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  1. Good luck to everyone who applied for Guide! mickey mouse lightning GIF by Disney

    1. pinkiness


      Good luck to all! 🍀

    2. AirMan787


      Best of luck!!

    3. baifelicia


      yes! best of luck! 

  2. 9/10 again. Great quiz yet again!!!
  3. Go to my plotwarp at /plotwarp CamoLand to see some of my more recent works! (Working on a huge project right now)theme park fun GIF by visitorlando

    1. DecentDorito


      Ooo! Love the gif - can’t wait to check it out!

    2. baifelicia


      will definitely try and check it out soon!

  4. Who else thinks we need a Palace Forums app? Because I think we need a Palace Forums app

  5. Flight of Passage, top 5 disney ride of all time
  6. Just had a tough day at school, but some countless hours on Palace are sure to fix that up

    1. baifelicia


      aw i'm sorry! i hope it gets better :( 

  7. Greqt quiz, I got one wrong. Looks like I need to go back to Disney World!
  8. Give me some ideas to build on my Creative plot!

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