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  1. I got mostly D’s, nightmare before Christmas (good movie)! This sounds a lot like what I would do haha except Halloween is my favorite holiday 😉 love the quiz, keep it going!
  2. 6/10! Great quiz again! I love taking them, so much fun!💖
  3. Mostly D’s Cat in the hat! Great quiz again sofie! Keep going!💖
  4. 4/10 😬 Great job with the quiz Bif! Keep going!💖
  5. I think I got 10/15! Amazing quiz sofie, keep going!! They’re so fun!!💖
  6. That moment when you get both Honey Lemon and Zazu- XD I love both characters though! Especially Honey Lemon!💖
  7. Be prepared for a themed answer and lots of fangirling 1. BIG HERO 6 BIG HERO 6 BIG HERO 6 BIG HERO 6 REEE 2. ooof this is hard probably Hiro🙃might change tho LOL but I love everyone in Bh6 so 3. hm, I like a lot of rides! Maybe test track 4. Yzma and Scar >:3 5. THAT WAS HIS MISTAKE! 6. Disney. Obviously 7. I love MK and Epcot mostly MK for now 8. REE those are so hard 9. Don’t hate me but...does Hamilton count..? 10. Frozen 2, *cough cough* Big Hero 6, and Moana
  8. ❤️
  9. Ew
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