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  1. Aww, that sucks. Then in that case where you would like to choose what you listen to, use YouTube. There are a lot of different choices on YouTube from shows to audio loops. I know they don't have everything but that is where you will find the most music from. Again - Hope that help even just the tiniest bit!
  2. Walt Disney World News Today has a radio like feature that plays Disney songs and has a podcast talking about the parks. You can also look on iTunes or Spotify they have some Disney Music Playlist. (I don't know about Google Play Music but I would assume it is the same deal!) Hope that helps you!
  3. That was one of the first things I checked, I believe it was me just lagging because as I moved my screen was all jittery. I left then came back a while later and everything seemed normal and hoppers started to work again. Thank you for the advice though @CowDestroyer1313!
  4. I know it is not great, so please, judge harshly tell me what I could add, tell me what I could do better!
  5. I know it is not great, so please, judge harshly tell me what I could add, tell me what I could do better!
  6. This has been mentioned before @Puggo10 , as Brant has said: "We are unable to proactively moderate messages." As seen here in this post.
  7. You can do that in creative news! Some people even use the club feature for their own plot, and I am sure you can advertise your club on creative news also!
  8. @cjh66 I think @TheWebCon was thinking a broadcast over your plot, not the entire creative server!
  9. @Coolcommando38 How the creative spotlight works is that they set a warp to your plot. (/warp csbuild) They don't copy and paste your plot into another plot!
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