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  1. A lot of us have different styles of how we like things in life, wether that be fast, slow, small and quiet, or loud and bright, we all like different things. But Disney does something many brands can't accomplish, most people find Disney appealing for a trip. Disney attracts people from all types of areas and of all different age ranges. And now lately Disney has been catering to the individual customer more instead of trying to drive as many people in as possible. Disney is doing events like after hours, moonlight magic, and V.I.Passholder to attract customers that come back many times. But how do they do they get all these age ranges to enjoy Disney. At first glance you could say its because of the variety of the rides, but I believe different. I think because it brings us all to a time, a time of childhood which makes Disney's less extreme rides good for people of all ages. It brings us all together in some way shape or form and just lets us escape all our problems and become a kid again.
  2. PomegranatePanda

    Movie Titles

    Night at the Museum
  3. My favorite load of Disney transportation has to be the Trams that take you from your car to the parks, they save me a lot of steps especially when you are walking as much as you are a day. They provide so much ease and as much as the monorail is a Disney staple so are the Disney Trams.
  4. PomegranatePanda

    Upcoming Disney Park Additions

    @zacharym1422 Yeah I agree with you, but I wish they would do the same thing to connect Animal Kingdom with another park because its always been so far removed. Tron I am super excited for, but the Epcot overhall I feel like the are just "IP-Affiying" Epcot in some ways.
  5. @colefb9

    Same, I have a project due Tuesday on elements and I haven't even touched it

  6. PomegranatePanda

    Disney World Food

    As we all know food is a staple at Disney World so we have to ask the question where is the best table service food? Im going to be breaking this down into 3 categories, Budget, Moderate, and Deluxe. Budget the Hardest Because all Disney food is expensive my top 3 are. - Beaches and Cream, because you get a good meal at a great price close to Epcot and HS with good theming - Plaza, Good food unbeatable price, right in the heart of MK, Air Conditioning - Sci Fi, A bit pricy for lunch but for dinner is a great price, Great Theming. Moderate has some good restraints and is easier to find - Sanna, Near Animal kingdom, Great Food, Great Views - Olivas, A bit out of the way bit if your willing to drive/bus great food, and service (totally worth going to) - Kona Cafe, Bit pricy but good substitute for O'hana, good steak, good overall. Deluxe (These are just my opinion from my favorites) - California Grill, Great food, Pricy, Amazing View, would book around 7:00 for best view of Fireworks - Le Cellier, Steak, Poutine, Beer Cheese soup does anything else have to be said - Narcoosees, The lobster is so good its melt in your mouth soft, Steak is great, good View, close to boat to MK had to add it anyway O'Hana so good if you have people who can eat a lot in your party (Not my family lol)
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    New Game!

    Rafiki's Planet Watch
  8. PomegranatePanda

    New Game!

    Astro Orbiter
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    Welcome to The Club

    Hello everyone and welcome to the club, I just set this up so if you can't post in it yet I'm sorry but if you can or when I set it so you are able to, I encourage everyone if they want to do so to write about something they are passionate about that is Disney related , Enjoy your time here.
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    Cool People Talk

    I'll try and come I may go to dave and buster though
  11. PomegranatePanda

    Group Ride

    We are going to a group ride somewhere in the Disney Parks which we be decided when everyone is on.
  12. As most of us know Disney world is a very popular place and its popularity keeps growing each year, and in 2019 the popularity will reach a all time high because of the opining of Star Wars land. But all of the parks do there rides and entertainment different and some parks pull more crowds in then others. Magic Kingdom currently leads the amount of visitors per day with Epcot, and Animal Kingdom being disputed as number 2 and 3, with the 2018 numbers not coming in yet we will have to see if Disney's EPCOT is on the decline in numbers and with the opining of Star Wars Land just around the corner if EPCOT will soon be the least visited park per day. In my experience EPCOT during the food and wine fest during the weekend is so popular we had to park in the last row of the overflow parking with others having to park in staff lots and even on the grass. And this is people arriving at noon people at 5 o'clock were turned away if they did not have a dinner reservation because the park hit capacity. But with all this being said what park isn't doing enough in my opinion. To me its Hollywood Studios even with the addition of Star Wars Land there isn't enough to do. There is Aton of shows but none of them are great for me, and the wait time for certain rides in the summer is insane and not worth waiting for. The same argument can be applied to Animal Kingdom, once you do Expedition Everst and some other of the big attractions and if you don't have a fast pass for Flight of Passage there really isn't anything to do. For me Magic Kingdom and Epcot are very fufilling in terms of a park, during my trip I went to over the summer for my birthday I stayed at the Grand Flordian and it was great I was able to see the fireworks everynight and I went to Magic Kingdom every night and I never got bored there was always something to do in the parks. Wether you like thrill or chill rides Magic Kingdom. has something for you, and since there are so many rides wait times are never that hard (Except Seven Dwarfs Mine Train).
  13. Hey Vidsify is the public Disney Forums feature where we could write to other players and do polls going to return.

    1. Vidsify


      You need to link your minecraft account to be able to see those forums now. Take a look at this post


    2. PomegranatePanda
  14. PomegranatePanda

    Upcoming Disney Park Additions

    @ScanWorks Yeah I'm really excited as well my only worrys is how crowded they will be, and because they don't have AC if it breaks in the air in the summer how bad the heat will be.
  15. PomegranatePanda

    Upcoming Disney Park Additions

    "Another Major addition that I myself will be happy about is the tron ride from Shanghai, China which will be coming in summer 2021 and will be the longest iron coaster in the world followed by the one in Shanghai." I messed up here with auto correct it will not be the longest iron coaster it will be the longest Tron coaster

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