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  1. woo! it's a new week and happy monday all!, i am so excited to go to the beach and just relax today but what are you looking forward to this week? 💖

    Happy Summer GIF by Molang

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    2. DecentDorito


      Happy Monday! I can’t wait for HHN and hanging out on Palace - have fun at the beach queen! 💗

    3. AirMan787


      I'm looking forward to a short week with no school this Friday! Have fun at the beach! :))

    4. sofieology


      Girl the beach? It's so cold!!

  2. what a wonderful sunday! congrats to @SweetHoneyTea_, @_trisarahtops_, @Crispy_Cream, @UtopiaPlays, @SkipperJacob, @TestTrack, @imapanduh_, and @WILLINGWINGS81! you guys are all so, so amazing and i can't wait to see what you guys do in the future 🥺

    Flower Flex GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  3. woo! glad i got to enjoy all the houses at HHN even though i was def spooked by some of them. which house did you guys enjoy the most? here's a spooky me with an equally spooky scarezone! 🎃2020-09-19_17_31_21.thumb.png.d56f59de49795cd8cf9707c5bd76939c.png

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    2. baifelicia


      @Iuventius i loved AHS despite its scare factor 😮 

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      I really loved the AHS house! I thought they were all so well done though!! ❤️

    4. AirMan787


      spookay spookay 👀 👻

  4. it's HHN day and i absolutely can't wait! in the meantime though, check out my quiz if you want to get excited for the event tonight and have a wonderful day everyone ! 🎃


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    2. DecentDorito


      Loved the quiz, queen!! 💗🎃

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      Wooo!! HHN was so much fun! I will be sure to check out your quiz tomorrow as it is pretty late for me! 🎃💖

    4. Iuventius


      Ooh, that looks cool! Imma do the quiz rn!

  5. Spend a Night at Palace’s HHN and We’ll Tell You Which Haunted House You’re Most Like Get yourself excited for HHN and keep track of the answers you choose! 1. It’s the day of the event! You are most excited for: a) The new houses this year b) Being scared at the haunted houses c) Revisiting the older houses through the past years d) Spending time in the spooky atmosphere because it marks the start of spooky season 2. What will you be showing up to the event in? a) You plan to make new skins for each HHN night b) A scary skin
  6. welcome back! we're glad to have you and I'm loving the TARDIS pfp you have
  8. happy friday everyone! we made it to the weekend and i just have to say i am LOVING all the renders being put out 🥺 there are just so many good ones but here's a really cute one @davidly__ made to cheer me up. have a wonderful weekend and i hope to see you guys at HHN!


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    2. Ruairiw8


      Aww!! That’s so cute! Working hard I see

    3. DecentDorito


      That is super cute!! 🥺💗

    4. NobodyBut


      This is  sooo cute Mimi! I love it!! 💜

  9. /ban RRainbow_ for having such good taste in music! ❤️
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