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  1. quinnconnolly03

    What is everyone's favorite /audio music?

    It would probably be "Tomorrow Land" area music @JustinsWorld4U!
  2. quinnconnolly03

    Character of the Week - 5

  3. quinnconnolly03

    Whats your favorite park at Disney?

    If I had to pick one it would be DHS, but the older version 4-8 years ago, I like film and it is always cool to see how featured films can/how are made!
  4. quinnconnolly03

    Blue screen then crash

    Awwww. That sucks.
  5. quinnconnolly03

    Palace Network Attractions & Information Sheet

    @JavaLikesAgua Wow! This is really cool! Thanks!
  6. quinnconnolly03

    Blue screen then crash

    @cjh66 if you have a pc and happen to have an extra monitor laying around try to hook it up to see if it happens again if it does then it is either Palace/Minecraft or your PC, if not it is possibly something to do with your monitor! I'm going to process of elimination here!
  7. quinnconnolly03

    Blue screen then crash

    That may have been on your side @cjh66 I haven't personally experienced but there may have been applications going on in the background while you were playing Minecraft!
  8. quinnconnolly03

    Coaster World

    @cjh66 A lot
  9. quinnconnolly03

    Why is Creative News locked?

    @ScanWorks It is locked for me to! There is no button to create a new topic, and if it hit the create button on the website header I can't chose Creative news. It might be unlocked for you since you are staff!
  10. quinnconnolly03

    Community > Guidelines

    Okie-Dokie @ScanWorks!
  11. quinnconnolly03

    Splash or Space?

    Gotta say Splash, the length of it and the theming is cool a nice (kinda) relaxing ride. Yeah, space mountain has some theming and a great soundtrack, but it doesn't have the same story like ride that splash does!
  12. Me to @ScanWorks I never got ride it but the videos I have seen of it seem really cool!
  13. quinnconnolly03

    Community > Guidelines

    I'm going to revise this a little "Not sure but" Just in your head get rid of that when reading it
  14. quinnconnolly03

    Community > Guidelines

    Not sure but when you hover over Community and the drop down menu shows, the guidelines section is empty, not sure if it is a bug or if you are just working on it!

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