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  1. Gooooood morning palace peeps!!

    I hope we all are having a splendid time on the forums! I wanted to reflect today on something different I did this week with some of my palace friends: @CharlotteGrande75 @StitcherSam @SweetHoneyTea_ @HannAurorah. The 5 of us this week decided to be bold and do a clothing challenge where each day of the week we dressed up ourselves or our skins in a different aesthetic. We all were extremely timid to go into this journey, as it is nerve-racking to wear something that is not you. However, we soon realized through this the power of friends. By doing a simple task of looking at outfits, we fostered an environment that was supportive and empowering. We all were free to feel vulnerable and discover a new side of ourselves. Even though the week is still not done, we all feel proud of ourselves and each other for taking big and bold strides to embrace our inner selves.

    I wanted to reflect on this in the hope that others will try this activity with their friends! We went on the following schedule: Sunday - Minimalist, Monday - Soft Girl/Colorful, Tuesday - Dark/Light Academia, Wednesday - 70s, Thursday - Skater, Friday - Color (a specific color aesthetic), Saturday - Royal. Let us know if you do this with your friends! We love seeing you all encourage each other!



    1. StarryNight


      That’s amazing! Sounds every fun 💕

    2. HannAurorah


      it's so much fun doing this! very epic we should do it again

    3. pinkiness


      WORK QUEENS!!! 💜

  2. Just started Avatar the Last Airbender and it’s so good!! Who knew I was missing out!! 
    Avatar The Last Airbender GIF


    1. StarryNight


      Haha love it! Hope you day is going well! ❤️

    2. baifelicia


      i've been telling u so! 

  3. Morning Everyone!!

    if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our new Events Photo Pass feature here on the forums!! Also, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!! I know it’s not the best day of the week but it is a brand new week so let’s get up and have a blast!! I’ll so glad to be back on the forums!! We have some new surprises in store for you so stick around!

    Kristen Wiig Surprise GIF by Saturday Night Live

    1. StarryNight


      Wooo! ♥😉🎉

    2. SweetHoneyTea_


      Happy Monday, Sofie! Loved all the photo passes girlie ❤️ 

    3. baifelicia



  4. **Events Photo Pass Announcement**

    Hello everyone! We are happy to introduce to you a new feature for events on the Forums! Recently, at some of our events, we have had staff members help out and take photos of guests and staff members. With help from our lovely Media team ( @Huxsleigh @SmallestCube @aesathe @BrianMaz9) we created some themed frames to go with the photos and posted them on the forums for you to see!

    To find all the photo pass photos, go onto the Forums main page, scroll down the home page until you see the area titled “Photo Gallery”. Underneath that there should be a sub forum titled “Event Photo Pass”. Click that link and it will bring you to a page where all the events are listed! To find photo pass from a specific event, click the name of the event and you can view the entire gallery! The photos are split up into different categories so make sure to check them all out!

    We are hoping to continue doing this for our bigger events and hopefully expand it in the future! Currently, if you attended the years MVMCP event, make sure to check the forums to see if you ended up in any photos! If you would like any of your personal photos put in a frame, feel free to DM me or @Aquaticalo and we will gladly edit it for you!

    Enjoy the photos and have a magical day!



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SmallestCube


      Was a lot of fun to be involved, I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!! :ba:

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      WOOO!! You are all so talented, I loved looking through all these pictures this afternoon ❤️ 

    4. boumic05


      Love the photopass! Great work :)❤️ 

  5. Hello Everyone!! Happy New Year!! One of our lovely guests @StarryNight has started a thread on the forums where everyone can share what they do on New Years! Myself and @pinkiness thought this was super sweet so we wanted to share it with all of you!! Feel free to go and comment what you do on New Years and ring in 2021 with us all day today!! Have a safe and happy new year!!


    1. DecentDorito


      WOOOO! Happy New Years Eve, Sofie!

    2. pinkiness


      Happy New Years Eve, Sofie! 💛

  6. This is super sweet! Normally I am alone on New Years as my family goes on vacation each year. So I often spend midnight alone in bed texting those I wish I was with. It can seem kinda sad but it keeps me hopeful for the day I get to spend New Years with everyone!! Thank you for starting this thread it’s so sweet!!
  7. Hello everyone!! Sofie here again with a  SURPRISE Christmas Interview!!

    Today, I am interviewing the brilliantly talented Guide Team! The Guide Team, lead by @BobRosscoe, are Palace guests who assist with answering help mes and other aspects of Guest Relations. You often can find them leading group rides or endless rounds of hide and seek. They are an absolute joy to work alongside and this has been one of my favorite interviews so far! Want to learn more about our guide team? Maybe even a bit of info on some cool projects? Go check out the interview!

    Make sure you go check out the interview! And stay tuned later this year for more interviews!! Thank you guides!


    1. PeanutShells
    2. AriPenguin


      Woo! Thank you again! It came out so great!!!

    3. JustBrody


      this was so fun! thank you sofie!❤️

  8. Hello everyone! I'm Sofie, more commonly known as Sofieology and welcome to the Palace Guide Interview! Today, I am interviewing the brilliantly talented Guide Team! The Guide Team, lead by BobRosscoe, are Palace guests who assist with answering help mes and other aspects of Guest Relations. You often can find them leading group rides or endless rounds of hide and seek. They are an absolute joy to work alongside and this has been one of my favorite interviews so far! Here they are, the amazing gades! [Sofieology]: How are you doing, Guides? [craftygirlygamer]: Hii! I’m
  9. Hello Everyone!! So sorry I have been gone for a while but i am happy to be back on the forums! We have been working on a ton of behind the scenes surprises for you all so stay tuned!! I heard there may even be a special Christmas interview today!! Keep an eye out! And don't forget to leave some cookies for Santa!

    Christmas Eve GIF by City of Greenville, NC

    1. imapanduh_


      Merry Christmas Eve! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on 👀 

    2. baifelicia


      woo hoo! i can't wait :D 

  10. So my favorite tradition with my family is our troublesome Christmas elves. We have two wooden elf statues that we have had for years and as kids we started a tradition that they were troublesome. So every Christmas, we move them throughout my house and we toilet paper the area they are in. It’s a twist on Elf on the Shelf but it always is fun to join in. Outside of that, my family’s big tradition is our Christmas Eve party. I normally like Christmas the most out of every holiday because it’s the one time my whole family gets together, since normally I’m either with my dads side or m
  11. Congrats to everyone on finishing the decade!! I can't wait to see it happen again in the future!! My apologies for being super MIA lately, I have been taking a bit of a break in between the chaos of MVMCP and interviews. But!! My lovely partner @Aquaticalo graciously stepped in to help me out!! If you haven't read it already, we have a great interview with @StitcherSam up which was so much fun!! Also, we will have soon interviews with @creatorforparks and @Ulyk! Fair warning, the interviews probably will go a bit quiet after Christmas, as I'll be on vacation, but have no fear!! I'll always still be here. Stay warm!!


    1. AriPenguin


      yay new interviews!! Have fun on vacation!

    2. baifelicia


      no worries sofie! thanks for having these wonderful interviews :D 

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      Wooo interviews!! Have the amazing vacation that you deserve girlie! ❤️ 

  12. Hello Everyone!!

    So sorry its been a while since I was on here!! Between MVMCP and finals week I was very busy!! I hope everyone who came out to the event yesterday enjoyed it!! Keep an eye out this week for interviews with @StitcherSam, @Ulyk, and @creatorforparks!!! Its a TRIPLE INTERVIEW WEEK!!!!

    Happy Holidays Jewish GIF by INTO ACTIONs

  13. Morning Everyone!!

    I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! If you haven't already, make sure to check out our staff interview with @Cubits!!! Also, we are 3 DAYS AWAY FROM MVMCP!!! I cannot wait you all to see the brilliant work the Events, Build, and Tech team have done!!! Make sure to check out the page below for more info! Have a magical day!!


    1. baifelicia


      woo hoo! i can't wait to see what you have planned :D 

    2. SweetHoneyTea_
  14. By far my favorite Christmas movies are national lampoons Christmas vacation (which me and my family quote every single year) and Home Alone (yes I still get sappy and cry at the end).
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