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  1. Hi Artigon, Thank you for the suggestion, but at this time we don't have any plans to implement a title specifically for people who have been around since McMagic.
  2. Starting today, January 3rd, we will be searching for our next group of guides. 🎉 For those of you who don't know, the Guide Program is a small group of non-staff in our community who have a passion for answering guest questions and creating a better experience for our community. The Guide Program is also the first step for anyone who is waiting to become a Guest Relations staff member. 🦮 These applications will remain open until 11:59PM EST on Friday, and will be reviewed soon after. You will receive a reply via Discord if your application was accepted/denied. The Guide Program, un
  3. My favorite family tradition is we all go and pick up Italian pastries on Christmas Eve and always snack on them with some hot cocoa in the morning. I always loveeee the multi-colored Italian cake-bread type things that are white, green, and red ❤️
  4. Hello everyone! Sofie is busy with some family things again sooooo you guys get me again! Woooo yeah I know 🎉. This week Sofie interviewed the fantastic Events king creatorforparks. I hope you guys enjoy reading more into his backstory on Palace and life outside of the Network! [Sofieology] How are you doing, Mr. Minion ? [CreatorForParks] Hi! I’m great, and so excited to be here! Thank you so much for having me! A little background on my palace career - I actually joined Palace a really long time ago, when MCMagic (which is what Palace was previously called) was turning two! After
  5. Hello hello everyone! As you guys have probably seen already this interview might be a little bit different as Sofie was a bit busy tonight so I had to step in and make some of the final edits. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it and I want to shout out Sofie for all her hard work on the Forums of the past few weeks. Despite how busy she’s been, she always pulls through with amazing ideas 💚. [Sofieology] Today, I am honored to be interviewing the amazing @StitcherSam!! Sam is a moderator on Palace and a former Events Coordinator! She is known for her feverish love for the Avengers (specifi
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