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  1. **Events Photo Pass Announcement**

    Hello everyone! We are happy to introduce to you a new feature for events on the Forums! Recently, at some of our events, we have had staff members help out and take photos of guests and staff members. With help from our lovely Media team ( @Huxsleigh @SmallestCube @aesathe @BrianMaz9) we created some themed frames to go with the photos and posted them on the forums for you to see!

    To find all the photo pass photos, go onto the Forums main page, scroll down the home page until you see the area titled “Photo Gallery”. Underneath that there should be a sub forum titled “Event Photo Pass”. Click that link and it will bring you to a page where all the events are listed! To find photo pass from a specific event, click the name of the event and you can view the entire gallery! The photos are split up into different categories so make sure to check them all out!

    We are hoping to continue doing this for our bigger events and hopefully expand it in the future! Currently, if you attended the years MVMCP event, make sure to check the forums to see if you ended up in any photos! If you would like any of your personal photos put in a frame, feel free to DM me or @Aquaticalo and we will gladly edit it for you!

    Enjoy the photos and have a magical day!



    1. aesathe


      WOO!! loved working on this ^__^

    2. Huxleigh


      So much work from these talented people! Go and look at it!! <33

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