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  1. Hey everyone, it’s my birthday today, though I won’t be online today, I am gonna be at USO

  2. Happy Birthday @Joshmc_

    1. Mavly


      Happy birthday! :dance3:

    2. Joshmc_


      Thanks Mavly and Prince 

    3. Peanut_TheDog


      Happy Birthday!!! 

  3. i have a birthday coming up in 6 days 

    1. cjh66


      Happy early Birthday!!! :D 

    2. PrinceRisk




    3. Mavly


      Happy early birthday buddy!

  4. For me, i would either be at guest relations because I like to help people out, or I would operate a ride because I would learn how the ride operates.
  5. I have 4,000 Profile views. Is this a good number or what?

    1. nateexcx


      Congrats, I assume that is! :D

    2. Mavly


      Such a good number :)

  6. What is up guys I have reached 400 content, can anyone reach that amount


    1. cjh66


      GASP! Someone named cjh66 has OVER 400! WHO IS HE? HE MUST BE STAHPED! o-o-o-o-o-o

    2. PrinceRisk
    3. Chrisboy04


      I'm close, I'm at 332.

  7. @ZoomBoom124 I remember that show as well. You we’re right , the great big book of everything is indeed about animals.
  8. /ban SuperPotatqx what is the point of this extra space in the previous text?
  9. /ban cjh66 for being too popular in the forums
  10. 200 reputation. Wow. How crazy can this be

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