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  1. The signature "expired" message won't go away

    Yeah this happens to me too, but with tpa requests. It only happens if I have more than 1 request.
  2. Thoughts on Winnie The Pooh

    This is on your thoughts on a classic Disney film The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Honestly, I like it how it gives you a childhood feeling, like having a cuddly friend to play with. I also like it how the characters have such great personality like tigger, who has a great feeling about bouncing around.
  3. Best Disney Meme?

    How long will this game last, i mean when does this end?
  4. Thoughts on Finding Dory?

    Honetsly, i like finding dory, it makes it feels like it retells the story of finding nemo like when dory is at the edge of the reef, she tries to leave, like in finding Nemo, when nemo swims out to the boat, and so on.
  5. My opinion on Beauty And The Beast

    Honestly, I like beauty and the Beast. It feels like a new level for Fairy Tales, i mean instead of like a prince wakes up a princess, it gives us some more stuff like the rose and such.
  6. Thats nice, i like the monorail system, even though the Disneyland monorail is more of a Attraction, the Walt Disney World monorail is more of a transportaion system. The cool thing about it is that i like how it says "Please Stay Clear of the Doors" and such.
  7. Thoughts on Downtown Disney?

    Honestly, Disney Springs is a great shopping complex like The World of Disney, Lego store, trex restaurant, and Splitsville, but in times is when i missed the old downtown disney like Pressure island and Disney Quest, but i still like the new stuff coming.
  8. Whats your favorite park at Disney?

    I dont get it, why does everyone like epcot so much, like me.
  9. Palace Community Meeting


    I’m exited too, I’ve never been to one, so it’s my first one.
  10. Whats your favorite park at Disney?

    I like epcot, it gives off so much futuristic feel, and i like it how it gives off out imaginations.
  11. Palace Community Meeting


    OK thx