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  1. Good Morning, Everyone! Have a great Wednesday, Pals! :)

  2. So excited for the Event today! See you all there! :)

    - Max

  3. I haven't posted on the forums for a while, I'll try posting often.

  4. I just feel nervous right now. 😟

    1. Mavly


      Don't feel nervous. BE HAPPY!

      daily GIF


  5. Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes you guys said in Server Chat & Discord yesterday! You guys made my day extra special! :)


  7. My favorite scene of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Mickey asks "Do you want to come inside my clubhouse?" and I would say "YEAH!" :)


  8. Toodles says Hello to everyone on The Palace Network! 


  9. Thanks! And Congrats on Staff Member Of The Week!
  10. Hi Everyone, My name is MaxWorks! You can call me Max if you'd like. I took a 1 year break from being playing on The Palace Network because everything wasn't in 3D models just yet and If you want to Friend me, just type /friend add MaxWorks and I will accept in 2-3 seconds! I'm online everyday from 4 or 4:30am to 8 or 9pm on weekdays and weekends from 5 or 6am to 11pm or Midnight or sometimes 1am. If you have a question, You can do /msg MaxWorks [Question] or Message me on Discord!
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