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  1. 789limer

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban HakunaMaKatie for messing up my subway order!
  2. Hi Everyone! Woo new forums section.. COOL! For my first topic here lets talk about, in my opinion the back to the future trilogy! What do you guys think of this movie trilogy? I find it so COOL! Whats everyones favourite movie within the trilogy? I personally like the second one to laugh at all those predictions at 2015 that they made back in 1985 and how off they were, example, self tieing shoes, flying cars, what about you guys? Whats everyones favourite iconic quote? Mine is from Doc Brown, Roads? where we are going we don't need.. Roads, Who's a character you can relate too? I would say George Mcfly .. What is your favourite song from the series? I personally like the song from the under the sea dance the song name is Night Train, by the Marvin Berry & The Starlighters - Or The Power Of Love, by Huey Lewis and The News. Thats all for me!
  3. 789limer

    Audio Sync

    I love this idea! Only problem is how would we get music on creative? Creative doesn't use magic bands.
  4.  Hows everyones new school year doing?

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    2. colefb9


      Can't really say yet, considering I just started today

    3. ScanWorks


      Hello @789limer!

      It's going good. A lot of work however, but, it's going very well.

    4. Chrisboy04


      It’s going great today was my first day of lessons and 4 of my 6 lessons today were cancelled.


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