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  1. happy happy happy wednesdayy! first off, congratulations to all those new DCA/DLR sponsors! also, hope y'all are having a good week so far! can't wait for the weekend haha! finally, just a reminder to always spread positivity when you can! small gestures always make someone's day 🤙

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    2. sofieology


      Happy Thursday!!

    3. CharlotteGrande75


      Almost the weekend!

    4. SweetHoneyTea_


      Love the positivity Jacob!! I hope you had a lovely Thursday! ❤️ 

  2. Heyo! It's been a while since I've posted on the forums! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and October! Even though I didn't dress up, my dog did as Winnie the Pooh haha! Also, have an amazing November y'all! Still can't believe it's November already 😊.

    Happy Winnie The Pooh GIF

    1. baifelicia


      ur dog dressing up as winnie is literally the cutest thing EVER 

    2. pinkiness


      That sounds ADORABLE!! Hope you and the pupper had a great Halloween! 

    3. sofieology


      Awww i want pics!!

  3. Can't wait for this new guide song!!
  4. Thanks so much @Chow__Time!! 🎵 And glad you like my music taste haha!
  5. Happy Sunday everyone! First off I wanted to congratulate all the new guides, @_jamesss_, @AriPenguin, @arliee, @bluehours, @Chow__Time, @faeriesss, @KepShea, @MegHerobrine14, @Lateamy, @NobodyBut, @itsNorthernn, @CitrusLemonn, and @Sara3093 ! 


    I also wanted to congratulate on all the new promotions in staff, with @BGannon becoming a Director and @RRocco and @PupThunder becoming coordinators! 

    Finally, after watching the Palace Network stream, I am so thankful for the staff working so hard! All of these teams make Palace so amazing and I can't wait for the future! Speaking of the future, I.am so excited for Disney's California Adventure! If you know me, I love many rides there, but the show World of Color has a special place in my heart (psst cimsatnaf is my favorite show for a reason). Anyways, I cannot wait for it on top of Galaxy's Edge! Woo!

    Again, have an amazing rest of your day everyone! And be sure to check out Fall Seasonal!!

    theme park fun GIF by Disney

    (P.S. Here's a little gif of old Paradise Pier for fun hehe)

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    2. baifelicia



    3. NobodyBut


      ahh so many exciting things happening! thanks for the congrats jacob!! 💜

    4. MegHerobrine14


      Ty! 😄❤️


  6. I'm in tears of joy right now! I am so excited and cannot wait for this! WOO!
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