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  1. OwO, had a good time riding in TSL with you all today. Hope you guys had a good Easter w family and friends!! 😃

  2. OwO this is like Facebook

  3. I've been riding Alien Swirling Saucers for 6 hours straight now, I think I have a problem.... 😓 Ride 140 here I come!

    1. thepartyboy376


      Omg! :O Glad you love the ride xD

    2. Aquaticalo


      Thanks for making the ride so great that its addicting! OwO...

    3. thepartyboy376


      LOL no problem! 

  4. Riding Slinky, and Alien with Doc was so much fun, hope I saw you all there!

  5. @PorkyPenguin 

    I'm waiting for you at Woody's Lunchbox 😁

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aquaticalo


      OwO :(


      It's all good

    3. PorkyPenguin


      I heard you need  a break so take a break! Relax! Get comfy!

    4. Aquaticalo


      Grab some popcorn and afk Palace and watch Netflix 

  6. The Gran' Fiesta Tour is the best ride in Disney. You want to know why... Low wait times Use of screens and animatronics The best cast of characters on the planet Great Music Fluid Storytelling 3 Amazing animatronics Most Importantly a Aztec Temple Do I need to say anymore... 😁 That Is why I'm sponsoring it for the enjoyment of the people!
  7. If Toy Story Land was this crowded, I don't even want to see New MK. 😉

  8. Toy Story Land, looks amazing. Great Job to the build and dev team!

  9. My favorite is Aj from DFB, because I love watching Disney Food! 🤗🤗
  10. Question of the day, since the peoplemover got taken to sponsor, I'm currently holding the Gran' Fiesta Tour. Should I instead sponsor, Rafaki or another Iron tier attraction?

    1. ScanWorks



      Any ride you want! They are all great!

    2. SuperPotatqx


      Gran Fiesta Tour! :D

    3. Aquaticalo


      Gotta rep the boy Donald, OwO!

  11. Do I sponsor the peoplemover???

    1. SuperPotatqx
    2. Aquaticalo


      I just submitted the sponsor request lol

    3. Aquaticalo
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