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  1. My favorite mode of transportation would have to friendship boats present in Epcot's World Showcase Lagoon as well as the Epcot Resorts that it services in its route from Epcot to The Yacht and Beach Club Resort, to the Board Walk Resort, the Swan And Dolphin Resort, and then its last stop at Disney's Hollywood Studio where it will continue the route by going to the above locations in reverse. S/D, YC/BC ,Boardwalk, Epcot. This system is my favorite as its a complete unique system that can be only found In Disney. Not to mention it has a unique steering system. (The vessel has pods, this means that the actual part that pushes the boat forward is able to move 360 degrees, compared to a regular rudder setup) Because of the pods, the boats are extremely maneuverable as the captain never has to put the boat in reverse, he just has to move the steering wheel.
  2. The Seas With Nemo and Friends
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