak4

    Use my word! (Disney Themed!)

    Stan Lee was a Bus Driver in the Adventure
  10. skrhak4

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    L: Le Fou
  11. skrhak4

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Cassiopeiya Why are you not the Salsa Queen any more?
  12. skrhak4

    One Word Story


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